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Creating Sales After the Holidays

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Mass Text Messaging: Perfect for After the Holidays!


* Written by : Andrew Lisa - a freelance marketing writer. He covers SEO and mobile marketing. Description:

Even though it's nearly 25 years old, text messaging remains the most direct, most effective and most intimate medium for marketers. Unlike emails, users view 98 percent of texts within just a few minutes. The start of the new year – after the roar of holidays sales have died down – seem to have been built with text marketing in mind. Here are some ways to take advantage of mass text messaging when the holidays have passed.

Offer A Discount

As discussed in the article "4 Great Ways to Use Bulk Text Messaging for the Holidays," shoppers, of course, are looking for deals after they've racked up huge credit card bills over the holidays. The redemption rate of text message coupons is ten times better than that of email coupons. Give them a deal – they'll take you up on the offer.

Announce Deadline Sales

Holiday shoppers are much more likely to be spontaneous shoppers, but post-holiday buying is often more strategic. Announce "flash" sales that are in the very near future, and that are bound by a deadline. New year shoppers are more likely to jump on deadline-locked sales that they can plan for after getting a heads-up through a text.

Send a New Year or a Thank You

The time following the holidays presents an opportunity to secure future loyalty by using the post-season as a reason not to pitch a sale, but to just say "thank you." Shoppers are bombarded with offers, spam and commercials during the holidays, but then they're forgotten about. Use this time to set yourself apart.

Use the time after the holidays as a backdrop for coupons, sales – or just a good, old-fashioned "thank you."

Text message marketing is always direct, intimate and effective. But when the holidays end, there is a perfect opportunity to announce deals, offer coupons or just say "thank you." Texting over the holidays is obvious, but don't miss out on opportunities in the new year.

Simply saying 'thank you' as much as possible will increase referrals and work possibilities; and business owners may choose to either personally message or mass message as appropriate for your type of business to maintain brand identity.  Doing so will lead you to the Smooth Sale!  

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