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World of Writing, interview

-- World of Writing -- 

Ah - another installment in the World of Writing interview series for you. This one is a bit more extended then others, thus the decision to forgo images. Our guest: JD Glassock, author and short film producer, owner of StormCrow Productions -

Q: Tell us about yourself...
A: My name is JD Glasscock. Originally I am from Costa Mesa, CA (US), although 25 years ago when I decided to be a writer I thought I needed to experience life and move places. I had a beat up old PA and a speaker and a mic and moved numerous states with very little money always finding a bar, starting an open mic and experiencing the street level thump trump of existence.  I would do that for a couple years each place before moving on and repeating. I started  25 years ago in 1990 as a slam poet on national teams. I moved to music, becoming the front man/singer/songwriter of  the blues rock band Sofa King which lasted 10 years.  I then found film and was struck with the epiphany that all I had learned, lyrics, poetics had given me the tools I needed to bring a bright vivid originality to film that hasn't been seen.  I studied lighting and directing for 8 years before shooting anything. I now have 5 short films and feel blessed to have won awards.

Q: When did you consider yourself a writer?

A: I had my epiphany when I was 18 though in retrospect I have always been an artist, only the medium has changed. I didn't even graduate high school, I was already living on my own, renting a couch from a bunch of weed dealers, lol..   I am self-taught though. I have a passion for reading 2 or 3 books a week since I was 5 or 6 years old. I have had the beautiful opportunity, several times, in being a guest speaker at colleges for creative writing.

I have been reading voraciously since I was a little one and it brought me with fluidity into word carving when I was 18. But really, I had been creating since I was little from the multiple worlds and complex stories I wove with my star wars action figures to the intricate threads I loomed with all the role playing systems I gobbled up.

Q: Do you feel like you can do more with poetry than prose?

A: No, I can do equal things with both.  Poetry though is a great basis to start for a beginning writer.  Poetry teaches you how to say more with less, to condense language. I do self publish all of my books.  Though my books are amalgams of poetics, lyrics and film scripts.
Q: Do you still have the first piece you wrote? 
A: Hmm, no but i remember it. 
A flower sits before, 
you focus on the beauty of it's petals 
but they blind to the consuming hatred of it's thorns.  
Like a carnival mirror of illussions, 
the scene is a deception, 
the hatred that waits to devour.  
 (...Written 25 yrs ago, obviously over a girl. lol) 
Q: What is your typical workday like?
A: Right now - prepping for my next short film, which I started shooting mid-March as well as prepping for the following one. In addition, two of my shorts are in an upcoming festival, a large one, and I have a couple other people's projects I am directing. SO busy, busy. In addition my publicist (as proven by this interview) is keeping me extremely busy. I am overwhelmed and humbled that so many people are finding I and my work and my life so intriguing.  
Q: What is your favorite memory in your career as a writer?
A: Numerous memories! Although one stands out: About 15 years ago I was in a bar when a girl wearing a thick wool cap stopped me and asked "Is your name JD?" At the moment I was kinda tipsy and had been flirting with a girl so was somewhat annoyed at being interrupted. I said "Yes".  She told me she had read one of my kinko chapbooks of poetry, of which I had numerous. Her friend had seen me at an open mic and bought one. I said great and tried to fluff her off and continue flirting. She grabbed my arm and said "No, you don't understand" and ripped her hat off showing me she was bald.  "Your writing got me through chemo."  ...It was the most intense, beautiful and blessed commentary I have ever received on my art. 

...In closing, I thank you so much for your interest and time and would say to all aspiring writers: "Never give up".  Talent is located in self-truth and self-awareness - constantly dig for such. I have pursued this aspiration non-stop for 25 years and am only now seeing the beginnings of success, but I never lost faith, never stopped stepping, never fell and didn't rise up again despite scuffed knees. Dream, sweat and step. 
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