Friday, May 29, 2015

Product Review

 -- Product Review --

Jim from Stewart Trading LLC suggested their cowbell ( for review around April 28th, we confirmed interest by April 29th and picked up across the border (doesn’t ship to Canada yet) on May 9th.

While this was originally designed for cheering at sports events (and other events where you want to make a lot of noise), I knew it would also appeal to my husband Dave; as a percussionist/drummer and music teacher, he was excited to try out the cowbell – in fact the day it arrived he took it down to his drum studio to play “too much cowbell” (Saturday Night Live fans will remember that skit).

He had always felt that as a percussionist, it is hard to get an even roll with the stick inside a traditional cowbell – however this type of cowbell has a clapper on the inside and he was able to get a much more even sound. Another aspect that appealed to Dave was the construction of the handle, which is ergonomically correct allowing the player to hold the cowbell down, with the hand on top – a more natural position to get a good steady roll. The handle is of good quality. Dave thought it was very nice to see the handle braced with welded support brackets and the handle is rubber coated with grooves for fingers to easily fit securely for easy grip, even when the hands start getting sweaty. 

After a week of trying it he did notice a little paint chip happening on the inside, but he felt that was to be expected, as that is where the clapper contacts the metal.

This product does come in a variety of colors, but the one we received was painted white, and 9.6 inches in length and has a black stick grip handle – as you can see from the image here.The list price on is $29.98 but is currently on sale for $19.98. Unfortunately this product is not available on

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