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Product Review

-- Product Review -- 

We first started speaking with Kari Hairston of Radha Beauty about their Premium Tea Tree Oil product on May 20th and it we confirmed the review project soon after that. It was ordered on May 21st and arrived on May 27th at the US postal service just across the border (we’re a few miles north of the US border).

The product arrived in a 2” wide - by - 5.5” long - by - 2” high white cardboard box. Inside, there was only a small square of plastic bubble wrap to protect the large blue glass bottle and the clear glass dropper, which has a rubber top.

Upon doing some research on the company and this product I found out some really interesting things. First – their tea tree oil is “100% pure and natural essential oil, therapeutic grade – the best tea tree oil on the market, produced through steam distillation of fresh leaves”.

Impressive, right?

I have always loved tea tree oil – it is a wonder product for sure. Derived from the leaves of the Melaleuca Alternifolia tree that is native to Australia’s coastal region but its popularity is urging companies to try growing it in other regions. This particular brand uses a steam distillation process to extract the oil and while the concentrated oil does come from Australia it is bottled in the US and distributed by Radha Beauty ( which is based in Berkeley, CA (USA).

We have used tea tree oil as an ingredient in our home-made cleaning products and insect spray for both ourselves and our pets. I’ve also used it for scrapes and sores, insect bites, cold sores, blisters, abrasions, and burns. A few months ago I learned that it can also be applied after each shower on skin tags and freckles or moles, which I find quite irritating. After a few weeks of applying it in this way I’ve noticed a remarkable difference, some small skin tags (I don’t get large ones) disappeared completely, while others shrank in size.

I also use it for dealing with itchy scalp and occasional dandruff (which I sometimes get in the winter) – what I’ve done in the past is place about 6 drops or so in the palm of my hand along with the conditioner, mix it a bit and then apply to my hair and leave it in while doing other soaping or shaving, etc. rinsing it out just before exiting the shower so that it sits on the scalp a long time. It works wonderfully. * Tea tree, a.k.a. melaleuca oil, is for external use only.

However the problem with other brands is there’s either a little plastic insert in the top of the bottle where you have to shake out the drops and this can be clumsy… or there’s no dropper and you have to guess by pouring it into your hand, which can lead to waste or over use. Radha’s bottle comes with a glass dropper with a rubber squeeze top that gives the user a lot more control over the amount and the precise application of the oil.

Another thing that sets this brand apart is the color of the glass bottle – blue – most other brands are brown. Radha also has an advantage over many other brands in that they offer this product in a 4 fl. oz. (120 ml) container – most other brands only offer 10 ml bottles. This means there is a lot less shipping involved, less packaging and less bottles consumed over time.  Radha’s bottle is recyclable, as is their packaging and the glass dropper. They do not test on animals and the product has a 6-month shelf life. I’ve found, however, that tea tree oil can last much longer than that if stored in a dark, cool cupboard.

This company is on top of social media – check out their FaceBook page:

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The company invites customer comments and feedback via

According to their site, the Radha Beauty company started up in 2014 and their co-founder (Rebekah Letch), who as a professional model and ballet dancer had experienced problems from non-organic skin care products and makeup. The company is based on the motto: beauty does not have to be bad for us. When you go there you’ll see they have many natural, organic beauty products ranging from serums, coconut oil, eye therapy, and many essential oils. They stand behind their products with a full money back guarantee no matter when, or where you purchased the product.

The tea tree oil retails on their site for an incredible deal at $18.89 (US) for a 4 oz. bottle. Interestingly though it is currently on sale at for $14.89 (US)... unfortunately it is not yet on (for Canadians).

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