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Product Review

-- Product Review -- 

Calin Domuta, owner of Team Obsidian, connected with me about this product review back on April 30th, by May 1st we had the details ironed out by the next day and it was received at the US border (a couple miles from our Canadian city) around May 9th. It arrived in a compact reusable and recyclable box, lined with packaging foam to ensure the safety of the product during shipping and handling. 

Team Obsidian’s Bicycle Light Set – offers super bright LED lights (200 Lumins) for front and rear mountings, great for male or female cyclists, adult or children. It really does fit every kind of bike – from adult mountain bikes to children’s bikes. It could also work well for child carriers, canoes, wheelchairs, backpackers, child strollers, trailers and a whole host of other apparatus

Five AAA-batteries are necessary (2 in the front, 3 in the back) – so depending on the quality of batteries and how charged they are, it can run 12-18 hours between battery changes or recharging. While the product is certainly water resistant, it is not waterproof, so don’t immerse in water for long periods of time.

This system offers 3 flashing modes for the white-light headlamp (bright, flashing or dimmed light) and 7 flashing modes for the red colored rear warning light.  The front light can be removed from the holder and used in safety situations and for repairs. Alternatively you might find it useful tucked in a pocket or purse, toolbox or used while camping.
This system provides a myriad of safety options ranging from emergencies and repairs to traveling on cloudy, foggy, rain, snowfall, dawn/dusk and night as well.

The headlight is really lightweight – constructed of aluminum with a CREE OP-E LED light bulb that will last indefinitely and offers 200 lumins of brightness. The system also employs ABS plastic, which is super strong and durable. You can be sure this won’t rust or corrode. The rear light has 5 individual LED lights with 7 modes (as mentioned earlier) that range from flashing to rolling in different patterns. These flashing modes will really help other road users see you and your loved ones more clearly.

Interestingly this product comes with a 100% no-hassle lifetime guarantee, which is virtually unheard of when purchasing any new product.It retails at Amazon.com for a list price of $39.99 which is super reasonable, but amazingly is on sale for $18.99 right now. I was not able to find the product listed on Amazon.ca

BC (Canada) is well known for the amazing bike trail systems and stunning scenery – especially out here in the Kootenay region. While both Dave and I enjoy cycling, he does more cycling in poor weather and lighting conditions than I so we decided he should install this product on his bike. Before we started we read the instructions and details listed on the box it came in and then he went on to install it – he found it really easy to install, no special tools or drilling are necessary and we happened to have charged rechargeable batteries on hand to suit the purpose.

Dave found that he had to remove the rubber gasket for the rear light to fit his seat post however. The headlight was very bright, easily switchable from bright to dim to flashing modes with just a half-press on the silicone button to switch from mode to mode. Dave also noticed that it was very easy to adjust and change modes while cycling.

The rear light has 7 modes using bright LED’s – the most efficient light source available today. He was able to reach behind his seat while riding and use the silicone push button to switch it on /off or between modes. He simply looked backward and down (at the rear hub) to see if the light was on by its glow on the metal parts.

He then took this experiment to the darkest alleys and streets that he could find in our city and it worked great without disrupted perception – unlike headlamps that he used before that impaired depth perception.

Dave is a stickler for quality and he gives this product a thumbs-up for good quality, he says the headlight in particular is very sturdy with an aluminum casing that felt strong. The product felt quite secure even when traveling over rough surfaces.

The headlight does fit quite tightly but it is removable – not so easily that someone could slip it off and walk away with it, but if you know how it works and how it removes from the bracket you could remove it in about 5 seconds if you were concerned about theft.

I did a little research on this company via the Internet and here is what I found: Team Obsidian is a new Copenhagen (Northern Europe) based company and the people behind the Team Obsidian´s brand are bike enthusiasts that aspire to a green and ecologic world and want to share their passion and experience with all their fellow bikers worldwide. The idea of the brand started from the desire of building useful devices that are suitable for people who have a passion for bicycles and a healthy lifestyle. The company’s mission is to offer premium quality accessories to all the bikers across the world and great customer support. Their site has an informative video about this product that you might want to check out - http://www.teamobsidian.com - and you can find their contact information there as well if you have any questions or concerns.

 I felt the company was very responsive, respectful, diligent and had exceptional communication skills with their customers and reviewers.
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