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Office in the Garden ??

Your Office In The Garden

When you think of a home office, does a garden office come to mind? Well, it's possible and even fun to build your own workspace while enjoying your garden at the same time. You can start by purchasing a sturdy and safe shed and then decorating and organizing it to your liking. You can create an open shed without doors or a closed door shed that has windows so you can look outside your window at the garden while you work. Look through interior design magazines or on home decor magazines to get ideas for your shed for the home office.

When constructing your cozy office for the garden, you should use wood flooring because it not only looks inviting and rustic, but it is also environmentally friendly. There are all kinds of wood flooring and wood finishes to choose from and it is safe for kids and pets who come to the office. Laminated wood flooring is an inexpensive option but if you want a more authentic flair, choose traditional hardwood flooring. Also install high quality insulation along with the flooring.

To make the garden office more functional, it is a good idea to attach your main house's electricity to the shed as this reduces the need for getting separate utilities for your office. You should purchase some sturdy padlocks for the shed's door to secure the office.

You can also hook the plumbing from your main house to the shed in case you plan to cook or bathe while in the shed.

Decorate your shed to make it personal for you. On the outer part of the shed you can plant some bold colored flowers such as violets, sunflowers, carnations, roses, yellow tulips and orchids. Another idea would be to paint a garden themed mural on the front of the shed. For the inside of the shed put up photos of your garden on the walls and on top of your desk you can stencil images of fruits and vegetables. Purchase some vintage chairs and rugs from the flea market and install some pendant lighting for a calm feel to the office. Paint the walls in your favorite color.

There are benefits of having an office in your garden. It serves as a change of scenery from the traditional workplace or even your usual office inside the main house. You experience a sense of freedom in being able to work in peace without the noise and anxieties of the day. A garden office lets you enjoy your garden in a new way and it's also cost effective. Moreover, you're living a more sustainable life with this kind of office. When you work in this setting your productivity level increases and you'll also develop more ideas for your projects. Nature has a way of boosting a person's creativity.

An office in the garden may seem like an unusual idea but actually it is a trend that has been catching on for the past few years. It's not hard to construct and it will last for many years depending on how well you build it.

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