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Product Review

-- Product Review -- 

I first heard from Crystal (with the Paw2Paw company) on June 11th regarding their Professional Dog Nail Clippers as a potential review project and the product arrived by Jun3 20th.  My initial impressions were that it was quite interesting that Paw2Paw stands by its products 100% and ensures their customers complete satisfaction. Also, between communications with Crystal and her co-worker, Kailani (customer service representative), I felt the company has really good communication skills and the response time to questions is respectable.


Before the trimmers arrived I was sent some great tips for trimming pets claws/nails, which I decided to include in this review for those of you who are new to the trimming process:

1. Cut a little bit at a time: By cutting a little bit at a time you will keep your dog calmer and it ensures that you do not cut too short. This is also the best way to cut black nails.
2. Set up before you start: It is always best to get everything ready before you start so that if you must do something fast you have what you need on hand – like Quick Stop.
3. Keep your dog calm: If you consider cutting your dogs nails as stressful then your dog will be stressed and not make it easy for you. The best way to keep your dog calm is to be calm and confident yourself. Sit on the floor with your dog, stroke him while cutting, and make it a treat.

4. The product packaging recommends trimming each week, rather than waiting until the nails are long, but if your pets’ nails are long or very thick, soak them in warm water for a few minutes before attempting to trim.

The product arrived in a yellow bubble envelope; it was encased in a plastic cover and paperboard backing with information printed on both sides including simple instructions and their email address. The company offers a 100% satisfaction guarantee, lifetime warranty – be sure to register your purchase on their site for the lifetime replacement warranty. 

The first thing my husband, Dave, (who does the dog and cat nail trimming in this house) noticed was the easy to use, ergonomic, non-slip grip, colorful blue-black handles. He stated right away how nice the handles felt. There is a bonus file built into the base of one of the handles, keeping it near at hand for the cleaning up burs and rough nails; is good quality file. One of the handles has a small hole in the end, possibly for hanging from a small finishing nail or hook. Interestingly there is a solid white cap, stamped with the company logo, that covers the main screw – other trimmers get hair and muck tangled up in the screw, where as this cap keeps the screw clean and out of the way.

The jaws are made from high quality stainless steel that will stay sharp longer, won’t rust and are more durable. Dave was impressed with how thick and heavy duty the jaws are, giving a better cut. The blades have a curved shape so you can easily trim different types and sizes of animal nails (dogs, rabbits, parrots, cats, rodents), however they are specially designed to ease the chore of trimming large breeds. The safety stopper guide is easily swiveled out of the way if you don’t like to use it.

These are by far the best trimmers we have ever used. Dave says he feels a lot more confident knowing it is going to clip nicer, not bind or twist or hurt our precious fur-kids. These trimmers also sped up the process, and the pets seemed much more at ease as well. Dave and I highly recommend these trimmers.

The company’s website (, while picturesque, is fairly simple and doesn’t have a ton of information on it… such as information about the company itself, or any social, environmental, charitable, in-house recycling or conscious manufacturing/purchasing policies that they might have. It looks to me like they are just setting up their social networks, but you can find them here:

Via  the product has a retail list price of $29.95 but is currently on sale for $14.95. Unfortunatly the product is not available on

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