Sunday, November 6, 2016

Recommended Resources

-- Recommended Resources -- 

I really enjoy sharing resources, links, networking opportunities here in this section for anyone interested in having a positive impact with their time on this earth. Lately, I've been studiously going through the thousands of lectures put out by the TED institute's participants. It's a popular site. I look at it as free education, but more on the enlightening, inspiring, awe-striking knowledge and possibilities for our future. It is exciting to see how much work is being done to create a better world. So - why don't you help me by spreading the word about this blog, or sharing links to specific posts you enjoy? Or leave a comment, question or invitation for networking on the wide array of topics our blog offers. Perhaps you have an article, resources you'd like to share, or quotes that have inspired you. Maybe you are a poet. If so I'd love to hear from you and would definitely consider publishing it here on this blog to help you reach out to more people. But readers need to do their part too, by sharing / liking our blog - or starting a topic on something they've learned of / were reminded of. 

A discussion about the importance of early intervention social programs to prevent crimes and repeat criminals - these can be money-saving programs in the long run – but they cost money to start up and keep running before you'll see the benefits. I found it interesting because I've read that these types of investment programs also reduce the number of recruitments to violent and hateful groups. 

Stunning photography - up close photographic and video view of the first 21 days of a bee’s life.

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