Monday, November 7, 2016

Thoughts on Greening the world

Some Thoughts on What Individuals Can, and Are Doing To Green the World

We often hear of the fact that humans are scientifically proven to have had an impact on the acceleration of climate change – and – studies has shown us that we can, and do, create positive impact as well. The first thing people are encouraged to do on the individual and home based level is to conserve. And while this does have a huge impact on emissions, we will need to do more in order to reach 50% or more reduction in climate accelerant emissions.

Most of us know that there are numerous programs, grants and financial incentives available that encourage people who can afford to upgrade appliances, various home and business machines, and arrange for eco-upgrades to buildings.

Improved and more inclusive recycling programs are expected to accelerate – growing better programs, more efficient collection processes, better service to clients, more regular pick-ups including apartments, old age homes, etc.

Composting organic waste programs and educational resources are sprouting up everywhere treating this “waste” like a job-creating resource that has a valuable product to sell – a product that encourages water conservation and greener gardens.

Greening up more space is also an activity any individual can get involved in. Picking up litter, remediation of abused land, aiding wildlife… Creating diverse gardening areas anywhere – no really, anywhere - from balconies and rooftops, vertical walls, to yards, curbs, abandoned lots and indoor gardens. The more plants, flowers, green space – as opposed to heat absorbing, reflective man made surfaces – the better.

Becoming conscious consumers is also in fashion – shoppers are increasingly looking for things like recycled content, how and where things were produced, the social and environmental impact that company has, how the item is packaged, how far it was shipped, and much much much more.

Refusing to accept unacceptable standards, writing companies directly, reducing waste, reusing “end-of-life” materials, repurposing, recycling, renting, donating… there’s a lot we can do re: “waste”.

So as we can see – the global human society is looking for a new, green market – an economy that focuses on positive social and environmental impact. They are looking to find ways of evaluating business and regions where those businesses do business. Regulatory programs and policies are slowly being put in place by the government and purchasing bodies. Higher taxes and fines for those who cause harm are now in place and more commonly used than ever before. Environmental finance programs – you know, like investing or providing grants to eco or socially friendly entities. There are lots of investment options for people with the financial ability to invest in their future in this way – they can look for companies and investment packages that seek out successful positive stock options, as opposed to those companies that do harm.

In my short lifetime of 46 years so far, I’ve seen a huge advancement in green energy technologies and the availability of greener options for people to choose from. I’ve seen a thousand fold increase in non-profit organizations looking to create positive change and of participation by individuals and businesses alike. 

Try this – go online searching for free educational sites, videos of lectures and conferences, look for open-ed courses, visit resources we’ve shared on this blog over the years… and you’ll find yourself feeling less blue, and more excited about the hopeful positive future we are all working toward.

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