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"…I was able to apply my back ground in music and theater as a therapy …to help people where they are shut down to find out how they want to open up and connect with the community. …There are so many benefit that music has to our entire being. …We are educated through logic and reason – the left brain is dominant and we marginalize the importance of the right side of the brain, which is the side of the brain recognizes patterns, metaphors, connections between things. …When we hear (or play) music our brain is responding with both sides of the brain. …It makes their memories sharper, math scores go up… music helps us deal with change, helps us learn faster… respond quickly with an agile mind that can grasp many things on multiple levels. …All the arts are beneficial in this way, but music has this unique feature …of lighting up the brain in many, many ways. ”

Judy Treder-Wolff

Music / Art Resources:

AngleHill's Technician Services (press release)

Our friends at have put together extensive drum teacher sites for the UKCanada, and USA... you'll find Dave listed here. 
Newton's 3rd Law and Drumming (article)

Teaching Music Theory (article)

Green & Ethical Music (interviews)

* Curious about Brummet Media Donations? 

Your support of our work is appreciated. To this end we donate 10% of Brummet Media Group earnings annually to numerous pet rescue, garden, literacy and wildlife non-profit organizations over the many years...Including:Canadian Wildlife Federation, Pollinator Partnership, North American Butterfly Association, Seeds of Diversity, Creston Valley Wildlife Management Fund, Creston's Pet Adoption And Welfare Society, Granby Wilderness Society, SPCA, and the National Wildlife Federation... among a few other causes and charitable events, school music and music therapy causes that we have donated product, time, services and art to. Learn more about Dave's Drum It Forward program for public school music rooms. *Shout out to all the wonderful musicians over the years sharing their excess drum and percussion odds and ends that have enabled Dave to donate his services to public and private school classrooms!

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