Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Energy Use and the Power of the Individual

-- Quote of the day --

“If somebody is hurting try to help them, show them strength. …Help others to learn.”
~ Judy Kriz 12/06/07

This quote above means a lot to me because it really underlines the power of small daily actions and the ripple effect they can have in our community.

Take this real-life scenario for example: Stopping and talking to a homeless person on the street can make them feel less invisible in the community. By showing you care it can touch their hearts in a very deep way. Living by example can lead others to follow your actions and before you know it - the community is forever changed.

Here is another real-life example: I was cleaning up a section of a trail in town regularly and people would walk by with their dogs and want to talk to me briefly about the day, my dog and what I was doing. Usually I brought up my little "donation" to the city since I could tell they wanted to ask, but hadn't yet worked up the nerve. And I found they were inspired by that and soon, I saw there were others on that trail who began to clean up trash as well. Later on that year and for the next season as well, I started pulling this terribly invasive weed from that same trail. Soon, I saw several freshly pulled weeds when I went to visit the trail days later - and I knew others had been doing the same actions.

I encourage our readers here to visit the Conscious Discussions radio website to hear the interview that the quote (above) was taken from. To hear this interview simply look to the archive section (under the links) and click on Dec, 2007. All the segments that aired in Dec will then load on that page and you can choose the interview you want to hear from there.

Conscious Discussions:

-- Authors Read --

Today on the Authors Read radio show, I shared an excerpt from the chapter entitled: Energy, from our book Trash Talk. Learn how you can look at energy use around your home, find leaks around the home and feel better about your budget and contributions to the planet.

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