Tuesday, July 30, 2019

quote of the day

--  Quote of the Day -- 

"I will have me a symphony of coloring. 

I will enmesh me in the noon sun's gold 

and wind about me the moonlight's silver sheen. 

I will dream in a gown made of the haze of a summer evening twilight, 

and I will have robe on robe of the sky's deep blue, 

and I will line them with clouds of ermine, 

and from their trailing folds red stars will gleam. 

I will pluck the green from the treetops, 

where wild birds nest and sing, 

and in the weaving 

I will ensnare a song. 

And when Sorrow is my guest, 

I will wear a gown made of the cold, gray mist."

 ~ Muriel Strode


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Sunday, July 28, 2019



Today's post offers a little taste of what is to be found in the poetry book Dave and I co-authored : Rhythm and Rhyme.  
This poem, written by Dave shares his experience of going back to visit a place of childhood memories...

Strathcona Beach

* Written by Dave Brummet

Picnic on a sunny day, down at the busy beach

Chicken wings, coleslaw, root beer and a juicy peach

Life is good - sun is hot - couldn’t ask for a better day

If I could go back again, if I could, I would stay

Diving at the drop off, far from the crowded beach

The wreck of an airplane lies there just out of reach

Thing is: if you go there you might not make it back

The fishes are twice your size, to them you’re just a snack

Strathcona Beach in the summertime

Summertime at Strathcona Beach.

Football, Frisbee, it doesn’t matter what you do

As long as your crappy day, stays there, behind you

You can blankly sit and stare, all day, at the waves

Then you know eventually it’s time to go you cannot stay

Go there at night and the place is not the same

The families are gone the vibe is quite insane

Branches break in the wind, come crashing to the ground

The bonfires on the sand call the people from all around

Strathcona Beach in the summertime

Summertime at Strathcona Beach.

When I’m an old man, wheel me in a chair

Take me to that beach and just leave me sittin’ there

I’ll sit and listen to the ghosts of the good times of yesterday

And know that I’ve lived it, and wouldn’t change it in any way


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Saturday, July 27, 2019

Reducing energy costs

Reducing Energy Costs

Today's increasing energy costs, shrinking budgets and stagnant wages are a growing concern. For those of us living in the more extreme climates that require extra heating in the winter months or relief from the blazing summer heat, there are tricks we can do to increase our comfort while lowering the bills.

Walk around your home and take a mental note of all the electrical outlets and light switches, computer and TV outlets and any vents or pipes along each exterior wall. You’ll likely find some on the outside of your house too, so be sure to walk around out there and along the deck, taking notes of where they are, and how many of each. Purchase caulking or foam and fill around any piping, cords and vents you noticed that breach the exterior walls. Get a few packages of insulation kits for outlets and switches and install in each box to help block any drafts. It is easy to do, just take the cover off, pop the pre-cut foam in and put the cover back on.

Often the largest heat and cooling energy loss in homes comes from the exterior doors themselves. Door weather-strips and sill plates need to be inspected for air leaks and replaced if necessary. Perhaps a storm door that doubles as a screen door, would be appropriate for your situation – this seals off your entrance door from extreme temperatures.

Check the damper for the fireplace, if you have one, to ensure it fits snug, so that when the unit is not being used it will not let in cold air. Sometimes the suction from a forced air heating system can pull cold air down through the electric range hood above the kitchen stove. Try blocking this off with a piece of corrugated plastic attached with magnetic strips. As a reminder place a post-it-note over the fan button on the range hood so that it is not accidentally turned on without removing this cover first.

Keep the hot water tank thermostat at 51-55˚C (125˚-131˚F) and insulate any hot water pipes you can readily access. If you can afford to, upgrade to a tankless or solar hot water system. Otherwise, install a tank insulation kit; these kits are super easy to install and are very affordable.

These are just a few inexpensive ways for you to save some money every year that you live or work in that space. You can feel pride in that you are a conscious and responsible consumer of resources. You will also feel more comfortable in your warm, draft-free environment. To learn more simple changes that can have a big impact on your budget and the health of the planet check out our Trash Talk books.


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Thursday, July 25, 2019

Quote of the Day

Quote of the Day

“There may be times 

when you just have to love people 

from a distance.” 

~ Joel Osteen


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