Tuesday, June 30, 2015

quote of the day

-- Quote of the Day -- 

“It is easy to find fault.

 We have to look much closer 

to find the good in things.”

~ James Sperbeck

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Monday, June 29, 2015

Product Review

-- Product Review --

I am extremely impressed with the generosity and professionalism of Martin, marketing rep for Natural Tonus & Power company, who around May 21st sent me 6 of their products – which I decided to split into 2 review articles, with 3 products reviewed in each article. I received the order on May 28th and we were able to pick up the product via the US postal service on May 30th (we’re located a few miles north of the US border). The company is based in Elkhart, Indiana (USA).

In this article I will review:

Essential Nutrient for collagen production – Vitamin C Serum
Daily Anti-aging Formula Natural Cutey Cream
Pure advanced Anti-aging Formula, Vitamin C Cream
…since they are all products that are applied topically to the face and neck.

* Note regarding the ingredients listed in this article: the printing on the label was very small and I had a hard time reading the ingredients listed there, so apologies if I got some of these wrong – I did the best I could.

Essential Nutrient for collagen production – Vitamin C Serum should be the 1st of the 3 products listed in this article that a person needs to apply, before the other two products (below). This serum comes in a 1 fl. oz. brown glass bottle and offers 20% potency, contains hyaluronic acid and claims to enhance healthy skin with the addition of anti-aging and antioxidant support. Sadly the bar code sticker was placed directly over the list of ingredients.

I’ve tried two other brand name serums before this one – and comparing them found that this product is slightly thicker and foamier than the others. Like the others it comes with a pump, to ensure cleanliness and accurate dispensing. The pump, thankfully, screws off so you can reach the last of the product at the bottom of the brown glass bottle (recyclable) as it empties. It is paraben free, made in the US, and is not tested on animals.

According to the information on Amazon.com applying a serum like this to your skin can be more effective than taking the vitamin orally; the product also claims to thicken the dermis layer, which can offer further protection from sun damage. Retails for $24.95 (US) on Amazon.com.

Daily Anti-aging Formula Natural Cutey Cream comes in a 60 ml (2 fl. oz.) sized solid white plastic container (recyclable plastic #5) with a grey colored screw-top lid. Directions state to apply on a freshly washed face after the serum and before the moisturizing cream. This product is also paraben free, made in the USA with natural ingredients and is not tested on animals. The product has a lovely white creamy texture with a light sheen to it. The plastic safety seal over the twist off cap and top of the jar was not perforated; I had to cut it off with a razor knife. It is supposed to replenish lipids, inhibit UV problems, reduce wrinkles and eliminate free radicals.  Retails for $29.95 (US) on Amazon.com

Ingredients: water, cetearyl alcohol, caprylic triglycerides, clycerin, cetareth-20, shea butter, butylene clycol, palmitoyl oligopeptide, palmitoyl tetrapeptide 7, macadamia clycerides, octydodecanol, ethyhexyl palmitate, corn oil, tocopheryl acetate, cholecalciferol, retnyl palmitate, ascorbic acid, pyridoxine HCI, phytonadione, silica, carbomer, polysorbate20, dimethicone, xanthan cum, phenoxythanol, caprylyl glycol, potassium sorbate, hexylene glycol.

Pure advanced Anti-aging Formula, Vitamin C Cream comes in a 57 g (2 oz.) solid white plastic tub with a screw-top lid; both are recyclable (plastic #5). Directions are to apply twice a day to the skin, after it has been hydrated or moistened – so after a shower or after you wash your face with a cloth at night would work. Be sure to avoid contact wounds, or with eyes - but can be applied to the skin around the eyes. The product has a lovely white creamy texture with a light sheen to it. It is supposed to help reduce the appearance of wrinkles, scars, and stretch marks while producing collagen naturally. Retails for $29.88 (US) on Amazon.com.

Ingredients: deionized water, vitamin c complex, cetearyl alcohol, caprylic triglicides, glycerin, ceteareth-20, shea butter, propylene glycol, PEG-16 macadamia glycerides, octydodecanol, ethyhexyl palmitate, corn oil, tocopheryl acetate, cholecalfiferol, tetinyl palmitate, pyridoxine HCI, phytonadione, silica, sodium propoxyhydroxypropyl thiosulfate silica, caprlyl glycol, potassium sorbate, hexylene glycol, phenoxethanol.

It was my understanding that these 3 products should be applied in the order that they are listed here in this article, however upon doing that for almost 2 weeks I noticed that I started to have some breakouts (pimples) – so I decided to use only the 1st and 2nd ingredients after each daily shower, rather than both creams – which took care of the problem. I put the other bottle aside to use when the other cream bottle empties. So far, I’ve found the product to be a nice addition to my daily upkeep and would definitely recommend these to my audience here.  I would suggest to my audience that they use creams and serums like these not only on their face, but also their neck down to the cleavage area and on the backs of their forearms and hands. Depending on the health of your skin, people have reportedly seen results in as little as the next day while others have not seen results until using it for a couple weeks.

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Saturday, June 27, 2015

quote of the day

-- Quote of the Day -- 

"The best things in life are nearest: 
Breath in your nostrils,
 light in your eyes, 
flowers at your feet, 
duties at your hand, 
the path of right just before you. T
hen do not grasp at the stars, 
but do life’s plain, common work as it comes, 
certain that daily duties and daily bread 
are the sweetest things in life. "

~ Robert Louis Stevenson

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Friday, June 26, 2015

self-care for writers

Self-Care for Writers: Key Issues, Key Steps

* Written by: Harriet Hodgson - a freelancer for 37 years and  the author of 34 books. Her latest releases are Happy Again! Your New and Meaningful Life after Loss - and - Help! I'm Raising My Grandkids. Watch for her forthcoming books, The Family Caregiver's Guide - and - Affirmations for Family Caregivers, slated for fall 2015 release. Visit Hodgson's website http://www.harriethodgson.com to learn more about this busy author and grandmother. 



Starting a new writing project is exciting. You had the idea, planned the chapters, and the time for writing has come. When I'm working on a book I write for hours, think about revisions constantly, and even revise in my sleep. If I don't monitor myself, however, I can become obsessed with writing. I work longer than I should, get behind on household tasks, have an aching back, and tired, gritty eyes.

None of these things foster writing. While I'm writing I think of my disabled husband and my caregiving duties. Although I take good care of him, sometimes I don't take good care of myself. To be productive, writers need to care for their physical and emotional selves. Self-care can prevent debilitating colds, long-term illness, and burn-out. Here are some suggestions for you.

Adjust your chair. Mayo Clinic, in its article, "Office Ergonomics: Your How-To Guide", says your knees should be about level with your hips when sitting in a computer chair. My chair is comfortable, but it doesn't support my lower back, so I use a small beanbag pillow. I bought the travel pillow from an airport shop and it's a useful thing to have.

Use a foot rest. Your feet may not reach the floor if you are a short person. The solution is to rest your feet on a small stool or stack of books. Usually my feet are flat on the floor. Still, after I've been working a long time, I worry about the veins in my legs, and stretch my legs out straight, and rest them on a stool beneath my computer desk.

Get moving. Short breaks are surprisingly effective. I get up every half hour, do some stretches, and walk around the room. You may do this or walk in place. Desk exercises are pictured in the article, "Deskercise! 33 Smart Ways to Exercise at Work," on the Greatest website. It describes stationary jogging, squats, leaning your back against a wall, chair exercises, and more. Choose some exercises and do them regularly.

Eat healthy snacks. The calories in snack foods add up quickly. In fact,they may equal a total meal. Limit your sweet and salty snacks. You'll find more ideas in "10 Healthy Office Snacks to Eat at Your Desk," by Leyla Shamayeva, on the Calorie Count website. It recommends cereal cups, nuts, whole wheat crackers, peanut butter, dried fruits, and sealed fruit cups in water. Technically, water isn't a snack, but it's wise to keep bottled water on hand. "Sip throughout the day and watch your productivity and mood improve," the author writes.

Aim for eight hours of sleep. Even if you're a "night owl" you need to get enough rest. Try to go to bed at the same time each night. Lower the temperature in your bedroom to promote sleep. Avoid big projects and upsetting television programming before bedtime because they can keep you awake. A body pillow may help you to sleep more comfortably.

Nurture your spirit. I'm a health and wellness writer and when I bog down it usually is due to lack of information. Searching for additional information can be tedious. Instead of doing the research immediately, I call time out and renew my spirit with poetry (I love Robert Frost), or read a magazine article, or look at photos on a royalty-free website. Fifteen minutes later, I'm energized and ready to get back to work.
These tips will help you stay energized and ready for writing.

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Thursday, June 25, 2015

Product Review

-- Product Review -- 

We first started speaking with Kari Hairston of Radha Beauty about their Premium Tea Tree Oil product on May 20th and it we confirmed the review project soon after that. It was ordered on May 21st and arrived on May 27th at the US postal service just across the border (we’re a few miles north of the US border).

The product arrived in a 2” wide - by - 5.5” long - by - 2” high white cardboard box. Inside, there was only a small square of plastic bubble wrap to protect the large blue glass bottle and the clear glass dropper, which has a rubber top.

Upon doing some research on the company and this product I found out some really interesting things. First – their tea tree oil is “100% pure and natural essential oil, therapeutic grade – the best tea tree oil on the market, produced through steam distillation of fresh leaves”.

Impressive, right?

I have always loved tea tree oil – it is a wonder product for sure. Derived from the leaves of the Melaleuca Alternifolia tree that is native to Australia’s coastal region but its popularity is urging companies to try growing it in other regions. This particular brand uses a steam distillation process to extract the oil and while the concentrated oil does come from Australia it is bottled in the US and distributed by Radha Beauty (RadhaBeautyProducts.com) which is based in Berkeley, CA (USA).

We have used tea tree oil as an ingredient in our home-made cleaning products and insect spray for both ourselves and our pets. I’ve also used it for scrapes and sores, insect bites, cold sores, blisters, abrasions, and burns. A few months ago I learned that it can also be applied after each shower on skin tags and freckles or moles, which I find quite irritating. After a few weeks of applying it in this way I’ve noticed a remarkable difference, some small skin tags (I don’t get large ones) disappeared completely, while others shrank in size.

I also use it for dealing with itchy scalp and occasional dandruff (which I sometimes get in the winter) – what I’ve done in the past is place about 6 drops or so in the palm of my hand along with the conditioner, mix it a bit and then apply to my hair and leave it in while doing other soaping or shaving, etc. rinsing it out just before exiting the shower so that it sits on the scalp a long time. It works wonderfully. * Tea tree, a.k.a. melaleuca oil, is for external use only.

However the problem with other brands is there’s either a little plastic insert in the top of the bottle where you have to shake out the drops and this can be clumsy… or there’s no dropper and you have to guess by pouring it into your hand, which can lead to waste or over use. Radha’s bottle comes with a glass dropper with a rubber squeeze top that gives the user a lot more control over the amount and the precise application of the oil.

Another thing that sets this brand apart is the color of the glass bottle – blue – most other brands are brown. Radha also has an advantage over many other brands in that they offer this product in a 4 fl. oz. (120 ml) container – most other brands only offer 10 ml bottles. This means there is a lot less shipping involved, less packaging and less bottles consumed over time.  Radha’s bottle is recyclable, as is their packaging and the glass dropper. They do not test on animals and the product has a 6-month shelf life. I’ve found, however, that tea tree oil can last much longer than that if stored in a dark, cool cupboard.

This company is on top of social media – check out their FaceBook page: https://www.facebook.com/radhabeauty

And their Instagram page: https://instagram.com/radhabeauty

Or visit their main site at: http://radhabeautyproducts.com

The company invites customer comments and feedback via support@radhabeautyproducts.com

According to their site, the Radha Beauty company started up in 2014 and their co-founder (Rebekah Letch), who as a professional model and ballet dancer had experienced problems from non-organic skin care products and makeup. The company is based on the motto: beauty does not have to be bad for us. When you go there you’ll see they have many natural, organic beauty products ranging from serums, coconut oil, eye therapy, and many essential oils. They stand behind their products with a full money back guarantee no matter when, or where you purchased the product.

The tea tree oil retails on their site for an incredible deal at $18.89 (US) for a 4 oz. bottle. Interestingly though it is currently on sale at Amazon.com for $14.89 (US)... unfortunately it is not yet on Amazon.ca (for Canadians).

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Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Good news for pollinators

 -- Positive News -- 

Pollinator Week was celebrated in Canada earlier last week, however I found this great information from Seeds.ca that you may find of interest:

"The very best thing you can do is plant for them. Habitat loss is one of the largest stressors responsible for the decline of our bee-loved pollinators, so plant just one pollinator-friendly species, or plant a whole field. Plant native species, or plant species that you know are laden with pollen and nectar. Scroll down to find out more! "

Many communities are becoming certified as bee friendly, and just recently the Ontario government formally became the first jurisdiction in North America to significantly reduce the use of neonicotinoid pesticides.

I also learned from Seeds Of Diversity's latest newsletter that Home Depot, Lowes and Rona have all announced a promise to phase out the use of neonics on their plants and to label any that were treated with neonics... which kills pollinators and takes a year to break down in the environment.

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Tuesday, June 23, 2015

quote of the day

-- Quote of the Day --  

"Fear less, 
hope more; 
eat less, 
chew more;
whine less, 
breathe more; 
talk less, 
say more; 
hate less, 
love more; 
and all good things are yours. "

~ Swedish Proverb

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Monday, June 22, 2015

Increase garden yields

Increase Your Garden Yield the Easy Way


* Written by: O. F. Brodbent is an avid reader who loves learning about health and nutrition. Over the years he has enjoyed studying how organic ecosystems affect ecosystem, and is on a mission to share this information with others. He always finds Fertilizerboosters.com one of the best sources of Organic products.


You are maintaining a kitchen garden with a number of interesting vegetables but somehow the related yield is not at par with your expectations. So what can you do in such a circumstance? You need to take expert help and choose the right garden fertilizer that promotes plant growth and associated productivity. People try different ways to improve the condition so that they no longer have to worry about getting the required vegetables, herbs and fruits all year through.

Composting everything
This is surely a proven technique for building up lively and healthy soil as this provides optimal food for growth promoting microbes to survive. Organic fertilizers and compost add effective nutrients for the plants along with a host of beneficial microorganisms. Besides this, it also helps in water drainage, retention, with minimal waste for landfills as well.

Mulching is great
When you want to suppress weeds, maximize the use of water, or prevent erosion, drying out of soil mulching proves to be the most effective. Soil remains warm upon addition of mulch with the optimal availability of nutrition whenever required by the plants. You can purchase this from the store or create at your very own backyard.
Use of cuttings and seeds

Many people who want to save costs and at the same time get the best productivity possible from their gardens preserve seeds and cuttings from existing plants. By using them, you can increase crop yield, as these varieties are already adapted to specific conditions and climate related to your garden. Also, these have co-evolved with micro-fauna and flora inhabiting your garden soil. This will signify greater resistance to pests and diseases and better outputs as well. Take cuttings to increase the overall number of plants. Like for example in tomatoes where you can use side-shoots removed during pruning, to grow new saplings in your garden.

Rainwater collection
You can improve the yield while bringing down your dependency on groundwater or water supply by collecting rainwater. Since it contains few contaminants, this water is highly beneficial for plant growth with lukewarm temperature and chlorine-less composition. Presence of chlorine tends to destroy the colony of useful microbes present in the soil.

Give encouragement to bees
These extremely beneficial insects are effective pollinators of plants. They initiate plant growth and help your kitchen garden to thrive. Keep the use of chemical fertilizers to minimal, use wildflowers, or let both weeds and plants flower.
Use the boosters

Use of garden boosters like BioWash is another great way to improve the output that you receive from your kitchen garden. These work with the plant to ensure a more efficient and effective use of nutrients that you add to the soil. As a result, in order to get optimal yields you no longer need to use high quantities of fertilizers. The plant's absorption ability from the soil increases significantly promoting growth and productivity.

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Sunday, June 21, 2015

Product Review

-- Product Review -- 

It is important to remember that the skin is an organ, it absorbs everything it comes in contact with and as such natural products like Maxasorb D3 Cream are looked at as a supplement for the entire body. This also reminds us that everything we put on our skin from make up and fragrances to chemicals in the air are absorbed into the body – which is why so many of us are increasingly conscious about the products that we buy, ensuring they are organic, all natural and healthy. We are increasingly seeing many medicines come in skin cream products as well as “patches”.

Maxasorb D3 is paraben free and made with natural ingredients – listed as: water, aloe juice, coconut oil, glycerin, palm stearic acid, emulsifying wax, cetyl myristoleate, panthenol, cetyl alcohol, Vitamin D3 – 1000IU/dose, Vitamin E, phenoxethanol, tetrasodium EDTA, scorbic acid, citric acid.

Vitamin D is what our body makes from exposure to sun and through eating various mushrooms as well. People who are doing shift-work, spend most of their time indoors or live in northern climates are often lacking in this vitamin. According to the company “Vitamin D# promotes a healthy heart, strong bones and an improved immune system”. I have also read a few articles in health magazines that suggest a connection between autism, emotional depression (i.e. seasonal affected disorder) and the lack of Vitamin D.

We started the discussion for this project on May 5th and it arrived in a bubble mail envelope (9X11” in size) around May 15th, but we were not able to pick it up from the US postal service until May 30th due to schedule constraints. It came in a 3X5” white and yellow paperboard box and the bottle had a 2” plastic safety seal on the bottle and clear plastic protective cap (both of these are recyclable). 

The instructions on the bottle were a little confusing in that it didn’t’ specify where to apply the supplement on the skin, only to “rub a full pump onto the skin 1-2 times daily… children under 12 years should only use once per day” – to apply externally only and to avoid contact with the eyes. I chose to put the 1st pump a forearm and the other on a shin, whereas my husband Dave put both pumps worth on his hands. The second time I tried it (2 days later, because I forgot) I put both pumps worth on my left arm from shoulder to wrist in quick strokes and it disappeared right away – and the third application went on my belly. I thought it would be wise to apply it on different areas each time, although the product did not suggest this.

Both Dave and I noticed that it soaked in right away, and there was no scent at all – we definitely noticed that we had softened skin where it was applied. The lotion is odorless, hypoallergenic and I had no allergic reaction (I’m super sensitive).

I was slightly concerned about the fact it uses a pump to disperse the product, while it likely measures the dose more accurately my concern lay in that most pump style containers leave a great deal of the product in the bottom and you have to cut the container open to access the last of the product. 

The 50 ml (1.7 fl. oz.) container is solid white, and doesn’t have a recycle symbol on the bottom or a plastic # so I’m not sure if one can recycle it or not. Each container offers 60 doses and should be stored at 55-85˚F. I liked that it had a plastic protective lid for the pump itself, keeping it from getting clumped up in case it dried out from exposed to air.

Maxasorb D3 Cream retails on their site for $29.95 but is currently on sale for $19.95 (US). The company has generously offered our blog readers a 15% off coupon code (one time use) for all Vita Science Products (a US company based in Airmont, NY) - use this code:  save15   on their site: www.vitasciences.com

It also sells through Amazon.com with an original list price of $29.95 (US), which was slashed to $24.95 – but is now on sale for 19.95. Alternatively visit the Amazon.ca page for this product where it is listed, but sold through third parties right now. I’m sure the company will update the page there for Canadian shoppers soon. 


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Saturday, June 20, 2015

quote of the day

-- Quote of the Day -- 


"Who will tell whether one happy moment of love 
or the joy of breathing 
or walking on a bright morning 
and smelling the fresh air, 
is not worth all the suffering 
and effort which life implies." 

~ Erich Fromm

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