Sunday, January 31, 2021

read a book :)

It's A Great Time To Read A Book

Books are an awesome  gift!!

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Thursday, January 28, 2021



A big shout out today for all those providers of "to go" items who are taking every effort possible to make the world a better place by choosing a greener packaging option. 

Recently, a local pet shop ( left us with a little gift - a bag of "Northern Dog Biscuit Company's "chicken poutine biscuits for dogs. We were surprised and grateful for their little gift... they are a very warm and respectful local pet supply business that offers delivery to your door at no cost and online shopping as an option as well. They have a great supply of toys for dogs and, yes, I always get a couple every time I order food. 

So as I'm looking at the packaging for the dog treats, feeding the very grateful dogs, I notice it is a Canadian company with all natural ingredients. I'm thinking ... "cool" :). But then I turn it over to the other side and read that the bag and liner is made "entirely of plant based materials and are 100% compostable" and Canadian made. 

Very cool. But wait... there's more (lol) The pet shop also packages their products in reusable, sturdy brown paper bags... the kind with handles. This last xmas these bags came in very handy. I placed a few jars of conserves and some baked items, then closed with a ribbon, attached a card and a bow and it was beautiful! And frugal.

You may have noticed that companies have, for the most part, switched to recyclable packaging and have increased their use of high-recycled-content packaging too - all of which supports recycling industries, creates jobs and reduces volume heading to the landfill. 

Those that choose reusable packaging provide an extra service especially if the consumer is reusing it, rather than bringing in for reuse. I once received a nice square plastic container and lid from Boston Pizza some 8 years ago... I'm still reusing it. 

Going a step farther, some places are offering compostable packaging which will only build healthy soil. Others encourage gardening by including seeds in the packaging itself, instructing consumers to bury it and watch it grow. 

I find it inspiring to personally experience the benefits that come with being a customer of these kinds of conscious, sustainable minded businesses. 

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Wednesday, January 27, 2021

Make money as an artist

Being an Artist - Why It's Not About The Money 

* Edited by blog owner Lillian Brummet - Originally written by Tricia Deed ( who invites our readers to learn more about how to make money as an artist or artisan at

When people misuse certain art terms it causes confusion in the marketplace so let's start out today by defining artist, fine artist, artisan, and craftsman.

Artist as an individual who creates products for commercial businesses. Two examples are graphic designers and book illustrators. 

Fine Artist creates original, visual, and beautiful objects of art for aesthetic values. Examples include oil paintings and hand sculptures.

Artisan and independent craftsmen create projects for both beauty and utility. Two examples are glass blowers, jewelry makers or a ceramic artisan.

Craftsmen will replicate utilitarian objects. For instance: carpenters build houses and cabinetmakers build furniture, wood workers build bird houses and wooden ornaments.

Finding gainful employment and being paid for the work their craft takes to produce is not always the easiest achievement but is considered to be the most important aspect of any artists life. 

Each type of artist has particular financial aspects to it. For instance, Fine Artists find gainful employment during prosperous economies. Their creations are original or one-of-a-kind and the price will be high. People with disposable incomes purchase nonessential works of art. This means they need to be entrepreneurs, function as business owners and contract employment. While Craftsman can often find work year-round regardless of the economy, and are sometime employed by larger companies. People need houses, clothing, shoes, tools, vehicles, furniture, etc. However those that produce original jewelry, carvings and knick-knacks are more likely to find sales around holidays (birthdays, valentines, etc.).

Take a look at the list below of the common reasons why artists and artisans struggle to make money. Consider which of these points suit your situation and make notes so you can start a plan of action to reduce issues with money in the future.

1. They do not talk about money because it is impolite, or it is not important.

2. There is a lack of money sense, interest, status, or money management.

3. Money is thought to be the root of all evil.

4. The creation of art or craft work is more important.

5. Money is not important because love, saving the planet, and world peace are more important.

6. Families and communities make them feel uneasy as artists. They appear to be playing and lack no work value.

7. Money is not important, and they never seem to have money to understand its value.

8. A lack of money or financial knowledge and understanding of how money works. Feeling of a sense of worthlessness or shame for not making money.

9. Fear of having money.

10. People consider artists as being poor and struggling; those who believe this are.

11. Feelings of uneasiness asking for money.

12. No knowledge of how to price an object or how to sell it.

13. Lack of self-confidence and not knowing their worth.

14. Too critical of their own work -seeing only the flaws in the workmanship. Artists are not able to see
 the beauty of the product the way a consumer might.

15. Not comfortable selling a piece of their creativity, which makes them feel that they have put a price on themselves.

16. Under charging the price of an article to not look greedy.

17. Poor negotiation skills with potential customers.

18. Dislike or hate preparing paperwork associated with recording our profits and expenditures, income tax forms, and other matters of financial business.

These attitudes, misgivings, or lack of knowledge will keep artists and artisans from making comfortable earnings from their talents and skills. 

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Monday, January 25, 2021

#StepUpForLocal campaign

Have you heard of the Step Up For Local campaign? If you haven't - check it out at:

This online campaign is rapidly gaining recognition for the support it offers for small businesses and reinforcing the concept of shopping locally.  Here's some information gleaned from their website:

Through the efforts of many, Canadians for the most part flattened the curve,” says Phil Otto, CEO of Revolve. “Now we need to turn our attention to help the backbone of the Canadian economy – small businesses – survive both the pandemic and the imminent recession. Hence, Step Up for Local

Less money leaves the community: 45 cents of every dollar spent at a locally owned business stays in the local economy vs. 14 cents spent at large chains. This creates tax revenue to fund healthcare, education, safer communities, streets and sidewalks. 

Local businesses pay it forward: Not only are local businesses more likely to support other local businesses, they also contribute 2.5 times more to local initiatives and non-profits than non-local owners. 

Small businesses add character, texture and personality to communities which in turn boosts property values for local homeowners. 

Small business employs the largest workforce base in the country, employing 70% of all Canadians. 

Local businesses are more eager to reflect their communities’ values, needs and feedback than are big chains.

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Saturday, January 23, 2021

Quote of the day

Quote of the Day 

" Tell me how many beads there are

In a silver chain

Of evening rain,

Unravelled from the tumbling main,

And threading the eye of a yellow star:

So many times do I love again."

~Thomas Lovell Beddoes

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Friday, January 22, 2021

Honouring Neil Peart (drummer for Rush)

Reflecting on the Passing of Neil Peart 

*An commemorative essay written by Drew Vics - =an artist, musician and writer hailing from Western New York. He has been an avid Rush fan since he was first introduced to their music in the late 1970s. When not traveling he and his wife enjoy cooking, biking, reading and enjoying life in quite, rural America.

As I sit here grappling with the sad passing of Neil Peart, for good reason commonly referred to as the legendary drummer and lyricist for the Canadian rock trio Rush, I'm less grief-stricken than I initially was and have become more reflective. Along with millions of other fans worldwide I cried hard in the first few hours after hearing the news of his death. It hurts bad, but the tears have subsided.

Rush has played such an important role in my life it's impossible to imagine my world without those three guys. My first exposure to their music was sneaking my sister's Archives album from her record collection. I would stare at their pictures and read the liner notes while listening to the incredible music on that compilation of their first three records: Rush, Fly By Night, and Caress of Steel. I was eleven. The following year, 1979, after the release of their fourth album, Hemispheres, my uncle brought my sister and me to see them at Capitol Theater in Passaic, NJ. A cooler thing could not have happened to a twelve-year-old kid.

Though complex at times, the ideas presented in their songs fascinated my young mind and made me think differently about things. Rush were very positive mentors for a young boy struggling with feelings of alienation, being "different", and schoolyard bullies. They brought me hope. Somehow just knowing those three guys were out there made me feel better. Their songs elevate me to this day.

Their music holds a charge and the lyrics are beyond thought-provoking; they are expanding. Rush told us it was okay to care, to love, to be afraid, to wonder and be different. They made us think and feel. In the song Vital Signs they told us it is imperative: "Everybody got to deviate from the norm."

With eleven Rush concerts under my belt I am far below par of many die-hard fans but that doesn't mean they haven't had an impact. Rush has made more of an impact on my life than any other band, musically and philosophically.

When I think about it, the reason I am so saddened by Neil Peart's passing is the very reason I am so inspired to continue on and become better than the man I was yesterday. Many of us have been immeasurably influenced by Neil Peart's words and his life. He told us, and indeed showed us, how important it is to fill up our "boxcars" with experiences and wonder. As my train rolls down the tracks of life I'm going to be loading them up more than ever.

There will be no more shows. No more albums. Rush is forever in our memories and in our ears. The last show my wife and I attended was August 10, 2015, in row two of the R40 show in Philadelphia, 36 years after my first concert, and the year they announced it would be their final tour. Fans hoped there might be at least another album but that was the end. Four and a half years later Neil Peart is gone.

I often thought of what I would say if I ever encountered Neil somewhere out and about on his travels. He was a private person, put off and embarrassed by adulation. I figured if I ever encountered him I would just say thank you. The same holds true for Alex and Geddy, just a thank you and a handshake. Maybe a selfie.

So there is just one thing to say now: Rest In Peace Neil Peart, and thank you.

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Wednesday, January 20, 2021

Recommended Resources

 Recommended Resources

Force of Nature - this volunteer based group runs a number of campaigns and projects annually working to remediate climate change within the lower mainland (BC) area. Everything from encouraging home owners to become more eco-friendly to installing charge areas for electric cars, planting projects and more. 

For-Ed BC makes environmental and sustainability resource packages available for teachers to use in lesson plans.

Stand Earth Alliance appears to work towards the safer, more sustainable conservation for fuel, encouraging large businesses to have a smaller ecological footprint and become more sustainable, and campaigning against the use of paper cups. 

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Tuesday, January 19, 2021

Note of Appreciation

Thank you, everyone for your support over the years and hopefully for the future too :) We appreciate each and every one of you who have purchased products or drum repair / maintenance / tuning / teaching services, music, CD's or read one of our 6 books. And everyone who has supported us in other ways from spreading "word of mouth", those "thumbs up" and "likes", and all those "shares" and "comments" :)


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Monday, January 18, 2021

nature photo contest

New Nature Photo Contest !!  

We received the following notice and wanted to share it with our readers. Here in the Creston Valley and Kootenay Region of BC (Canada) there are numerous talented photographers who might be interested in this.

 National Wildlife Magazine is excited to announce the opening of their 50th annual photo contest!!!  Cash prizes and awards given to winners.  Anyone 13+ years of age can get in on the fun and vote!

Whether you're an amateur or professional photographer, enter your best images of wildlife and wild lands from around the world to your own backyard.

Portfolio Category for up to 10 images built around a common theme related to nature and conservation



Baby Animals (young of any species)

Other Wildlife (underwater life, reptiles, amphibians, insects, spiders, macro and more)

Landscapes & Plants (from broad vistas to single blooms)

People in Nature (enjoying wildlife or the outdoors)

Mobile (entries taken with phones or tablets)

Young Nature Photographers (age 13-17)

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Sunday, January 17, 2021

Crafts with Resins

Working with Resins 

* This article was submitted by Arthur Huang

If you are wondering what type of resin you should choose, you are on the right page. As a matter of fact, this is one of the most common questions that people ask about making crafts and jewelry with resin. Let's find out more.

It is important to keep in mind that there is no one size fits all as for resin is concerned. Therefore, you need to consider a lot of things before making a choice. If you are just starting out as a resin caster, we suggest that you give a go to an epoxy resin first.

The reason is that it is easier to work with the epoxy resin as you don't need to put on a respirator mask. Besides, it is the most forgiving in case of different types of environmental factors.
Another good thing about epoxy resin is that it has the longest shelf life. You will have between 20 and 40 minutes to work with it which is plenty of time. Therefore epoxy resin is the ideal choice for beginners.

If clarity is more important to you, we suggest that you get started with the clear resin. Here it is important to keep in mind that clear resin is not free of colour. Even if you get a clearer resin, it will have a yellow tint based on the resin brand you have chosen.
If you have more questions about resin, you may want to ask your retailer before making a purchase decision. Generally speaking, the cost of a clear resin will be higher than regular resin.

If you are going to put the resin on something that has no sides, the doming resin can be a great choice for you. The reason is that this kind of resin features the extra surface tension. Plus, it is a little thicker. These are the qualities that prevent the resin from running over the sides. However, keep in mind that you will find it harder to remove the bubbles from it.

Important to keep in mind that epoxy resin has its own set of advantages and disadvantages. Therefore, as a beginner in the field of jewelry making, you may want to try out different types of resin. In the end, you will be able to make the right choice.
While casting epoxy resin, especially for the first time, you may end up denting your fingernails if you try hard enough. Also, polyurethane and polyester resin become really hard when cured. In fact, they will look as clear and hard as glass.

Some types of polyurethanes and polyester smell so bad that you will have to wear a respirator mask before working on them. However, the good thing is that polyester resin is cheaper and can be a great choice if you want to cast deep molds. On the other hand, polyurethane has relatively fewer curing problems. Plus it offers a lot of options to choose from.

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Saturday, January 16, 2021

Quote of the Day

Quote of the Day 

" O, money can't buy the delights of the glen,

Nor Poetry sing all its charms:

There's a solace and calm ne'er described by the pen

When we're folded within Nature's arms! "

~ James Rigg 

Nutting Time, Wild Flower Lyrics and Other Poems (1897)

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Friday, January 15, 2021

Canadian resources for Small Businesses

Recommended Resources: 

For small businesses...

Kijiji offers a very good resource with tips to help your small business survive COVID-19

#SmallBusinessEveryDay offers a wealth of resources on their site, browse the tabs at the top of their homepage to find all that they offer, but this page below will take you to initiatives that are happening in Canada to help small businesses. 

Canadian support services, grants, opportunities, aide:

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Thursday, January 14, 2021

read a book :)

It's A Great Time To Read A Book

Books are an awesome  gift!!

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Wednesday, January 13, 2021

recommended Resources

 Recommended Resources

Field and Stream Rescue Team (Burlington, ON) is a community-based not-for-profit environmental group, entirely volunteer driven - working to clean and rehabilitate streams, plantings and more. 

FinFree - a global network with the aim to end shark fin trade industry (and other shark parts); this trade results in 100 million unnecessary shark deaths annually. 

Fixed Fur Life focuses on sterilizing rather than euthanizing, to control pet populations. The site has an excellent resource section for people with pets. 

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Tuesday, January 12, 2021

Publicity Hacks

Publicity Hacks 

*Today's article was submitted by Stephen Turner - a Principal and owner with Solomon/Turner PR, a public relations and integrated marketing firm in St. Louis, MO. Solomon Turner PR celebrated its 30th anniversary in 2020. The firm has been named One of the Top PR Firms in St. Louis for 12 years in a row by Small Business Monthly. Steve, who has been in the industry for more than 30 years, was named a Rockstar Publicist by Authority Magazine and Thrive Global. Visit him at:

One common thread about startups is that most are pressed for time and money. They know they need to establish their brand, but lack the major funding of most established businesses. Many try to muddle through in an attempt to pique the interest of journalists and secure media coverage. 
They understand the longer it takes to create name recognition the longer it will take them to build sales and profitability, but they aren't sure how to get the process rolling.

Here are five publicity hacks for startups to quickly attract the attention of newspapers, radio and TV stations, and generate the needed publicity for immediate growth.

#1. Create a short summary highlighting what makes the business special and why it is different than other companies in the market space.

A startup should avoid the standard press release if possible. The common mistake is to create the typical release and just send it everywhere hoping something will stick. Instead, depending on the type and scope of the business, offer an exclusive story to the media with a lot of news "hooks". Point out interesting details and pitch the local business journal, daily newspaper, or a TV station announcing your company's launch before it happens.

You can put together an interesting summary with an eye catching headline. Journalists like to break stories and are always watching for new businesses they can write or talk about.

Businesses can always issue and distribute a standard press release later after a major news outlet or two have broken the story.

#2. Develop a short, quirky video for social media.

Video, of course, is highly used in today's highly digitized world. A video can humanize the owners and team, and get people talking about it. Many people would also rather watch something than read about it. A video can help cover all the bases. It can depict some emotion and show aspects of the business and its products that print cannot deliver. A company can also link to their video for added PR value when the business does send out its press release.

#3. Host a special event.

A special event can create excitement for the leadership, team and recruiting. The right type of event can also have a lot of media value.

Creating a special event is where creativity kicks in. You can do something a little off-the-wall such as creating the world's biggest cheeseburger or selling 50 dresses in 50 hours to build revenue for a nonprofit or repairing a house for a needy homeowner if you are a painting company or construction firm.

You can do something related to computers if you are a tech firm.
Many ways exist to execute an event and accomplish your goals. Remember a business will need something visual if you wish to attract local TV stations.

#4. Tie-in a charity.

Community outreach can be a key part of a communications program. A new company can develop something at the outset that benefits a local charity and gains the attention of the media.
Editors and producers like companies that do something creative and give back to the community.

You can do some other attention-getting things that involve bringing your pets or children to work. The media loves dogs and kids.

#5. Publicize your press coverage on social media and your website.

Your newsroom should be kept up-to-date and make sure you link to your stories on all your social channels.

Print, video and digital all play off each other with SEO benefits as well.

Keep in mind the more coverage you get, and the more media relationships you establish, the more credibility you will have for future stories.

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Sunday, January 10, 2021



Save the Eagles Day
When: January 11th
Info: Each year, communities across the globe celebrate Save the Eagles Day with a variety of programs, projects and local informational highlights. Eagles have had a lot of pressure in the past from poaching, pesticides and multiple other pressures... but thankfully they've now been taken off the endangered list and are celebrated wherever they call home. Apparently there are about 60 different kinds of eagles across the world, mating for life and astounding us all with their powerful bodies and enviable eyesight.
Get the family together and watch some documentaries online or visit an aviary or bird sanctuary, perhaps contribute to a bird / wildlife sanctuary or pick up a few books to browse on this incredible species.

Water and Poetry with Rosemary Hu
When: January 18
Ages: 7-13
Learn to write poetry with a water theme.
InfoPre-register at by Monday January 11 

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Saturday, January 9, 2021

quote of the day

Quote of the Day 


"A man is not where he lives, 

but where he loves. 

He that truly Loves, 

dwells not where he lives, 

but where he Loves."

~  Latin proverb

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Thursday, January 7, 2021

Replace Roof With New Solar Panels?

Should You Replace the Roof When Installing Solar Panels

* Written by Edmund Brunetti

Homeowners around the world are making a pivotal change to their homes - solar panels. These systems last for over two or three decades with proper maintenance, generating a lot of savings during that time.

Because these systems are so long-lasting, many homeowners question the impact that solar panel installation will have on their existing roofing. How will it hold up as time goes on? What if the roof needs to be replaced and solar panels need to be removed then reinstalled? Let's look at some of the questions you may have about getting solar installation on Mornington Peninsula.

Should the roof get replaced before getting solar panels installed?
Before getting solar installation, Mornington Peninsula homes will need to have a thorough inspection of the roof conducted to ensure that it will be able to withstand the introduction of solar panels. This is especially true if you have had your roof for a while and have performed patch repairs or if the roof will need to be replaced within the next five or ten years or so.

Most solar electricians do not service roofing, though you may find some companies that do. Most often, however, you will need to have roofing done by a licensed contractor and your solar contractor may work alongside them to make sure the roof works well for the solar system that will be installed on your home.
If you will need to replace your roof before getting solar panel installation performed, you should do so as soon as possible. Solar panels are durable and will actually extend your roof's lifetime. You also will likely not need to re-roof while your system is in place, saving you even more in the long run.

How much does it cost to remove panels to replace roofing?

If you have a problem with the roof of your home and it needs to be replaced after solar electricians have installed panels, you will be subject to additional labour costs associated with removing panels and placing them back onto the home.

It is difficult to give an estimate on the costs of this project, as it will depend on the solar company you work with as well as the size of your solar electricity system and how many panels are being removed. Storage costs may also come into play, which makes it even more difficult to guess how much you will end up paying.
If mounts need to be removed, you will also accrue added costs. For these reasons, it is highly recommended that you stick with the original solar company that installed your panels when handling removals and re-installations - you may even have a warranty that covers some of the costs.

Solar panels are becoming more common, so knowing more about what to expect can help homeowners a lot in the decisions leading up to making the change to solar electricity in their homes. Speak with solar companies in your area to find out more about how to prepare your home for solar electricity system installations.

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Wednesday, January 6, 2021

Recommended Resources

 Recommended Resources

Welcome to another segment of our highly recommended resources :) Today we're focusing on Ferrets !! ...Have a resource you'ed like to share? Let us know! (

The Ferret Aid Society (Canada) is 100% volunteer-based and has focused on helping ferrets for more than 15 years. 
Check them out at:

Ferret Rescue and Education Society is based in Calgary (AB, Canada) finding homes, providing shelter and care, medical attention or special rehabilitation for Ferrets.

Ferret Rescue Society of Ottawa (ON, Canada) is a no-kill shelter that cares for unwanted, abandoned or abused ferrets - finding them new loving homes. 

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Monday, January 4, 2021

Using restless time constructively

Hi all!!!

Winter can be a blahzeh time for some people... especially with COVID going on... keeping us more isolated, with a lower income and a reluctance to leave the home. There are plenty of things we can do and in fact I posted numerous articles offering dozens and dozens of resources and tips to help pass the time in a productive, constructive, restful and rewarding way.  To find them simply look to the right-hand side bar and browse blog post titles.

Today I'd like to remind everyone of a page Dave created on our website offering the last 4 years or so worth of archived live radio show broadcasts for you to listen to. Our live radio show ran from 2007-2013. Everything from gardening to writing, parenting, therapy, music, job search and inspiring human and animal topics are covered in this time frame. 

*There's no cost involved in listening to the archives. may notice that because these go back several years, I refer to our old website address while hosting the show. 

The new website of course is:

Sunday, January 3, 2021

Acting Kindly benefits everyone

Kindness Explained 

* Written by Vijaya Jayaraman, with extensive editing by Lillian Brummet

You can act kindly only when you think positively; it's an expression of your thoughts and you cannot fake it. Kindness comes from the heart! The thought becomes your words. 

"If you cannot speak kind words, better to be silent". 

This quote from Bhagavad Gita {Ch 17, verse 15} emphasizes the importance of thinking before speaking.

Consider how easy it is to be kind to someone if you already have a preconceived positive notion about that person, but your kindness vanishes when you have a negative thought about the same person.

A mother's love is the ultimate kindness. She is the symbolic epitome of kindness and we all learn what kindness is through her. Kindness is expressing love without expecting anything in return.

If we can emulate that very same love to everyone around we would be in a wonderful world! Kindness is expressed in the same way whether it's directed towards an infant, toddler, adult or a senior, but we often choose to be different with different people based on our own prejudices. 
For instance: one can be kind to one's own child, but not to a neighbour's child. One might be kind to their family, when one needs something from them, but not feel kind when the family needs something from that them!

People often confuse being nice with kindness. Kindness is helping when needed with what you can, when you can, even if it's just a smile, hug or listening. Others might be able to express their kindness in other ways, and that's okay because it's neither a competition nor a standard. Kindness does not mean that you agree with others all the time. It means you agree to disagree, you agree to live and let live. While being nice is based on how people see you, being kind is how you see yourself. 

Kindness comes easily when you're contented and happy; if you feel deficient in your life, that'll be expressed too. Kindness is being gracious even in times of meanness or dissension. Being kind could be construed as a form of weakness and being easily taken advantage of, but a person of kindness forgives that too.

"Remember there's no such thing as a small act of kindness. 
Every act creates a ripple with no logical end"

Scott Adams 

People will often focus on their unfortunate circumstances that add up and drain their energy from their lack of resources, to health issues, mental energy levels, and family complications. This state of mind will impede our ability to be kind and so we must learn to declutter the negative thoughts. First, we need to count our blessings. 

"I cried because I had no shoes
 until I saw a man with no legs". 

~ Helen Keller

...only then we feel the empathy and compassion towards others can our gratitude for what we have grow.

There are several ways to express kindness randomly throughout the day with small, easy actions.

-Choose to add an additional coin while parking than required, someone can get the benefit. 

-Drop some change in the charity jar at the till after shopping.

- Place a big jug of cold water or lemonade, or hot coffee in the winter, outside where walkers-by can help themselves and find a little reprieve from the weather. 

- Start gardening: water the plants, feed the birds and animals.

- When you see a hungry person at lunch time, purchase a to-go meal and drop it off to them as you pass by on your way back to work. 

Go ahead and do something good for others, what you can, when you can, with what you have, to bring a smile in that face. Do this with seniors, people in homes, terminally ill people, homeless and lonely people. You'll make a big difference in their life. They often need us to be silent and listen to them. (Did you notice these two words have the same letters?) There are many places looking for volunteers, perhaps this is something you could look into as well.

Kindness though starts at home, so be more mindful of your thoughts and speech patterns - be kind to your family members. You're where you are because of them. You parents, your siblings, relations, co-workers, subordinates and supervisors have all contributed in one way or the other.

One thing I learned from my mother is, "Learn to look into the positive aspects of each one in your life and remember them forever. If you come across negative memories about others forget them instantly, only then kindness, compassion & benevolence will pour out."

She also said, "Try not to judge anyone by their behavior, people are inherently kind and compassionate but the challenges that they have faced in their life, and on a specific day, makes them to be otherwise. You, by being kind, can make a big impact in their lives.".

Remember, kindness starts by de-cluttering the negativity in our mind, and looking for small, simple acts of kindness that you can do throughout the day, every day.  

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Saturday, January 2, 2021

Quote of the Day

-- Quote of the Day -- 


"Nobody made a greater mistake

 than they who did nothing 

because they thought 

they could only do a little." 

~ Edmund Burke

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Friday, January 1, 2021

Happy New Year

Wishing all our readers a very happy, 

healthy, productive, 

& successful new year :)

Just a reminder... Brummet's Conscious Blog accepts author interview queries, poetry & article submissions... and the Brummet's love networking. :) Feel free to reach out in the new year!!!

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