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writer interview 23 & more!

 -- Brummets in the Media --

Jill Jepson’s blog: The Ninja Writer   - which offers "daring strategies for the intrepid writer" will be discussing our work, books and radio show today! Please check it out when you  have time and leave a comment on Jill's blog, if you enjoy what you find there:

Writing the Whirlwind Newsletter reviews our book promotion guide: Purple Snowflake Marketing - How to Make Your Book Stand Out in a Crowd. A synopsis of this review will also be posted at – where you can "discover your unique journey in writing with passion and purpose". While you are there at this site you can sign up for the free writer newsletter, workshops and events, find coaching for writers and more:

-- Writer Interview # 23 --

As many of our readers are aware, we began hosting interviews on this blog after being contacted by Brandi Drury for a special blog tour exchange between about 50 people back in April, 2010. The success of this endeavor lead to regular appearances on our blog by others in the writing industry. Today we have Karen Kostlivy joining us. Karen tells me that she enjoys spending time with her family in California and listening to her two sons Camron and Masson play guitar. After a successful career in the private and public sector, Karen decided to return to a former passion, writing and creating stories for readers of all ages.

Q:  What would you say is your most interesting writing quirk?

A: When I start to write no one can be home in the house at all, I make my family leave the house. It drives them nuts, especially when I want to start writing at 6:30 am. Not sure why I’m that way.

Q: What has been the most surprising thing you learned from creating your books?

A: How much I enjoy creating plots and my characters. I absolutely love that part of the process and was surprised how much I enjoy it. I have also discovered that I need help. For my internet promotion, I have a virtual assistant to help me. She and her partner will soon have a game and a web quest based on my book and eventually my series placed on my website, There will also be lesson plans on my site also.

Q: How many books/stories have you written?

A: This is my first book. It is the first in a series of books based on different adventures in different countries. One of the best ways to get children interested in a book is to have a series. When kids fall in love with characters, they want more. I have already begun writing books 2 & 3 in the series.

Q: Do you have any suggestions to help others become a better writer?

A: Do not give up. Writing is difficult and stressful. However, when you have a story to tell, persevere. With hard work, it will happen.

Q: (optional) Do you hear from your readers? / What do they say?

A: Parents and grandparents call me or e-mail me with what their reader has to say. The biggest request is please let me know when book two will be available, my child loved the book. They couldn’t put it down. I was so excited when Brandi (the virtual tour director's) son Daniel wrote a review of my book, which will be included on another tour stop. She told me that he loves the book. I was so impressed with his review that I posted it on numerous sites. I’m proud that he took the time to read Cyber Writers and wrote the review.

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-- Quote of the Day --

"The world is waiting for you
to figure out what only 
you can contribute.
Take as much time as you need
to find the answer, 
and then get started on it." 

~ Chris Guillebeau

-- Writing --

The following is a little story of my writing experiences...
A little over 20 years ago I had the wonderful luck of meeting my husband Dave in beautiful BC (the south western province of Canada) and we began our career as professional writers in 1999 with a dedicated effort to benefit the environment and society in some way. Dave’s computer, graphic, photography and editing skills has played a vital part in all three of our published books, which makes us a perfect team since my talents fall in the genres of research, draft development and marketing skills.

Dave and I have written three non-fiction books: Purple Snowflake Marketing (2nd edition will soon be released), Towards Understanding and Trash Talk. Trash Talk is an environmental guide that shows readers how they can save money while making their community become a more prosperous, attractive and healthier place to live simply by seeing waste as a resource. Purple Snowflake Marketing is our own marketing plan put into book format for other authors to use as a guide to create their own unique marketing plan for each piece they write. Towards Understanding is a collection of 120 chronological poems that depicts my early life: being independent at the age of 13, how I overcame various traumas and grew towards understanding the value of life and my place in it.

At first, poetry was a tool that I used to release pent up emotions that were religiously hidden from the rest of the world. I found, that over time, I could actually learn to heal through the poetry. When I took on the project of organizing the masses of poems written on various loose-leaf pages, I discovered there were over 300 poems. Occasionally, I became brave enough to share a poem to a few people, who were quickly brought to tears and encouraged me to enter contests. After much hesitation and contemplation, I relented and nervously entered a contest; my poem won an Editor’s Choice Award and was printed in a hardcover anthology book. In time, my poems were published in five of these types of books, before I began submitting to magazines, newsletters and a few newspapers. Eventually, I was ready to face my dream of seeing the poetry in a book format. 

With Dave’s and I gleaned out the most angry and upsetting poems, and those that were not fit for reader’s eyes… thus creating the manuscript for Towards Understanding – which was accepted by the first publisher it was submitted to and was released in November, 2005. Since then my poetry has been published internationally, I’ve had the pleasure of being invited to participate in hundreds of interviews and have shared my poetry on radio shows to thousands of listeners. It has been an amazing experience!

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Summer Heat; Publisher News

 -- Chatter -- 

I've just learned from one of our publishers that the softcover format for Trash Talk (environment) and Towards Understanding (poetry) will no longer be available. Instead, the publisher is switching to hardcover formats only! - And they are doing this at the same retail price, which is really cool. 

The hardcovers will, of course, be much more durable and will retain their value (for resale in second hand stores, for instance) - I think that will appeal to today's readers. From what I understand this change will occur in early June. It will be interesting to see what will come of this. Watch for the changes via your favorite online retailer over the next couple of weeks, as their systems become updated with the format change.

-- Brummets in the Media --

I am excited to share that I will be interviewed on on today - the interview between myself and Cathy Stucker will be posted around 2 PM (pacific), or soon after. Please check it out and feel free to contact me or leave a comment on the Selling Books Site :)

-- Summer is Here! --

Well summer is definitely here; sunscreen bottles litter our counter tops while lip balm and water bottles replace sweaters and jackets. We are going to share several "cool" tips over the next month - ways you can reduce power use and live more comfortably.

An interesting statistic can be found in BC Hydro’s recent Information Supplement, Smart Thinking

If every building in BC [Canada] alone reduced their electricity consumption by just 10 % it would save enough electricity to power 150,000 homes”. 

After getting the home cool enough to withstand summer heat, the last thing we want to do is create more heat through meal creation. While in the winter, one may enjoy the benefits of meals that take hours to bake or simmer, but the summer months require a different meal plan entirely. We can look at meals that take less time to prepare, that don't require boiling (heating water requires a lot of heat and takes a long time to cool down), and do not require the use of the oven except for quick broiling perhaps. 

Cooking methods can also play a role in the amount of energy you consume and heat you generate in the summer months. Consider using a pressure cooker or a crock-pot for creating your meals whenever possible – they consume very little power compared with other cooking methods and generate less heat, which is beneficial in the summer. In fact because these items are portable they can be placed on the deck or patio, or even in the carport outside the home where it is safe from the reach of animals, inattentive visitors and children. By doing this you are keeping the heat outside, rather than defeating the energy you've spent in cooling down the house. 

Barbeques and little camping stoves come in all kinds of shapes and sizes. These are wonderful alternatives for summer cooking. When choosing this alternative, we find ourselves tending to the meal and enjoying the outdoors. Time saving techniques can include making sure you have a clean plate with the tools you need for basting, brushing or turning the foods as they cook. Have a second plate ready for the finished product. If your meal requires measured ingredients, do the measurements and have the ingredients set aside in little bowls to ease the chore of cooking outside. 

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The Writer's Life... & Authors Read

-- Brummets in the Media --

"The Writer’s Life" - Lori Gondelman's Reading Corner (blog) - - features a discussion with me about the writer's life. Join us for this discussion, leave a comment on Lori's blog if you like, and do feel free to contact me to share your input about this discussion :)

-- Authors Read Radio -- 

Featured guest: Raven Starr reading from Thieves in the Night on Authors Read radio! Click on the show title or look for the links in the sidebars on this blog to access today's episode, or any previously aired episode.

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Networking, Interview & Reading

-- Authors Read Radio--

Phyllis Wilson is joining us today on Authors Read Radio Phyllis is the founder of 3am Strategies and Consulting (a speaking and consulting firm), and has over 20 years in research and application in human behavior and ethics. Today, she’ll be reading from Top Ten thing to Consider, a non-fiction business guide. Check out today's episode by clicking on the hyper-linked show title: Authors Read Radio or look for the recently aired episodes via the links in sidebars located on this blog.

-- Networking, Part 2 --

* See yesterday's post for Part 1

Contact lists can be used again and again…

My contact list did not get as strong as it is without a lot of effort, patience and time. You see, simply getting exposure with an organization’s newsletter (as an example) is not enough. That is just one little achievement. In my experience, the real bonus comes in over the next few years as you continually touch base with your list of contacts offering them new articles, new content, new resources, and so on. As the years go by I might use their websites or publications as resources in upcoming articles, I might mention their achievements or help promote their events through my blog or radio show.

Yet, just mentioning them is not enough – you have to let them know about your efforts to promote their work too. So send a little note via email notifying them of the exposure you have given them with a closing comment about how much you appreciate their work, or their support of you. This creates a working relationship with your contacts and pretty soon they are recommending guests for your radio show, resources for your blog, sending you websites that might increase publicity for your work and so on. Perhaps the contacts you have will suggest exchanging promotional materials, they may invite you to a variety of events or ask you to supply an article… (like the one you are reading today) -  the opportunities here are endless.

NOW you have a working relationship with your contact list that you can continually refer to for the rest of your career. The key to any marketing plan is developing relationships – a strong support system like this can be relied on for the duration of your career. People you met 10 years ago will be there for you in the future… and this is an encouraging feeling for an author who’s trying to stand out like a purple snowflake in a snowstorm of other authors.

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Living & Working Consciously

-- Quote of the Day --

 "Don't bother just to be better
Than your contemporaries or predecessors.
Try to be better than yourself."

~ William Faulkner

-- Conscious Discussions Radio --

Our featured guest on today's episode of Conscious Discussions Talk Radio is Stacey Lundgren - the Vice President and Lead Presenter for Bucketfillers for Life Inc. She tells me that she learned to have a great appreciation and desire for adventure and realized that making new friends is easy very early in life. Our focus of this discussion is Living a Fulfilling Life… Click on the hyper-links above to access today's discussion or look for links on this blog's sidebars for recently aired Conscious Discussions talk Radio episodes.

-- Networking, Part 1 --

I'll be sharing a 2-part discussion on networking starting today with Part 1... I hope you enjoy this topic and invite our readers to leave comments or contact us anytime! We love networking! 

Developing a strong networking system with reliable contacts is the key to any marketing plan – yet one of the most difficult and time consuming tasks that an author will face. While it is true that a contact list can take years to develop, if done correctly you will have a team of individuals across the globe who are hungry for news about you and who volunteer to share information about your work through their circles.

How does one go about creating a contact list?

First you must decide whom you wish to work with and that requires much thought on key words to use in your searches and feeling out the industry to see where your work fits in. Once you have these initial steps done, you can begin approaching people that have a similar audience. But don’t just start sending query letters in a willy-nilly fashion. Really think about how this particular outlet could help you, who their audience is and how you can provide interesting tools or material for them. This will get the attention of the owner/editor of the outlet, however to really build a relationship you need to offer something – usually something greater or equal to what you are hoping to get from them.

When I approach a media outlet of any kind or an organization I want to network with I consider what their audience will get out of it AND let them know how I intend to drive traffic their way. For instance, I would mention that I will promote the event to my contacts via social networking sites, the Brummet’s Monthly newsletter, this blog, our radio shows, websites, forums, Book Tour site, etc.

Remember to keep your initial query email as brief as possible and don’t send along attachments. Write a paragraph or two and close with your signature and website address. Most busy individuals give an email less than 30 seconds perusal and if it doesn’t catch their attention it is trashed. So be brief, concise and make sure that you offer your main website address where ALL your information should be available. This way, all they have to do is click to find out more about you – rather than reading a huge email with pages attached.

Drop by tomorrow for part 2 of this discussion...

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Literacy, Equality, Education = Peace

-- Announcement --

Hello to all the blog readers! 

Many of you are already aware that I am obligated to take 3-4 days off from the office every single month... it is something I agreed to a  year ago due to being fatigued and stressed out. I have found that I absolutely love my days off! So it is time for another 3-4 days off - I'll be out of the office from this afternoon to the 23rd. All communications will be responded to when I return to the computer :)  

I appreciate your patience in this matter, and realize that a few days away from even this blog can result in fewer visits. However while I'm away I hope that you will take the time to follow some of the many links that you'll find here on this blog, and also scroll through the archived posts for some interesting and helpful content. Check out the Conscious Discussion and Authors Read radio show archives when you have time. ...And don't forget to browse our main site as well: - where we've done some recent upgrades, and have more planned for the future. 

I'm leaving you with a fairly large post today - a great interview with some excellent resources to check out and some notes about celebrations happening over the next few days. I hope you enjoy!

-- Conscious Discussions Radio --
Today I'll be interviewing Sonia Fuentes and our topic will be Equality and Human Rights. Sonia  was born in Berlin, and came to the US as a child with her family to escape Nazism. She has been involved in women’s rights since 1963 and played a major role in human rights in the workplace including pregnancy and equal employment. Sonia is also one of the founders of the National Organization for Women (NOW), the Women’s Equity Action League (WEAL), Federally Employed Women (FEW) and Women in Management (WIM). Though retired, Sonia still remains active with Veteran Feminists of America, Sarasota Commission on the Status of Women, and her local chapter of Americans United for Separation of Church and State. This is one amazing individual who seems driven to work for human rights and is recognized with awards for achievements and is one of five women inducted into the Maryland Women’s Hall of Fame 2000.  This is going to be one fascinating discussion!  

Join us for the live interview at 10 - 11 AM (pacific)  by clicking on the hyper-linked show title above or look to the side-bars on this blog for links to recently aired Conscious Discussions radio episodes.

-- Writer Interview #22 --

 Our featured guest interview is with L.E. Harvey, author of several books including the recently released Unbreakable Hostage - Find more information about L.E. Harvey at:

Q: What is your idea of happiness?
A: I believe that happiness comes from true self-satisfaction. I’m not talking about ego, but being able to fully accept yourself as a human being: faults and all. If you are able to acknowledge your strengths and weaknesses as a human being and still see yourself as the beautiful work of art that you are, then you will be genuinely happy. It is then that you will find happiness in your daily life, in your relationships: in every facet of your life.
Q: Are you doing what you really want to do in life?
A: I am extremely blessed to be doing what I only dreamed of as a child. Writing has been my passion as far back as I can remember. The difference now is that not only is it a creative outlet for me, it is also a medium for me to hopefully create some social change. Being able to do that is so emotionally rewarding. I absolutely love what I do.
All of my books, even Unbreakable Hostage, which could easily be taken just at face value, have some significant political undertones. They all try to raise awareness and acceptance and social tolerance. What makes the human race is our diversity. I hope that all of my books: Loving Her; Unbreakable Hostage; Imperfect and Impeccable (current WIP) all convey that message as much as I considered it in my writing process.
Q: In your career as a writer - what do you consider to be your greatest strengths and weaknesses?
A: Wow, that is a tough question. I am my own worst critic! LOL.
As far as strengths, I think I’m fairly able to convey emotions and to help my readers experience what the characters are experiencing. I think that ability to relate is key in a good story.
As far as my weakness, my writing tends to be what I consider to be dark. I am such a happy, jovial person, but I write rather tragic stories. In a way that is weakness because I find that I can have difficulty writing happier, more up-beat pieces. To not be able to convey my own personal happiness is a weakness, in my opinion.
Q:What are some of your favorite websites for writers?
A: There are so many out there! The internet is a fantastic tool for writers!
…just to name a few!  - LOL -

Q: What are some of the tools you use for marketing?
A: Well, I have my website, I’m also on Facebook and Twitter. Blogger or Blogspot is a tremendous tool as well. I blog several times a week, and I have seen it help tremendously.
Obviously, there are always business cards and word of mouth. The Internet is great, but sometimes people just need to be able to have that one-on-one experience. If someone asks you what you do & you simply tell them that you’re a writer - that can be better than any social networking site!
Q: Are you satisfied with your experiences as a published author? (things you’ve noticed that could be improved, what you’ve enjoyed, what you’ll do better next time…)
A: Oh absolutely! I have been so fortunate as to find a publisher who has full faith in me. She brought me out of the non-fiction world and has encouraged me throughout my transition into fiction writing. I really have her to thank for everything I have today. I am one lucky gal! I don’t think I could be more satisfied.

Just like anything in life, the writing industry is not perfect, but the positive support and encouragement I have received from my publisher, as well as fellow authors, has been simply amazing. They have made the entire process enjoyable.
They explained the fiction editing process to me, so I knew what to expect as each of my books has come out. My publisher creates amazing cover art, which is just fabulous. When I get an e-mail with my next book’s cover art, I am more excited than a kid at Christmas! LOL. They’ve also helped guide me through the print and e-book publishing experiences. Most importantly, I have received so much positive support and help in all of the promotional work. I am extremely fortunate to have such a great support team that is behind me in every project. How can you NOT be satisfied with that?

 -- Conscious Living Events --
On the 21st we have the First Day of Summer (officially) - tell that to the clouds!... actually today is bright and sunny, but we've had more than four times the regular rain fall this spring! So we'll be very glad to see "summer" roll around. :)

The 21st also marks the first day of a three day event:  Pennsylvania's Annual Bio-cycle National Conference - and - it marks the first of a week long energy conservation and family bonding event: International Candle Night Summer Solstice. This is a time when we refrain from turning on electronics, including lights, in the evenings all week long - and instead gather around candle light for games and fun discussions. 

June 22nd and going through to June 25th  brings us to the Air & Waste Management Association’s 103rd Annual Conference & Exhibition in Calgary, Alberta (Canada) – Visit:

The 23rd, being the National Day of Remembrance for Victims of Terrorism (Canada) will be a day we can look at the topic of peace and what we can do about it. Literacy, equality, education, access to reading materials, access to support... there are many aspects to what brings the anger that we see on this planet every day. from water woes to hunger to righteous revenge... what can we do as an individual today to make a difference. There are so many ways to contribute to organizations and groups that are already focusing on some of the issues I mention here. Check out what is available in your area to see what you can do. Simple things, like taking a pound of coffee down to the mission that gives support to people who have nothing... this can be a really powerful action.

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Events, Life Philosophy & Trash!

-- Authors Read Radio --

Today on Authors Read Radio I am sharing an excerpt from the paperback edition of Trash Talk. You'll hear me read from the preface and the first bit of one of the chapters (re: containers) in this episode. Find out more about the book at  To access today's episode simply follow the hyper-links above or look for the links in the sidebar of this blog.

-- Conscious Living Events --

Today will close the week long celebrations for the 26th National Public Service Week in Canada. According to  National Public Service week was created back in 1992 and "has demonstrated its worth in terms of fostering morale, building networks and enhancing the public's awareness".

Father's Day is coming up on this Sunday! And on that same day we celebrate World Refugee Day. Watch for events and announcements in your area,  and articles in your local publications.

-- A Philosophy on Life --

I received the  following via email from my brother, Larry, and thought you all might get a kick out of it:

This is the philosophy of Charles Schulz, the  creator of the 'Peanuts' comic strip:


You don't have to actually answer the questions - Just ponder them. 

1. Name  the five wealthiest people in the  world. 

2. Name  the last five Heisman trophy winners. 

3. Name  the last five winners of the Miss America pageant. 

4.  Name  ten people who have won the Nobel or Pulitzer Prize. 

5. Name  the last half dozen Academy Award winners for best actor and actress. 

6. Name  the last decade's worth of World Series winners. 

How did you do? 

The point is, none of us remember the headliners of yesterday. 

These are no second-rate achievers. 

They are the best in their fields. 

But the applause dies.. 

Awards tarnish.. 

Achievements are forgotten. 

Accolades and certificates are buried with their owners. 

Here's another quiz. See how you do on this one: 

1. List a few teachers who aided your journey through school. 

2. Name three friends who have helped you through a difficult time. 

3. Name five people who have taught you something worthwhile. 

4. Think of a few people who have made you feel appreciated and special. 

5. Think of five people you enjoy spending time with. 


The lesson: 

The people who make a difference in your life are not the ones with the 
most credentials, the most money...or the most awards. 

They simply are the ones who care the most !

*Thank you, Larry, for sending this our way :)

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Life Changes

-- Quote of the Day --

"Our doubts are traitors,
And make us lose the good
We oft might win
By fearing to attempt."

~ William Shakespeare 

-- Authors Read --
Author Leslie Kohler drops into the Authors Read radio program to read from one of her books - Sins of the Border - Airing at 9 AM this morning & archived for anyone to access later...

Check it out by clicking on the book or show title hyper-links above or look for links to the recently aired episodes via the links in the sidebars on this blog.

-- Aging Families --

Phyllis Schieber  drops in the blog today to share her thoughts on family struggles and dealing with friends and grown children for women in their 50s (a shout out to her virtual assistant at Promo 101 Book Promotion services) - Find Phyllis @:

There is a Yiddish proverb that says, “Little children disturb your sleep, big ones your life.” I always find great wisdom in proverbs, and this one is no different. My son suffered from colic and chronic ear infections the first year of his life. I dreamed about sleeping. My husband and I quickly learned that the only way we would sleep was if we brought our baby into our bed. And so began our covert journey to a family bed which, in retrospect, resulted in some of the sweetest moments of early parenthood. Aside from all of this, Isaac was a delicious baby, and I mostly treasured my time with him.

As he got older, the demands on my time increased proportionately, but I continued to take my role into stride, writing while he napped, first with him strapped to my chest and later in furtive spurts between drop offs and pick-ups, preparing meals, teaching, and everything else that mothering entails. I was consistently happy in my position. Motherhood suited me, and I was blessed with an easy child. He was a serious student, an enthusiastic learner, a creative thinker and always curious. He challenged me daily, but he was never combative or difficult. We sailed through his teen years with none of the scars so many families must endure. When Isaac left for college, I was initially overwhelmed with loss. I wept inconsolably, peered longingly into his empty bedroom, and felt adrift for the first time in eighteen years. He was on the road to adulthood, and I felt abandoned. I wanted my baby back. I wanted to feel the weight of his sturdy little body against my chest as he slept. I wanted to put my lips against his downy curls and inhale the scent that was uniquely his. I was bereft. Nothing had prepared me for how it would feel to let him go and to reconfigure the spaces in my life. I cried in the grocery store, when I did the laundry, and after I opened the door to an empty house. The adjustment was daunting, but I succeeded in embracing my new life with considerable pleasure. I contribute a large part of that transition to accepting that my son no longer needed me the way he had and to welcoming that change for both of us.

My son is almost twenty-six, an age that both delights and mystifies me. Sometimes I can see the traces of the little boy in the way he laughs or in his expression when something delights him. But he is no longer a little boy. There are boundaries now (as well there should be), and even if I occasionally step too far over or indulge an impulse to stroke his bearded cheek or plant a stray kiss on his forehead, he has moved well into another phase of his life. I am privileged that he continues to ask for my opinion, that he comes home often, brings his friends, and now his girlfriend (a choice that confirms my sense that I did, indeed, do a very good job of raising him). I feel a sense of calm in his presence because he is a man I know I will continue to be proud of no matter what he does. Parenting a grown child can be delicate. I offer advice when I am asked though I have also been known to provide an unsolicited opinion here and there in spite of often deserved objections. I know that what I think matters to my son, but I also know that he is often right where I am wrong, and I do not hesitate to acknowledge this. Our relationship continues to evolve, and I continue to know that there is nothing that could wedge itself between us, mostly because I would never allow it to happen. He is my son, albeit my adult son, and I grow with him, ever mindful of how lucky I am for that journey.

The subject of grown children is one that I have explored in
Willing Spirits, as well as in The Sinner’s Guide to Confession. It is a subject I revisit because motherhood, in all its dimensions, is a subject very dear to me. I know motherhood. I remember each of its stages, and so I can convey this in ways that other women, other mothers, can relate to. Just as we mothered our infants, then our toddlers, and then each successive stage, we now mother our grown children. The women in my novels are all mothers. These are the women I understand best. I explored what it was like to be the mother of a grown child in my writing before I was ever in that position. I allowed my characters to make mistakes, just as I continue to do. And I allowed them to grow, just as I have. Parenting a grown child may not be as filled with the wonders of getting to know a newborn, but parenting a grown up is equally rewarding, and often more interesting.


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Thursday, June 17, 2010

Living Green


-- Quote of the Day --

"Instead of regretting or hiding them,
Why not presume that your differences
Can be the basis for your success?"

~ Scott Fox

-- Recommended Resources --

Jill Jepson’s blog:  - offering daring strategies for the intrepid writer

Planting Hope - - Serves communities in Nicaragua and the USA by enhancing education opportunities, supporitng grass roots initiatives and fostering cultural exchanges. 

  -- Radio Guest List --

I have an opportunity to be showcased as a "Featured Guest Expert" on Radio Guest List - They are giving away this service for a limited time to those who can get the most referrals signing up to their newsletter.

So what is Radio Guest List?

When you subscribe, they send you an email every few days with media requests for people to interview, products they are looking to feature, radio shows who want specific guests, etc. This is a wonderful FREE service for authors to find opportunities for ongoing international exposure. All sent to your inbox for free.

So please visit to subscribe, - And, when you do, be sure to put my email address in the "Referred By" box:

Thank you to all the fellow PA authors out there for helping me achieve this - and I know you'll enjoy the service they offer - I've been using them and find the newsletter is very helpful for getting media coverage.

 -- Eco-Conscious Events --

Coming up on June 19th - there will be a FREE Tire Recycling Day, in Ramona (USA)

When: 9 am—2 pm

Where: Ramona High School Parking Lot
1401 Hanson Lane, Ramona
The amount of tires accepted will be limited to the space available on the day of the event.


-No tires with rims/wheels.
-Residential tires only. No truck or business tires.
-Tires must be reasonably clean of dirt.
-Maximum size: 16.5 inches inside diameter.
-Only 9 tires per vehicle.
-Please call to make arrangements for larger tires, tires with rims or loads of more than 9 tires.

For more information call: 1-877-713-2784

Paid for by a grant from the California Department of Resources Recycling and Recovery (CalRecycle). With support from the County of San Diego.

Also, on that same day - June 19th:

The 11th Annual Enviro Fair at the San Diego County Fair Flower Show area (San Diego, USA). People will be invited to learn more about the importance of recycling, sustainable living, pollution prevention, conservation, energy efficiency and buying green products.

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