Thursday, April 30, 2015

earthquake relief, Nepal

-- Earthquake Relief Fund --
The Basa Village Foundation USA Inc. has opened a GoFundMe account as a way for those who would like to respond to the pressing and immediate needs in Nepal due to the earthquake.  However, we will be prudent in how funds are distributed and remain true to our corporate principles of culturally sensitive development in partnership with the local people who will do the work and own the results of our financial contributions.  We have a sister foundation with HQ in Katmandu, Basa Village Foundation Nepal NGO, which is in charge of distribution of funds raised for purchase of needed goods and services.  All labor for re-building and construction is provided by villagers without compensation.  We do not have paid staff or administrative costs as all our foundation work is through the efforts of our volunteer officers and members.
Our main contact in Nepal, Niru Rai, Chairman of BVF-Nepal reports that Basa village has suffered catastrophic damage.  (see below)  So, the specific goal of this fundraising campaign will be to help re-build Basa and to restore the village school, hydro-electric system, water system, smokeless stoves and the other village infrastructures the BVF-USA has supported.  We won't distribute any funds until we can make a meaningful assessment of needs of the village and, as is our practice, our Board will be guided by our friends in Nepal to determine how we can best help the villagers of Basa.  
GoFundMe account Link:
Or, you can make donations direct to the Foundation.
Check payee:  Basa Village Foundation
Mail care of:  Jeff Rasley, 6422 Ralston Ave., Indianapolis, IN 46220
If any of you belong to an organization that could host a program on Nepal Earthquake Relief, please check with me about it.  I and other board members of the BVF-USA will be able to do "soft fundraisers" with local churches, synagogues, temples, or civic organizations.

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Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Dreaming of Changing the World

Dreams of Changing the world 

* Today's article was written by Carol A Beadle, who invites our readers to check out her blog @:
As I sit down and think about it I take a pen and paper and make some notes. The world is a very big place and there are hundreds upon thousands of people in it. How can I help make their lives better?
The truth is no one can make the whole world better. You can however help make some lives better. The first thing you need to do though is to start thinking about your self. This may seem a little selfish but it helps to put things in perspective. Only by starting with ourselves can we hope to succeed in changing the world. The world keeps moving forward all the time, never slowing down. We can't catch up but we can keep moving to. The world may seem to leave us behind, the truth may be that we forget to follow it. Sometimes we see problems and ignore them. Sometimes we try to fix them and make them worse. Don't despair, one step at a time. First get to know the problem, find a solution and with the help of others it will be fixed.

If you want to make a change then start with yourself. When we know our abilities and limits we can get help to do the rest of the things we find hard. Only by learning and doing our best, can we then move on to helping teach others to do the same. So even if you fail at something, it's OK. Pick yourself up and keep moving forward.

Another way of changing the world with your dream, is to make that dream a reality. Think about what it is you would like to do in a more specific terms. Instead of the usual world peace think about what this could be broken down into. It could be something more simple like there is a lot of conflicts in your local area. This can be for a number of reasons, perhaps its young teens that are being noisy because they have no local activities to go do. Wouldn't it be nice to give them an activity place they can go hang out at?

You can't throw your self in the deep end and expect world peace to happen over night. You can however work with other people and find a way to do it together. Start with one area at a time and slowly all these areas will for the world. The world is your oyster, the world can be what you dream.

There are lots of people who need help with things. Why not be a volunteer. I was a volunteer for the YMCA charity, even Leonard Cheshire. Helping people is not only one of the things I can do, it is one of the things I love to do. Now I am helping out with the Girl Guiding Association as a volunteer. Helping young girls learn new skills they can use to survive life is important. You would think as an adult many of us won't learn much from kids. This is wrong, working with others of all ages reminds us what we can do. It is a bit like a refresher course and its fun.

There are even other charities where you can make donations or send them old goods. This is a great way to help others better themselves and their life. You can help someone the other side of the world, even an animal all without leaving your home. Charities that help communities especially with research or resources are some of the best in the world. Some examples of charities that work like this are Cancer Research (helping to save and restore lives), Heifer International, Kiva, or Free the Children. Education charities, like (One Laptop Per Child) or even WWF (animal protection and saving endangered species).

Your dreams will help bring peace and happiness to the world. Just give it a try you will make someone smile.  If you can't donate how about holding a car boot or fundraiser to raise some funds. This is good way for you to make some cash or for other people. You will also meet more people who could help you form a community to help others.

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Monday, April 27, 2015

Green Global Society

-- Quote of the Day -- 

"If you woke up breathing, congratulations! You have another chance." 

~ Andrea Boydston

 -- Positive News -- 

Solar, wave and wind power - the top contenders in creating a greener global society. While advances in technology is enabling tighter, smaller, more efficient models, the fact that there is so much interest is helping too to bring the price down. 

Helping this is the battery industry, who are sparked by the driving influence of the public demand for electric cars. The more people get on board, the more the price can come down and technology can improve. 

Yet another tool that is advancing this cause is the increasing demand from consumers for LED and other energy conserving lighting and heating equipment.

By reducing the home's need, and increasing technology's efficiency, offering alternative ways to get green homes greener - we can definitely (so the scientists say) speed up the process.

This is a real exciting time we live in!

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Saturday, April 25, 2015

Product Review

-- Product Review --

** Tangerine Lilly would like to offer one lucky Canadian reader of our blog a Tangerine Lilly Naturals Vitamin C Serum along with Organic Lip treatment. Simply comment here on this blog and a winner will be randomly selected. Tangerine Lilly will then send the product your way. I'll need your email address so be sure to include that in the comment - that way I can connect with the winner to arrange the delivery. Deadline - May 5th, 2015.

The very first thing I noticed when I agreed to do a review for Tangerine Lilly is that the company ( has a beautiful website! It just sings about nature, freedom and carefree summer days. I was thrilled to learn (as a Canadian myself) that this family run business is based in Nova Scotia, Canada - with a company philosophy of freedom, celebrating individual beauty, and doing no harm. Customers can reach out to Tangerine Lilly through the contact form on their website.

While not much of a girly-girl, I was really curious about the new skin healing serums containing natural ingredients like vitamin C. When Cheyanne Mullin connected with me (April 4th) about their Tangerine Lilly Naturals Vitamin C Serum, I could hardly wait to try it. Turns out – I didn’t have to wait long! Cheyanne confirmed that the item was shipped on April 6th and we received it on April 8th ... just 2 days later.  The product was actually packaged and shipped via – who wrapped it in a small box with brown paper packaging. I felt though that the box itself was still too large for such small items. The products themselves were also wrapped together in a snug bubble-wrap envelope. Thankfully every bit of the shipping materials is recyclable in our area.

Perhaps you’ve used citrus juice in your jam preserves, break baking or to prevent oxidation (browning) on potatoes, apples and bananas. Pastry and bread chefs certainly know about the benefits of using citrus zest and juice. If you’ve ever read the ingredients to natural products, Vitamin C is often listed there because it fights bacteria, disease, rot, etc. and is therefore a great preservative. Like me, you’ve probably noticed that as of late there are an increasing number of skin products because scientists have learned how to use vitamin C in this way, too. This one ingredient helps prevent free radical damage that is often caused by pollution in the environment or workplace and over-exposure to sun.

Dave and I both absolutely loved the Organic Lip Balm that the company sent as a bonus along with the serum – it truly softens and conditions, while offering a nice coconut-vanilla scent and light sweet flavor.  \Our lips felt soft for some time after the balm had soaked in. The lip balm contains 100% natural and 83% certified organic ingredients, including: coconut oil, bees wax, castor seed oil, shea butter, rosehip seed oil, cranberry seed oil, avocado, stevia, natural flavoring. I loved reading the list of ingredients - cranberry and rosehip are well known for antioxidant and high Vitamin C content, avocado is rich in EFA’s, shea butter is a tree nut product that has amazing properties for healing and moisturizing skin, and stevia is a plant herb grown as a sugar substitute. The product comes encased in a white plastic container, which is recyclable.

The serum was really interesting to me – something new and exciting to try. Tangerine Lilly created a kind of anti-aging elixir using the combination of two important ingredients – sodium ascorbyl phosphate and ascorbic acid (Vitamin C).  the product also encourages the body to increase production of collagen, which the company says will improve the look of the skin. What I found most interesting was that this serum could reduce melatonin in the skin – that’s those little brown spots on the hands, brown patches on your shoulders, back, face, and forearms. Yep, I have that on the back of my hands, big patches on my forearms and a few small patches on my face. Most of them, according to flattery-savvy husband Dave, are fairly faint and not all that noticeable, but I see them just the same and their existence was not totally welcome.  Apparently the serum can also lighten freckles. It does not say how long it would take to see results but I read somewhere that it takes about 28 days for the body to shed a layer of skin.

The serum is stored in a small brown glass bottle, topped with a plastic pump cap (both are recyclable). The product is not greasy, and looked like a clear yellow liquid when I pumped some in my palm. I loved that it had virtually no odor. The instructions say to wash the face and apply prior to moisturizing, which was really easy since the stuff virtually evaporated upon contact. At least it felt that way because it disappeared so fast. I put several pumps worth in my palm working some on my face being careful to avoid the eyes, also on the neck and forearms and backs of hands. I did this every morning, though I’m not sure if I’m supposed to do that at night too, since I moisturize then as well. However, I figured with my sensitive skin, once per day was probably a good idea. I didn’t have any allergic reactions, which means this is a pure product, but my face did flush momentarily (like a slight embarrassed blush) and that faded immediately, perhaps caused in part by spreading the stuff around. While I haven’t had a chance to use this product for very long yet, I did notice that my skin felt softer upon the first application.

The ingredients include: botanically derived hualuronic acid (moisturizer, carrier), jojoba oil(moisturizer), witch hazel (tightens pores, helps moisturize), arginine (amino acid with collagen boosting properties); water, aloe, vitamin E, glycerin, gotu kola extract, geranium extract and dandelion extract. The 1 oz. / 30 ml. bottle, its cap and clear plastic protector cover are also recyclable.

Both of the products that I received offer a 12-month shelf life. The company does not test on animals, and the products are certified organic, and made in Canada. When I looked on (on April 16th) for the list price I found it on sale at $25.99, with a regular retail price of  $29.99; it is my understanding that the lip balm is a bonus gift when you buy a bottle of serum and is not sold separately at this time. 

I really enjoy this Canadian product and will continue to be a customer from now on. After a few weeks of using the product I noticed a slight color fade in the brown spots on the back of my hand and my husband commented that my face looked fresher than usual. (YAY!)

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Friday, April 24, 2015

Volunteering @ Animal Rescue Shelters

How You Can Become A Volunteer With Animal Rescues


* Today's article was written by Dennis Lubrano, who invites our readers to contact him directly via:

Yes - you can become an animal rescue or sanctuary volunteer in your community. First off, if you know others who volunteer with animal rescue in your community ask them for advice and have them tell you about their own experience.

Bear in mind there are forms that need to be filled out and certain criteria must be met. You most likely will have to be approved to become a volunteer. Do not worry, it is all part of the application process.

Is there a specific organization you feel drawn to? If so contact them and see what they are in need of as far as volunteer positions. Perhaps there is a spot just for you.

You can do an internet search on animal rescues in your area and go to their websites to read about them. Usually they information about  the volunteer positions they are seeking to fill . Some will even have online forms such as applications to fill out online, or print out to be dropped off or mailed in.

Attend various adoption events and speak directly with members of the animal rescue groups to get a first hand look at what they do and what they need. Speak with the leader of the group so they can tell you about the organization.

Be aware of just how many different kinds of animal rescues there are out there. Especially in various sections of the world where only specific breeds can be found. Often they rescue several types of animals, yet some are type only and specific breed only. This gives you all the choices in the world.

Now comes the decision as to what you might have and wish to offer to your local animal rescue. Perhaps it is your workplace experience, personal experience, a hobby, or just natural skills. The possibilities are endless. Plus you might even learn a new skill by volunteer  and that may be your new area of expertise. We never stop learning. Simply what you do have to offer is your free time, which is specifically the situation of senior citizens. Senior citizens combined with animal rescue makes for the ultimate win-win situation.

Once you are accepted as a volunteer you most likely will attend some orientations. After that you will decide which open volunteer position is best suited for you. You might even take on several. Fostering adoptable animals in your home allows them to enjoy the comforts of home and interact socially. So you might be fostering at home, and also volunteer in another aspect of the rescue.

Here are just a few ways to volunteer:
- Walk animals at rescue events.
- Drive animals to and from the veterinarians.
- Foster in your own home.
- Make items or collect donations for fundraiser sales events.
- Newsletters, websites and other creative writing outlet. 
- Photography and or creating videos. 
- Check out potential adoption homes. 
- Follow up on adopted animals. 
- Meet and greets when an adoption home has another animal residing there already.
- Event planning.
Volunteer coordinator. 
- Grooming. 
- Transport an adoptable whether it be delivering to a forever home or accepting a new one. 
- Answering telephones. 

Volunteering is a beginning to yet another important chapter of your life. A brand new experience and, as we know, life is made up of experiences!

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Wednesday, April 22, 2015

man-made trees

-- Quote of the Day -- 

“Kindness reminds us that each person has a soul, 
each soul searching for its purpose.”

~ Deri Bakker

-- Positive News -- 

A few years ago here on this blog I wrote about carbon sequesturing man-made "trees" -  pulling in the traffic pollution along streets. Just a few months ago I also wrote about some new innovations with solar man-made "trees" - collecting power, providing shade in public areas.  Well today I'd like to chat about wind trees ... also man made.

Like the other man-made trees, these wind trees are built with steel, plastic and turbines. The tree is apparently silent, and work even when there is very little wind.

These trees can really help use existing space, creating shade, while generating  power for public lighting, or carbon sequestering properties.

 Isn't it amazing where technology is leading?

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Sunday, April 19, 2015

Of Poetry !

-- Quote of the Day -- 

" I held a moment in my hand, brilliant as a star,
 fragile as a flower, a tiny sliver of one hour. 
I dripped it carelessly, 
Ah! I didn't know, 
I held opportunity. "

~ Hazel Lee

-- Poetry -- 

 * These two poems are both excerpted from Rhythm & Rhyme, a collection of my husband and my own poetry. These were both written by me and have a similar style - I thought they'd fit together here today nicely...

Double-locked Vaults

I felt myself

Thinking and feeling

Thoughts of doors

Long closed

And sealed by 

Double-locked vaults.

Emotional vertigo

Swayed my mind

Yet once adjusted

A side of myself

Was revealed

...and I...


 * Written in the summer of '08 about the journey of healing from old wounds, coming to a place of peace with the past and discovering I had grown in the process. 

All These Years

All these years

Flown by

Not like a leaf on the wind

Not like a flitting butterfly

More like the roaring rush

Of pounding wings 

Of shaking waves

So mesmerizing

So sweet.

* Written in December '12 upon reflection of the powerfully rewarding experience and the incredible speed of time of the 23 years (at the time) that Dave and I had been together.

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Friday, April 17, 2015

Product Review

-- Product Review -- 

Around April 1st I responded to this review opportunity and the very next day I was sent a confirmation; we arranged the details that day (April 2nd), by April 4th I was signed up and ready to go. I had to come back to it a few days later due to schedule constraints, but found the course was on my mind a lot. I really devour business, marketing and management improvement resources, yet cringe at the thought of taking the time to join yet another site, fill out yet another profile –actually the process was super easy, taking a few seconds to access the course. 

The Work From Home - Turn Your Experience Into A$100,000 Income course put out by Udemy reveals 5 proven ways to turn your knowledge, skills and experience into a six-figure income”, according to course instructor Dave Espino (eh-speen-oh). Beyond that, it also helps guide the individual to choosing the right business model that fits their situation and personality best. Costing only $97, the course is sure to offer a positive return on investment. 

So, first – who is Udemy? This is an online school or “information product” provider offering over 20,000 courses; you’ll find photography, health and fitness, lifestyle, design, business and much more here so feel free to browse their site: The office seems to be located in San Francisco, CA.

This course offers less than one hour (55:77) worth of videos, done in a power-point style with audio covering 5 business models with the potential to bring in a steady income (Freelancing, E-commerce, Info-product Marketing, Affiliate, Offline Marketing). For me, those business models have crossed my path before, but the way that Dave explains them, shows how they can be applied by every-day people, make them appear to be easier more realistic, more practical. 

The format of the course is as follows: 7 different sections, each with several short lectures (under 4 minutes). Each section has a similar format: overview, explanation, examples, resources, personality types and a realistic look at the earning potential. He stressed a few times that the earning potential of someone seriously working that model will of course vary according to outsourcing, abilities, time put into it and how long you work the system (experience = better results). He was also quite encouraging about not being afraid of the opportunities or discount one’s self, because most people can learn the skills, earn the reputation, etc.

Interestingly, there is a line on the lower left of the course screen for selecting Auto-Play on or off. I liked it on – so that I could take notes and do office tidying while watching and learning, letting the computer just cycle through the lectures. Around Lecture #6 I did experience a glitch – the thing just froze – so I clicked on Lecture #7 then back to #6 as a kind or “reboot” and that worked, I was able to watch it without a glitch. That was the only technical issue I had during this whole experience.

When you finish this course you’ll find he offers some bonus items ranging from a list of helpful links to discounts for courses he offers and an book on the topic of the course: Monetize Yourself.

Be sure to complete all the lectures (you can click the little tick mark in the grey circle on the lower right of the screen to mark it as complete if it doesn’t do it automatically for you). Once completed you’ll be sent an email saying your certificate is ready – yep, proof that you took the course. This could be really helpful for people looking to get loans or support business start-up, or resume improvement.

The instructor also wanted me to pass along a massive discount coupon (over 90% off) for our blog readers; now I’m not sure how long the offer will remain active so do take advantage of these huge savings right away.


 My overall feeling about the course is that this is an overview of the 5 business models that have a potential of bringing in an income, but it does not detail exactly how to use them. The examples help the average person understand how those models can be applied in their situation though. I felt the emotion the course leaves students with is hope - and the encouragement here will surely inspire some of them to try passive, self-employment, or freelance work from home. 

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Tuesday, April 14, 2015

In the Moment

-- Quote of the Day -- 

“Some walk away from their dreams 
afraid they might fail or worse yet, 
afraid they might succeed.”

~ unkown

 -- In The Moment  -- 

My friends and I have had a lot of discussions over the years about how this moment is our "golden" moment - those "golden years" of yonder do not exist and may never exist for all we know. We talk about how coming back to the moment helps us realize how many opportunities there are in one single day. It makes you more aware to things that were always there, only now you notice a few more of them. We also find that by changing our thinking to living this moment also helps us to be more conscious of the impact that we are having in each moment. Is it a positive or negative impact - is that the way we wanted to spend our moment? 

I hope that some day when you are sitting or strolling in nature, this thought will cross your mind once again, time and time again. Because if it affects you like it has my friends and I - well, it could really change the world couldn't it? 

When I was 20, I was afraid to own my own business and needed the security of a business partner but when that partner fell through I continued on because we had done a lot of work and she encouraged me to. It was super scary! I ran that business for 6 years. 

When we first looked for a our very own home it was at the same time that we realized that we were tiring of big city life, an opportunity came and we launched at it even though it didn't quite lead to our dream until much later - it was still as step along the way. We did what we could to prepare and made the leap. It was super scary! 

After the loss of friends and  Dave's mom passing, we decided we should fill that "bucket list" and began a writing career in earnest - writing about things we passionately believed could have a positive impact and was a kind of legacy for us to leave behind. 6 published books later, we are working on our 7th - and this career included running a daily blog, hosting/producing a radio show and working with the media. It was super scary!

...and a few years later, my parent's suicide - led us to rethink that "golden year" promise somewhere in the future. Today, this moment is all we have. 

So we sold what we could, gathered everything, prepared like crazy and made the move to our dream location (one that we were going to move to in our golden years) and did the steps to start up a new business here. It was super scary!

While our "dream" didn't quite turn out like we had in our minds  - our life now is much closer to our dream, as close as is realistic at least. Yet we are driven people, always looking to finish one project so that we can start another. Being driven can be a good thing, but too much of it can lead to an unbalanced life.

We are so grateful every day for learning how to live in the moment. To not be stressing about yesterday (would have, should have, could have) and the future (what will we do?) - we slow down. Enjoy the moment, the flower scent, the expression on the dogs faces, the embrace with a neighbor friend, etc. We do so much more now, enjoy so much more now and share so much more now.

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