Friday, September 20, 2019

eco events

Eco Events

Ecological events happening between September 21st and 30th:


SmartNet Sustainability Showcase & Electric Vehicle Exhibition
Location: Ottawa, Ontario (Canada)

International Peace Day, Blue Scarf Peace Walk
Location: Toronto, Ontario (Canada)


Big Tree Weekend - fun in the Forest
Location: Vancouver, BC (Canada)


Beginner Seed Saving workshop
Location: Mississaugua, Ontario (Canada)
Info: Contact the "Port Credit Library"

24th - 26th

Annual Roundtable on the Crown of the Continent Ecosystem
Location: Montana (USA)

25th - 27th

National Organics Recycling Conference
Location: Guelph, Ontario (Canada)


Fuel Cells, The Next Generation for Sustainability
Location: Kamloops, BC (Canada)

26th & 27th

Volunteer Futures and BCACG Symposium 
(a conference for volunteers, non-profits and charities)
Location: Richmond, BC (Canada)


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Thursday, September 19, 2019

Forest Week & World Tree day

Trees - Oh how we LOVE thee !!!

Forest Week (begins September 23) is partially interrupted by September 25th's World Tree Day events. While having grass root begins that are much older, the events became officially recognized across the planet way back in 1969 and have gained a massive following today. 

Watch, in your region, for education programs, tree planting events, community celebrations, nursery sales and more, going on all week long. Special teacher resources will be made available to those in the education industry. Tours, classes, lectures, and special events at the library are likely to be happening now too.

It is a great time, if you are able, to reach out to a local non-profit wildlife habitat organization, or look for a tree planting organization that appeals to you (there are many!) to donate to their programs.


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Tuesday, September 17, 2019

Quote of the Day

Quote of the Day

"Where once the student was taught 

that the unexamined life 

was not worth living, 

he is now taught 

that the profitably-lived life

 is not worth examining." 

~  Benjamin Barber


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Monday, September 16, 2019

National Ozone Day

Did you know it is National Ozone Day tomorrow Sept 16? 
Apparently, tomorrow - September 16th - was set aside by request of the United Nations as an annual day to celebrate steps that have been taken to preserve and repair the atmosphere, from air quality to the ozone layer. 

It is a good time to reflect about our own behaviours, actions, day-to-day choices and purchases. Did you know that I once wrote a column on this topic back in 2000-2007 that was published in several countries around the world? Some publications would use it as a monthly column, others bi-weekly, and it reached all around the world and won several awards. around 2007 I decided to compile all the articles and create a database in book format for people interested in saving money while having a positive impact on the environment. The first edition of the Trash Talk book was a success and got noticed by the Recycling council of BC who gave us an award for our work. I can't tell you how exciting that was. Subsequent publisher changes as contracts ran out allowed us to release upgraded, updated editions... and now we have the 2-book Trash Talk series. Each chapter offers several ways to save money, reduce waste, information about the recycling and waste industry, practical ways to reduce energy use and go organic around the yard, home or office. These books show you the numbers, the studies, the statistics that prove each tiny action will save money and will have an impact on the community and the planet itself.

Each xmas shopping season we like to remind people of these books. For themselves, they can learn how to design their shopping plan, green up their wrapping style, reduce waste, save money and plan environmentally friendly events and meals during the holiday season.
As a gift, these books will pay for themselves if only a few of the tips are taken up by the recipient... and there's so many tips that it's a 2-book series. So please do consider our books this season as gifts for your dear friends, coworkers and family... it supports this blog, all our efforts... and of course we donate 10% of our BMG earnings to charity every year. 

Check out the Music Store and Book Store pages on our website when you have a chance. :)

Sunday, September 15, 2019

Hand Drum Workshop September

Hand Drum Workshops September 28; 1 PM & 7 PM
in Creston, BC (Canada)

Join us for some laughter and fun ! Learn drum rhythms via the upcoming (monthly) hand drum workshops:

* Be sure to reserve your seat. as the available space is limited.

The next  workshop ($20 fee) is scheduled for September 28th - These workshops are 1 hour long and are designed for many types of hand drumsTwo time frames to choose from: the 1 pm workshop and the 7 pm workshop. Please specify which time works better for you when reserving a spot, and whether you need us to supply a drum... we have a few available. 

Call or text Lillian's cell: 250-431-8716 
via FB message 
More information 

To speak with Dave directly re: repairs/services/tuning etc: (call/text weekends after 10 am or after 5 pm weekdays) 250-431-8713

Special Announcements:

* There are a few items left on the "sales wall" in our studio that are on a special clearance sale. Feel free to browse next time you're in. Also, watch for upcoming new items soon to be up for display on our sales wall. :)

...Of course if you'd like to schedule a private lesson for yourself, or schedule a private group workshop (we only require 2 people as a minimum, but welcome more) - just reach out to us and we'll set that up for you.

Dave and Lillian Brummet:

Saturday, September 14, 2019



Eco events falling between the dates of September 12th - 20th: 

12th - 14th 

Columbia River Transboundary Conference

Location: Kimberly, BC (Canada)


Grow To Fair

Location: Toronto, Ontario (Canada)

Harvesting Celebrations Common Watters and Minjimendan

Location: Cambridge, Ontario

Indigenous Plant Use

Location: Vancouver, BC (Canada)

14th - 19th

Modern and Sustainable Off-The-Grid Living in Canada Seminar

Location: Smithers, BC (Canada)
Info: , , or

14th - 22nd

Toronto Urban Agriculture Week

Location: Toronto, Ontario (Canada)


Seed Saving  Lecture
Location: Wellesley, Ontario (Canada)


Seed Saving Workshops

Location Agassix, BC (Canada) 
20th - 27th

Global Climate Strike

Location: worldwide


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