Thursday, August 5, 2021

Media Appearance

Media Appearance

@OltoBooks is specially designed for #authors and #writers to promote their #books globally free of any cost, re: setting up an account, networking with members, participating in forums and gaining interviews on their site.

I am thrilled to say that we had an #interview go live there as well.

Let me know what you think of it:

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Wednesday, August 4, 2021

Quote of the Day

Quote of the Day 

"We shall advance when we have learned humility; 

when we have learned to seek truth,

 to reveal it and publish it; 

when we care more for that 

than for the privilege of arguing 

about ideas 

in a fog of uncertainty."

~  Walter Lippmann (1917)

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Tuesday, August 3, 2021

Poetry Time

Poetry Time

Today's poem comes to us from author, poet and blogger: 

My Last Love (by Elise Brooke)

You are my last love

After you, I will never love again

As there is no after you

You and I are all there ever will be

In my heart I knew you existed 

I searched for your physical presence

But you were already with me

In my future you are all I see

As long as my heart beats you are always here

When our hearts stop

We will still be together

You are part of my soul

The part that makes me whole

The soul never dies

You have always been there and so have I

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Monday, August 2, 2021

Media Appearance

Media Appearance

...What Fun !! 

**Ann invites #authors to submit queries to appear on her podcast !! 

I just love this picture used for the promo of this podcast author interview with myself and host, Ann Harrison. The image makes me smile every time I see it  - it is so goofy. Dave and I were brimming with laughter while taking promo bio shots and this one was too funny. I realize it doesn't exactly do me favours, that picture, but hey, we were bursting with laughter. haha 

I think you will really enjoy the Ann Writes’ Inspirational Journeys:- Stories That Matter #podcast. I so enjoyed this #interview - upon listening to the podcast today I found myself laughing and smiling and really enjoying the conversation a second time. 

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Sunday, August 1, 2021

Author Interview

World of Writing - Author Interview

Welcome to another World of Writing Interview ! Rita Lee Chapman lives in Queensland, Australia with her husband and has published six crime mysteries and one horse book. She invites our readers to visit: and her Author Central page on amazon too. 
Rita tells us that when she is not reading or writing she enjoys playing tennis, swimming, walking the beach and entertaining friends. Join us today as we learn more about her experiences as a writer.

Q: As a child, what did you want to be when you grew up?

A: I wanted to be a show-jumper!  Being born in London into a non-horsey family it wasn’t a very realistic ambition.  I did manage to persuade my parents to give me riding lessons for Christmas and birthday presents at a lovely riding school on what was then the outskirts of London. Unfortunately, I never had the chance to jump.  By the time I moved to Australia, where horses were bountiful and much cheaper to keep, my time had passed.

Q: What makes you write in the mystery and equine genres?

A: I write mainly mysteries, with elements of travel and romance.  I have a four-part series, The Anna Davies Mystery Series, which includes: Missing in Egypt, Missing at Sea, Missing in England and Missing in France.  Many of the places mentioned in my books I have visited and it was a holiday in Egypt which inspired my first book.  Such a mystical country!  I have one horse book, Winston – A Horse’s Tale, reflecting my life-long love of horses.

Wow, that's very cool. So when writing the mystery series - how did you keep things fresh, for both your readers and also for yourself?

A: The books in my series are stand-alone so I think that helps.  It means I can go off at any tangent!  I make minor references to the previous books, but they are incidental to the story.  Basing each of them in a different country also gives me plenty of scope. 

I love to travel, but I tend to write after the event.  In other words, I don’t go to countries to research my stories, but rather use the impressions and experiences I have gained in my writing.  For places I have not visited, I use Dr Google and enjoy learning about countries I may never get to see for myself.

Q: Did you find it more challenging to write the first book in your series, or the subsequent novels?

A: The first book, most definitely.  I wasn’t sure if I could write a book.  Could I finish it and get the story out?  It was a relief to find out that I could.  Then came the editing, formatting, cover, blurb and, possibly worst of all, marketing!  

haha - Yes, marketing is often dreaded by authors, it certainly requires a lot of work. Rita I'm curious about the character development in the fiction books you have written so far. Do you insert your own characteristics in your writing? 

A: I think sometimes you do insert your own characteristics into some of the characters, whether consciously or not.  Some people think I am Anna, but actually she isn’t based on me at all.  Her perseverance is one of my traits -how else can you become a writer?

Q: What are your favorite publicity activities?

A: Anything I can do from my computer home!  I love talking to people one-on-one but I can’t speak to a group, so I only tried a library talk once!  I have a website,, where I interview a different author each week and I have met some amazing people through this.  Guests posts include writers and poets who share their writing, their lifestyles and their tips.

Q: That is really cool. I think it is super important for writers to support one another in this way. Most writers are also avid readers... Who are your favorite authors/poets?

A: I have so many authors whom I love.  Here are a few.

Belinda Alexandra
Bryce Courtenay
Colleen McCullough
Dick Francis
Dinah Jefferies
Fiona McIntosh
J.H. Fletcher
Kate Morton
Kimberley Freeman
Natasha Lester
Nicole Alexander
Rebecca Bryn
Sarah Stuart
Victoria Purman
Wilbur Smith

Q: Dick Francis... I haven't heard that name in a while but I grew up reading his books and remain a fan of his work. His and Agatha's. I found it intriguing that you liked his crime solving mysteries within equine settings, totally makes sense being you write in the genres you do lol. When starting a book project do you choose the title first, or does that come later?

A: That varies from book to book. Obviously with the series, it is going to start with Missing and then I choose my country.  The Poinciana Tree was written after I decided a photo of one of these beautiful trees, which grow where I live, would make a wonderful cover.  Next came the title and then I started on the story.  Winston started life as Monty, but I decided part-way through that Winston was a more fitting name for him.  Dangerous Associations only acquired its name when I was well into the story.

Q: What has been the best compliment you received as a writer?

A: I am particularly fond of this one, relating to The Poinciana Tree:

Beautifully written with a clever plot which you would never anticipate. A pleasure to read a book where you can't guess the ending.”

Every writer likes to keep the reader guessing!

And for Winston:

I am a lifelong horsewoman and the author hits every single note to perfection.”

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Saturday, July 31, 2021

The AIDA Advertising Formula

Advertising using the AIDA Formula

*Written by Jon Allo - with over 26 years experience working within the advertising and marketing communications industry. Practical knowledge and experience range from the financial services, legal, commercial services, retail, online, charitable to civil service sectors.

In advertising there are tried and true formulas that you can use to ensure effectiveness. One of these is called the AIDA formula. AIDA stands for Attention, Interest, Desire and Action. Using this formula in all of your ad copy is a way to check whether or not the advertisement will be effective before you even test it.


You can catch your audience's attention with a headline, an image, a special font, or the way you use words. As you know, the best way to ensure that people read your copy is to do something that makes them stop and take notice.


As well as the above, the words on the page need to keep your audience's interest. The best way to do that is to explain the benefits of your product using words that differentiate yourself from the competition.


Using the right words, you want to create a longing or desire within your audience to follow your call to action. You do this by showing them how your product will solve their problems and fill their desires.


Grabbing your audience's attention, keeping their interest, and finding the words that bring up a well of desire for your product, will induce your audience to answer your calls to action at a higher rate than without applying AIDA.

Craft bold headlines, use active voice, white space, images and other means to use AIDA in your copy. Understand that while you need to write copy for all four stages, your audience also goes through the four stages as they engage with your advertising copy. If you can clearly identify the stages as you create the copy - whether it is a sales page or a pay-per-click advertisement, then it's likely you've accomplished AIDA.

You have to remember that you don't want just anyone to click on your headline. You want someone who will read your copy and buy what you're selling. So, to make AIDA work, don't use tricky or misleading headlines or images to attract readers. Be up front at all times and as clear as possible about what's "inside" your headlines for the reader. Use images that are relevant to the copy, and you'll attract better leads. Ad copy is not just an attraction method, it's also a weeding process.

Whether you write copy for online or offline media, using the AIDA formula will help you create winning ad copy as often as you need to. Show your audience what your product can do for them and why they need to buy it using this method and it will work.

To implement a successful AIDA formula you need an effective marketing funnel that consistently turns prospects into paying customers. 

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Friday, July 30, 2021

Review - article

Book Review

When I received The Sudden Caregiver - A Roadmap For Resilient Caregiving by Karen Warner Schueler , the book's topic brought up some haunting, memories of those who are no longer with us, parents we cared for during the end of their lives, friends we have said goodbye to, coworkers, neighbours and beloved fur-babies (aka pets) who have passed on.
As one ages, we come to realize that both caregiving and grief are guaranteed to touch our lives... sometimes monumental, heavy grief... sometimes mild and sad. I was a little concerned how the book would feel to read, if it would waken those memories of caregiving for our parents; the pangs of guilt, the angst, the joy the laughter... it is all there just a breath away. 

I was pleased to discover that this book turned out to be a gentle guide for anyone facing caregiving, or for those of us who have already experienced it and fear facing it again. Karen kindly urges caregivers to allow themselves to be human. We will all make mistakes or have a negative reaction, maybe have a disagreement with someone we truly loved - we can let go of that guilt, and allow ourselves to be human and to be kind to ourselves. This stance that Karen takes in the book truly resonated with me and I found myself able to let go of some of my own guilt over impatient moments, arguments, difficult times and difficult family/practitioner relationships. 

Karen starts by carefully and systematically explaining the concept and design of the book and then shares her own story of how she found herself suddenly caregiving. She also shares many other individual stories, which I am sure will provide comfort to her readers, helping them feel less alone in their unique experience. 

The author provides excellent advice for finding ways to discover support even when the caregiver feels isolated or alone, showing them that there is help out there. I thought it was great that she also covered the importance of a back up plan for unforeseeable contingencies - i.e What if the caregiver gets a flu? Karen walks the reader through the process of taking positive and proactive action, making plans, having discussions, and looking after their own health, too.

The difficulty of this journey is real, it is rough and emotional, it can bring upheaval and financial destruction - however "the only way out is through". This powerful statement hits home how important it is to take each step one at a time and get through the experience. It is the only way to deal with it. Her honesty is refreshing. Her book will comfort the reader, while guiding them through the experience.

I found it interesting that the author referred to Joseph Campbell's Hero Journey, as I (and my late mother and an older brother) have been a fan of that work for some time. Her acknowledgement section is fairly extensive, where she carefully expresses gratitude to dozens and dozens of people and organizations that provided support along the way. This book has found a home on my bookshelf, I hope I do not need it in the future - but I know I will be glad to see it on the shelf should I find myself in the position of being a caregiver again. 

Karen, president of Tangible Group, specializing in both leadership and caregiving coaching and consulting services. This 182 page book is available in both print and ebook via Amazon ( Visit the author at:, where you can find resources, learn about the author's coaching services, and much more. 

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