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Author Interview

World of Writing - Author Interview A shout out to Denise Thompson, of Absolute Love Publishing , who sent her client our way for this interview :) Author Victoria Lowery, former cable TV show host, tells us that she is a relationship coach by trade and attended both Marian University and Wright State University to attain her current career. In the past she served as a newspaper columnist, as ambassador for the Make-A-Wish Foundation , and as CEO of the Chamber of Commerce Executives of Ohio. In her down time, she enjoys spending time with her husband and 3 daughters. Victoria invites our readers to drop by her website or follow her on Amazon .  Q: Do you volunteer with any specific organization, community project or library group, etc?  A: I am matched with a teen as a mentor and assist at a human trafficking shelter. All in all, I'd say they are my teachers. Q:  What age group did you write for?  A:  I've long known this book was going to be primarily for teens. Why? When
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Just for writers

This monthly series began just over 2 years ago offering advice, tips, resources and marketing opportunities for our friends in the world of writing. Look for archived (or watch for new) posts around the middle of each month. -- Resources --  North Shore Writers Association: Visit the Brummet's Author Page on Amazon  :)    -- Author Interviews --  * Remember, some of these may end up becoming marketing resources for you... if they featured us, they may just be interested in featuring you too. -- Business strategist & Follow Your Passion podcast host Erwin Mills features this discussion (episode 11) about scheduling activities to make them do-able, design an action plan that entrepreneurs can work with and more. -- Christina Rivera of Savvy Broadcasting featured this discussion about working from home, time management, working with a spouse and more:

A little Youtube

It was a sincere pleasure to respond to Rita's question on our Brummet Media Channel (Youtube):  "When did you write your first book & how did it come about?" The very first book published was Trash Talk - It's Easy To Be Green . It began, really, with a column I once wrote for about 6 years or so that was published internationally.  Today this has evolved into a 2-book series that covers a lot of ground from explaining the recycling industry, sharing inspiring information, offering ways to reduce waste via reconsidering, rethinking, recycling, reducing, repurposing and conscious, proactive living. Find the  Trash Talk - It's Easy To Be Green series:  (US) (Canada)   ~~~     Follow & Find Books:   on Amazon Visit:   Drum It With Brummet Blog Subscribe:   Brummet Media​ YouTube Channel​  ​ ~~~

in the media

Dave and I are happy to share the interview we recently did with Bold Journey where we discussed: resilience, organization positive business habits  and more... Check it out at: ~~~     Follow & Find Books:   on Amazon Visit:   Drum It With Brummet Blog Subscribe:   Brummet Media​ YouTube Channel​  ​ ~~~

Master Gardener events

The Washington County Master Gardener Association is hosting a few events soon, including a "Lawn be Gone" this Saturday - a family-friendly celebration of vertebrates and invertebrates in June.  Visit their  events calendar  for details. ~~~     Follow & Find Books:   on Amazon Visit:   Drum It With Brummet Blog Subscribe:   Brummet Media​ YouTube Channel​  ​ ~~~  

friends of trees

Friends of Trees  and many local agencies provide free or low-cost trees to residents via community tree-planting events and tree giveaways. Visit their websites to learn more. Trees are critical for cleaning our air and water, storing carbon, providing shade and reducing heat, supporting wildlife, and more! ~~~     Follow & Find Books:   on Amazon Visit:   Drum It With Brummet Blog Subscribe:   Brummet Media​ YouTube Channel​  ​ ~~~

Quote of the Day

Quote of the Day Dave and I enjoy browsing YouTube for concerts, live performances, and other outstanding performances. As such we come across some amazing finds. This world is absolutely brimming with amazing talent.  During one of these evenings we came across one of Santana's concerts and during this Carlos broke from the music twice to communicate positive and inspiring messages with the crowd.  I did my best to transcribe one of these min-speeches here below. The impact this had on the live crowd absolutely blue my mind ... I hope you enjoy it too: "We come from only 2 things: Light and Love, Light and love, ...not fear! Light and Love. If you remember one thing tonight let it be this: You are significant! You are meaningful! You matter and you can make a difference in the world! It is not just the Dali Lama or Mother Teressa, no uh-uh This is about you and me: Light and Love. Let us say: 'It is my choice, It is my decision to make every day The best day of my life.&