Tuesday, March 31, 2020

seed exchanges in April

Seedy Saturdays ... have you ever been to a seed exchange? It can be an experience to remember. As you stroll down the booths, you'll hear interesting conversations with knowledgeable gardeners, farmers who have deep roots in the area -  possibly for generations. Depending on the size of the event, you'll see a huge array of varieties, most of which you've probably never heard of and be introduced to all shapes, sizes and colours of pretty much anything you can think of. 
Attending events like these also introduces local food and beverage producers who are offering snacks and refreshments. You'll learn of groups and organizations (both big and small, unofficial ones) that may peak your interest. Often, non-profits will display information packages where you might learn about citizen science projects in your area, things your kids can get involved in, learn how seniors are helping the non-profits, and much more. 
*if you would like your event listed here - just reach out and send a query our way. 

Seedy Saturday events in April:

Westport (ON, Canada)

Wiarton (ON, Canada)
Info: https://www.facebook.com/events/449143895774810/

Peachland (BC, Canada)

Hope (BC, Canada)
604 206 1775

Monday, March 30, 2020

effective communication, con't

Effective Communication 

(continued from March 23)

Effective communication skills vary from one person to another. Some, are very comfortable on the phone - others find this stifling and prefer one-on-one discussions, in person over a meal or coffee. Some people really enjoy the energy in group settings and their skill set is going to larger meetings. Others may be most comfortable speaking to a group, following their set list of points for the presentation and then leaving after it is done. Another person may really enjoy being on air... on terrestrial or online radio, podcasts or stream video media. Understand that each of these situations requires experience and special skill sets; each situation will require different prep and information gathering.  

Even the most experienced communicator will have moments where they are not at their best. You might find, too, that a proven skill set wavers - for instance, you are very comfortable on the phone, but one day you are super nervous, you feel breathless and chatty or your voice shakes. This is usually adrenaline and it will pass. Try breathing out. Yes, out. Most advice tells us to take a deep breath. I have found that it is harder to take deep breaths when I'm nervous. Instead I concentrate on breathing all the air out, tightening my tummy muscles to push it all out and then the body naturally fills the lungs with fresh clean air. Concentrating on pushing all the air out the next breath. Within a couple of breaths like this, the need for air passes and calm begins to settle in. 

Part of communication is receiving feedback - have a method of getting that feedback from your audience. Email/text them personally after the event, thank them for their time and ask direct questions. Have a feedback form on your website they can easily access and fill out with just a few seconds of their time. Hand out comment forms or have them available on the refreshment table.  Follow-up with each client the next day, or soon after the meeting, offering meeting highlights, resources, expressing gratitude for something they brought up, or just showing appreciation for their presence. Use this information to refine your presentations in the future.

Develop a page on your website or blog that offers detailed information, clear, concise and briefly laid out so that your clients can visit and browse it later. 

Keep your personal emotions out of it. Don't let yourself become upset, afraid, excited... this is business and we have to learn how to handle difficult people, stressful conversations, equipment failures or the internet goes off line for the meeting. You might discover conflicting opinions and you will need be able to listen to them, find points of agreement, understand where they are coming from and not take it personal. Remember that you are on this team and everyone there is a player.


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Saturday, March 28, 2020

quote of the day

Quote of the Day

"My skin is kind of sort of brownish

Pinkish yellowish white.

My eyes are greyish blueish green,

But I’m told they look orange in the night.

My hair is reddish blondish brown,

But it’s silver when it’s wet.

And all the colors I am inside

Have not been invented yet."

~ Shel Silverstein, "Colors"


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