Saturday, February 28, 2009

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-- Quote of the Day --

“The individual has always had to struggle to keep from being overwhelmed by the tribe. If you try it, you will be lonely often, and sometimes frightened. But no price is too high to pay for the privilege of owning yourself.”
~ Friedrich Nietzsche

-- What is a "Chat Room"? --

- I am glad you asked. When hosting a live broadcast of one of our two radio shows, I open a "chat room". This is where listeners can post comments, questions and suggestions. If you go into the chat room and find that you are unable to interact using your keyboard, you are likely appearing as a "guest". In order to communicate in the chat room, rather than watching what others are saying, you'll need to register as a listener. I know - that sounds complicated, but it is really very easy and very, very fast. All you have to do is go to the Blogtalk radio home page and click on the link for registering as a listener... you don't have to give your real name nor do you need to have an image - those are just options for you to use if you choose to do so. As soon as you do that you'll be able to go to any chat room on the Blogtalk radio station. ( )

Anyway, so when you are in the chat room during a live broadcast you'll notice that I will interact as time allows, and will offer the links to resources discussed during the show. Even if you don't see me saying much in the chat room for a span of time, I'm watching over it and making sure no one is abusing it, while ensuring that I cover everyone's questions.

One thing that is unique about our radio show is that I tend to interact with chat users both during and after the live broadcast - in fact I often listen to the archived show right away and the chat room is often open for up to 2 hours at a time. Another thing that is quite unique about our chat room is that I welcome networking - chat users are welcome to tell us about themselves and share their URL. *Most online radio show chat rooms have strict rules against this.

Conscious Discussions & Authors Read listeners gain access to the chat room by clicking on a little green box that says "chat". If you don't see this link, make your window bigger and scroll around until you do. After accessing this, you can type in your thoughts and see what others are saying as well.

-- Eco-Resources -- - Columbia Basin Trust supports efforts by the people within the Columbia Basin region (BC, Canada) to create a legacy of social, economic and environmental well-being and to achieve greater self-sufficiency for present and future generations. - The Center for Climate Strategies helps states, regions and national governments tackle climate change by fostering leadership action toward solutions, enabling deliberate democracy on policy and governance choices, and providing advanced technical assistance.

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Friday, February 27, 2009

Environment, Toxins & chatter :)

-- Quote of the Day --
“There was a village it was on the Nissitissit River…in the early 1800’s it was a thriving little mill town …and had a lot of small industries… I think the lunacy and insanity that enveloped the valley was more environmental poisoning from the stuff that they were working on and the stuff in the river and the 40,000-acre drainage basin above it and the 5 villages above it. …In the early 1800’s nobody wanted to admit that there was lunacy in their family… they referred to as people it dying in an unusual way out there. To make felt they had to use mercurial oxide… They were exposed to mercury through their footwear. …I found they also had a velvet shop and you can’t iron velvet, you have to steam it so when I researched the colors back then… they were filled with arsenic and vermillion. …Even wallpaper was poison back then. …The term “mad as a hatter” was from hat makers who used felt in their hats and went stark-raving mad…”
~ Rosemary Chaulk 10/30/08

This fascinating interview with author Rosemary Chaulk can be found in the archived interviews on the Conscious Discussions home page (look to the right side of that site for the list of archives). * Note: Archives are listed according to the month in which they aired... To access Rosmary's interview click on October, 2008 and choose the appropriate link from there.

-- Authors Read Radio --

Authors Read featured Lloyd Lofthouse today, author of the award-winning romance novel, My Splendid Concubine – Click on the hyper-linked show title here in this blog or look to the right of on this page for a link to the Authors Read radio show.

-- Updates & Chatter --

March is promising to be another very busy month – In fact between our two radio shows… we have 25 episodes lined up for our listeners… On Conscious Discussions this month we have experts coming in to share valuable information on: hospice & care-giving, changing our thought-patterns, freedom for plus-sized people, a view into the world of law enforcement, overcoming adversity & inspiring others, inspiring technology, animal rescue efforts, the National Institute of the Blind ... and tips to help us support people with Cancer! Authors Read will be featuring a range of genres including: Children's, Paranormal, Short Story, Self-help & Memoir.

The 2nd editon of our 3rd book, Purple Snowflake Marketing is expected to be released in March in a variety of formats including electronic and paperback. We put a lot of effort into this new edition and readers of the 1st edition will find there is increased content in all 19 chapters - as well, we have over 780 online resources for writers to follow up on. *We've personally used every single one of these resources ourselves - so they do not come recommended lightly. Dave designed yet another beautiful cover for this book project and the publisher (who has a cover design team) agreed that it would work well for this book. So we are thrilled to have so much of the book's creation our own, yet again. *Towards Understanding's cover is also Dave's creation as was the 1st edition of Purple Snowflake Marketing - see links to these books on the right side of this blog...

In preparation for this new release Dave has designed stunning bookmarks, and we are only waiting for their arrival now from the En Masse Media printing company. We've worked with them for about 3-4 years now due to their incredible environmental commitments, very high quality and durable products. They use 100% recycled content materials and 100% veggie inks. *Soy based inks still contain some petroleum product, so veggie inks are one step further toward a healthier planet.

We are currently working with several places in and around a 5 hour drive radius (round trip) for book signing and lecture events on book marketing / business marketing for the release of this new book. Because of this we felt it necessary to stock up a few more promotional copies of our first two books and as soon as they arrived, we had to send 5 out to radio shows across the US who want to do something with us in the near future.

The Brummet's Monthly newsletter went out on Feb 25 to an opt-in list of subscribers - if you'd like to receive the newsletter, simply send us an email via

I'm back to taking on book review projects and currently have 12 or more assignments to complete (thru the Curled Up review site), 1/2 of which have been read so I only have to do the articles now.

Dave will be working on trailers, ads and a variety of behind-the-scenes activities like crazy over the next few weeks. He's designed some beautiful closing music for our radio shows that we'll be uploading and using soon. He's also the fella behind those intros & outros for our 2 radio shows & the audio ads for our books
. He has a few more audio promo sound bites to add for me to use in the near future. ...And as you probably saw we are also gaining sponsors for the radio show... ads on the site & on the show itself, so we are really happy to see that growth.

Now is the time for preparing the seed vault ( lol ) for the upcoming gardening season. I've already started some of the hanging basket flowers (almost a week late, however) and so we'll be starting up the Sunday Gardening episodes again soon on Conscious Discussions . I can't promise exactly when at the moment, since that decision will be made when our schedule allows for it. I can promise that I'll do my best to let you know when the Sunday Gardening episodes start up again.

Well, that is the updates for now... I'm off to walk the dogs while Dave takes over the computer and then I've got to check on those little seeds I just started to see if they are drying out. A big day of to-do's lies in wait for me - however I've really enjoyed sharing this with you today.

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Thursday, February 26, 2009

eco-tips for conscious living: discussion on literacy

-- Conscious Discussions --

We are closing Literacy Week here on Conscious Discussions with Darius Graham, blog manager and author of:
Being the Difference - True Stories of Ordinary People Doing Extraordinary things to change the World. ...Rather than attempting to describe this work I’m going to read a quote here instead:

Time after time we hear about causes that celebrities support and the billionaires who give away large sums of money to worthy causes. What we don't hear about often are those individuals who never make headlines, yet toil in obscurity hoping that their work will make the world a better place. That's what this book and blog are about: chronicling and celebrating ordinary people doing extraordinary things to make the world a better place. No celebrities or billionaires here, just real people making real change.

Tune in to the Conscious Discussions talk radio show hear more about Darius's passions, Books All Around (a literacy organization), McCullum Youth Court, & the Institute of Responsible Citizenship. Simply click on the hyper-linked show title here or look to the link on the right side of this blog for the Conscious Discussions talk radio show.

Today's resources:

-- Practical Tips for Individuals Looking to Create Positive Change: --

There are many little things we can do around our home or workplace to save money and reduce waste....

Instead of purchasing a plastic drip tray for potted plants, reuse plastic lids from peanut butter or mayonnaise. Often, just the right size of lid can be found for each potted plant, and most of these are dishwasher safe. Foil food trays also serve this purpose.

Plastic containers that fresh herbs and pastries are sold in make useful storage containers for a variety of applications in the kitchen. Fresh herbs and diced vegetables store well in these containers as long as the seal is airtight.

Quite often, herbs like fresh ginger and garlic, are purchased in alotments that cannot be consumed in one recipe - or even a few recipies. We have successfuly stored peeled and sliced ginger root immersed in wine vinegar. Alternatively, place grated ginger in a clean, recycled jam jar and cover with olive oil – to use simply scrape back the solidified oil, and then replace the oil or pour new oil on top to keep a good seal. Stored in the refrigerator it kept for months this way and made it easy to add fresh tasting ginger to any dish.

These are just a few ideas to demonstrate how easy it is to make a difference while saving some money. Imagine how many other small things you can do around the home or office. Once the ideas have begun to flow, they will cause a ripple effect cascading into other aspects of your life. Then, hopefully, you will think twice before throwing anything into the trash.

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Wednesday, February 25, 2009

best green blogs & eco-tips for your home

-- Best Green Blogs --

Dave and I are very pleased to announce that this blog - Brummet's Conscious Discussions - that I have been managing has been included in the "BEST GREEN BLOGS" listing! We are honored, and excited by this rating. If you are interested, please check it out - and if you like, leave a comment about this blog- on the Best Green Blog site.

According to their site: "Best Green Blogs is the web’s largest directory of green and sustainable themed weblogs. Writers from all over the world are publishing articles and stories dealing with a wide variety of topics dealing with environmental issues and green living; and Best Green Blogs is an attempt to capture some of that independent publishing spirit. Whether you are blogging about green parenting in Chicago or organic gardening in China, we want to hear about it! Our selection of categories is diverse, but what they all have in common is the desire to educate people about making smarter, more sustainable choices for themselves and the planet we call home."

As such I heartily recommend this site as a valuable resource. I've been following this blog on twitter and on blogger for quite some time and I am genuinely grateful for all that they do.

Here is the direct link to the page where we can be found, followed by the homepage location of their site:

-- Energy Aware and Waste Wise --

Constantly bombarded with negative information about the environment, finances and natural resources? Feeling overwhelmed? Each and every one of us can do something to help our world - starting right where we are, right now. Though not everyone can afford to donate cash or time to a cause, there are endless tactics that will decrease an individual’s contribution to the landfill and their resource consumption.

Mirrors, placed strategically in a room can be used to make use of natural lighting more efficiently, and reduce energy use as well. When placed near indoor plants, mirrors act like a second window creating better growing conditions while giving the illusion of increased space and greenery to the ambiance of a room.

When loading the clothes dryer, fluff the wet and tangled laundry before tossing into the machine. This allows for immediate and more efficient use of dryer energy. Very hot settings (which can actually shrink clothing) can thus be avoided. Also, do several loads in a row to take advantage of the pre-warmed dryer elements.

Typically, the heated air from a clothes dryer is pumped outside and wasted. Consider purchasing a dryer vent converter - available at most hardware stores. These are little boxes that divert the heated air from the dryer into the house during the cold and dry winter months – making better use of your energy dollar while saving a little on heating costs. Be warned that this air is moist, and this may not be appropriate in all situations. Homes with dry static air or wood heat would benefit from the moisture, but buildings that already have a moisture problem (evident by mold and mildew or sweating and frosted windows) will only have their issues compounded by doing this.

Instead of buying disposable dryer sheets for static control, consider using a liquid fabric softener with a reused rag or sock. Pour a Tablespoon of the liquid on the rag, roll it up and squeeze (to soak up all the softener) and toss in the dryer. Wash the rag periodically by throwing it in with a normal load. Just imagine the number of dryer sheets, the packaging they came in, along with the costs, energy and resources to produce them that can be avoided by this one simple act.

If you do consume dryer sheets, consider saving several sheets that have been used once and together they will have the power to dry another load... extending their value and your budget. Alternatively try reusing those old dryer sheets to freshen the garbage cans, car, clothes drawers, closets and cupboard or storage areas.

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** Thank you! :) **

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Tuesday, February 24, 2009

LIteracy & a writer's resource

-- Conscious Discussions honors Literacy Week --

Today, we are featuring the Literacy Bridge Organization...
Cliff Schmidt is the executive director for Literacy Bridge, a nonprofit organization empowering children and adults with affordable tools for knowledge sharing and literacy learning. Prior to founding Literacy Bridge, Cliff ran a successful open source consulting business, specializing in intellectual property issues, nonprofit governance and community development. He has served many nonprofit organizations, such as the Eclipse Foundation and The Apache Software Foundation, where he was elected as a board director and appointed vice president of legal affairs. Cliff received his undergraduate degree from MIT and his M.S. in Computer Science and Engineering from the University of Washington. Literacy Bridge is a nonprofit organization tackling illiteracy head-on through the development and deployment of innovative new technology. Their Talking Book Device, a low-cost digital audio player/recorder, is poised to help promote knowledge sharing and literacy learning within the poorest regions of the world.

Find this interview by clicking on the hyperlinked show title here or click on the link to your right for the Conscious Discussions talk radio show.

Recommended Writer's Resource: - this resource is recommended today because of their most recent newsletter. In this newsletter they offered dozens of ways the average individual author can give back to their community and make a difference globally with small daily actions - something I fully celebrate and applaude. I don't want to give too much away, since you really should go sign up and get the free newsletter, but they offered tips ranging from the obvious - donating copies of the book - to the not so obvious: offering volunteer writing services to organizations that really need help. Book Hitch & I have networked several times over the years and they are also listed among the more than 780 resources in the new edition of Purple Snowflake Marketing - *see our site for info on this new edition.

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Monday, February 23, 2009

National Family Literacy Week is upon us :)

National Family Literacy Week !!
-- Authors Read --

Authors Read - a 15 minute radio program - offers authors, storytellers and poets a chance to read from their published work. This radio program stemmed from my work as a book reviewer; as a reviewer and a voracious reader I have been enabled to donate more than a thousand books into our community in less than 6 years through various charitable organizations including: Grand Forks and West Boundary Columbia Basin Alliance for Literacy - Women's Resource Center - Whispers of Hope Org. - Grand Forks Public Library - Community Futures Resource Center

Authors Read is just another way that Dave and I can support literacy on a global scale.

There is nothing like hearing a story told the way the writer intended it to be read… straight from the writer's lips is even better!

Today’s Authors Read Radio guest: Penny Pearlman - Reading From: Pretty Smart; Lessons from Miss Americas To access this archived episode simply click on the hyper-linked show title or look to the right on this page for the link to the Authors Read radio show.


-- Quote of the Day --

“…Before I wrote the book, we made a plan. One of the first things I did was write the title and the ad for the book. Then I wrote an outline and made the chapter headings …making them sales and market appealing. You can write the best book in the world but if it doesn’t market well… so think from a marketing perspective and work backwards from where you want to be. Too many people try to create a business or a book because they have a passion for it. …I see a lot of passionate people go bankrupt every day. …If you don’t have a marketing plan or a sales plan then it will be very hard to sell. ”
~ Mark Tewart – Dec 23, 2008

This quote above was taken from an interview with Mark Tewart on Dec 23, 2008 on the Conscious Discussions talk radio show. To access this very informative interview on how to explode sales responsibly, simply click on the hyper-linked show title here, or look to the right for the link to the Conscious Discussions show.

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Sunday, February 22, 2009

eco-resources & composting

-- Quote of the Day --

“Communities doing composting are assured of about 70% waste diversion. ...Our solid waste is 50% (urban areas) to 70% biodegradable waste (including agricultural waste in the rural areas) and with at least 20% recyclables to a high of 40%. Composting prevents the production of methane in landfills and is a big mitigating factor to address climate change (global warming).”
~ Sonia Mendoza of the Mother Earth Foundation in the Philippines

-- Eco-Resources --

- : The Union of Concerned Scientists is the leading science-based nonprofit working for a healthy environment and a safer world. UCS combines independent scientific research and citizen action to develop innovative, practical solutions and to secure responsible changes in government policy, corporate practices, and consumer choices.

– : Inspiring others to use everyday actions to make a difference.

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Saturday, February 21, 2009

Writer's block, volunteers' legacy...

-- Quote of the Day --

“…The real strength of the network is really the volunteers. …These people devote a lot of time to the success of this network – and they have done so for the past 30 years - we counted recently and found that volunteers give about 4,500 hours of their time every year to the organization. We cannot express the value of this time that they give to us, and it has had a great impact on the network. …Working together in collaboration is the key (to change) - numbers mean a lot to government and corporation.”

~ Robert Henri 07/29/08

This quote was taken from an interview on the Conscious Discussions talk radio show that aired on July 29, 2008 - Our guest, Robert Henri was in to represent the Canadian Environment Network and this informative interview can be found by clicking on the hyper-linked show title here, or look to the right on this page to find the link to the Conscious Discussions radio show.

-- Experiencing Writer's Block? --

Here are some techniques that Dave and I have used for dealing with writer's block or creativity fatigue:

- Walk the dogs, or just go for a walk, in nature where you can relax and enjoy the sounds of silence... and keep walking until you feel mentally refreshed. Come back and try again.

- Sometimes simply talking about the issue can bring a solution to your mind so wait until you can speak with another individual that you can communicate with in this way, discuss the issue and see what happens.

- Skip that section and write the next paragraph, chapter or ending to the book.

- Glance at your tentative marketing plan for this project and review who the audience is and what the focus is - this can sometimes reconfigure a writer's ideas into a more organized and achievable level.

- Make a list. Try not to keep everything in your mind at once or you may experience burn-out mentally. Simply make a list (or several lists) of what you plan to do and where you want this piece to take the reader.

- And sometimes - the writer just needs to grow into the piece; writers must learn that there are times when it is appropriate to just set it aside until we have the experience or skills in place to continue with it.

- Try just writing... Don't try to make sense, don't correct yourself as you are writing - just write. This can break a lot of barriers and open new aspects to the project that were not there before.

-- Authors Read --

Today's featured guest on Authors Read radio (9 Am Pacific... *archive will be available soon after the live broadcast): Patricia Harman helps women every day face tough situations in West Virginia; gives them hugs, tells them stories about herself that most medical professionals wouldn't, -but most of all she wants them to know they aren't alone. Today, Patricia will be reading from The Blue Cotton Gown: A Midwife's Memoir, which has been on the best-seller medical memoir list since it came out in October. The book details the lives of women patients that the author, Patricia Harman, sees in the Women's Clinic she shares with her husband, OB/Gyn, Tom Harman.

The reading begins with the office receptionist reporting that the boyfriend of Aran, Patricia's seventeen year old pregnant patient, has been hospitalized for a drug overdose. Aran's mother is the author's friend, Trish, a nursing assistant in another department of the Health Care Center.

To access this author's reading simply click on the hyper-linked show title here or look to the right for the Authors Read radio show.

-- How you can support the Brummets --

… if you feel you have enjoyed our radio shows (Conscious Discussions & Authors Read) our blog, monthly opt-in newsletter (sign up via sending an email request our way) or articles - please consider our books as a gift whenever gift giving holidays arise. By doing so, you are not only supporting the work we do - you are also helping us support some amazing charities. Check out our site for more information:

And on that same site we have several articles on green living including one that lists more than a dozen gift ideas to consider. Look for these articles on the Writing page – via the Media link where new articles and press releases are made available. Alternatively look to the right side of this blog page for links to our free articles. Those of you with publications may find these articles of interest for your readers, and we welcome you to share these articles with them.

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Friday, February 20, 2009

Writing... & ...Bio-fuels

-- Quote of the Day --

"Writing is an adventure. To begin with, it is a toy and an amusement. Then it becomes a mistress, then it becomes a master, then it becomes a tyrant. The last phase is that just as you are about to be reconciled to your servitude, you kill the monster and fling him to the public.”
~ Winston Churchill

-- Eco-Travel Tips --

Vacation Station radio - Join Nancy Reid & Lisa Smith and their guests as they discuss saving money, investing in a vacation home, and eco-tourism; Lillian was one of these guests in to discuss green eco-traveling options for about 20 min. - archive available at:

-- Authors Read --

Why Epiphanies Never Occur to Couch Potatoes, by Mark Amtower, is a wonderful self-help book about defining the ethical parameters you are willing to operate within and staying within those bounds. Visit the Authors Read radio show to hear today's featured author share an excerpt from his published work.

To access this show simply click on the hyper-linked show title her or look to the right for the link to the Authors Read radio show.

-- Positive Eco-News --

Biofuel energy sources have the potential of reviving local economy and ensuring the sustainability of the community through the use of agriculture, forestry, fishery, consumer and septic waste recovery systems. However, as we have seen - a careful balance must be made so that bio-fuels do not exceed the needs to feed the human population. Encouraging advancement in bio-fuel technology has us looking at organic waste from agriculture, sewer systems ... even algea and grass species are being considered.

For example:
Sandia labs recently released a report indicating that by 2030, the US has the potential of producing 90 billion gallons of ethanol from plant waste and energy crops, including 75 billion gallons coming from switchgrass, corn stover, wheat straw and woody crops.

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Thursday, February 19, 2009

The Art of Apology

-- Conscious Discussions --

How many times have you had to fumble at an apology that really was not all that effective? Were you left feeling like the situation was incomplete and that your relationship was marred? The art of apologizing is yet one more life skill that just does not seem to be taught to us when young and with this skill so much trauma could be avoided and the world would be a more peaceful place.

Lauren Bloom is the founder and CEO of Elegant Solutions Consulting, a consulting firm dedicated to helping professionals, business and association management executives build trust with their clients, customers and members by “walking the ethics talk” in their daily practices. She is an attorney by trade and is also the author of –The Art of the Apology – How to Apologize Effectively to Practically Anyone.

A simple, yet effective, apology can neutralize hostility, competition or jealousy - it can even avoid or prevent legal action! …This interview is now archived and you can access it for free, anytime of the day by clicking on the hyper-linked show title here, or look to the right to find the link for the Conscious Discussions talk radio show.

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Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Office / business tips - save money; be green

-- Quote of the Day --

RE: Marketing Via Contact Lists

“…And sometimes you just get people that are offended. Sometimes people completely misinterpret an offering. The best thing to do is not respond, if they are not asking to be taken off the list; or respond in as kind and as gentle of a way as possible. …For every one person that complains or misunderstands, there are probably ten or twenty more that feel the same way but do not communicate it. Even if they are way of base …use this information to do a better job of communicating to our people. …It is important to understand how to not spam but it (e-marketing) is also, as a business owner, one of the greatest leverage tools and one of the ways your customers will appreciate you communicating with them through email. So it is a very important skill to learn as a business owner. ”
~ Winton Churchill 10/14/08

Today's quote was taken from an interview that aired on the Conscious Discussions talk radio show on October 14, 2008 - with Winton Churchill. To access this informative interview simply click on the hyper-linked show title here or look to the right for the Conscious Discussions show.

-- Efficiency in the Office --

Nearly every office, be it commercial or home-based, may have areas of inefficiency that can be improved upon. We are not talking sales figures or profit margins or budgets, but inefficient waste and resource management. For instance, let us look at some common aspects and consider how consumption can be reduced and how to make better use of resources.

Not all paper work and receipts need to be shredded, but sometimes, for the sake of security, it is necessary. This shredded paper is recyclable or it can be contributed in layers to a compost or worm bin. It can also be donated to animal shelters or pet stores where it is used in the bottom of cages to help keep them clean. This will ease workloads on staff, keep operational costs down, and the animals are more comfortable in their cages. The animal waste along with the bedding is easily composted.

Technology now makes it possible to save paper on a daily basis by sending emails. Worth mentioning, is the time saved as compared to communicating via the postal system. When sending a fax, if possible, refrain from using a cover sheet. For efficient paper use at the photocopy machine, set it to automatically print pages on both sides. When making draft copies with the photocopier or printer, use the reverse side of any suitable scrap paper. We keep a box of this paper handy for visiting children to color and draw upon. The blank side of any scrap paper can be used for shopping lists, reminder notes, game scoring, or the perpetual to do list(s) that we all have.

We often use sheets of adhesive labels in our office printer. The edges, top and bottom of each used sheet have 1/4” of remaining unused material. These can be trimmed to convenient lengths and stored in a small jar (or other storage container of choice). These labels come in handy when labeling items destined for the freezer, jam jars, bulk foods or shop and craft supplies.

Keep computer equipment such as external drives, printers and scanners powered off when they are not in use – turn them on only for the duration that they are needed. Stand-by power (lights or clock displays) can be eliminated by either using a power bar or by manually unplugging the equipment. Sleep the computer during the day when not in use (lunch, coffee, or meetings) and turn all equipment off before leaving at the end of the day.

These are some simple suggestions, yet they will save time, money, and resources, which is in the best interest of any office.

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Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Experience Project Org., Quote of the day & positive econews!

-- Quote of the Day --

"Life's most persistent and urgent question is: What are you doing for others?"
~ Martin Luther King, Jr.

-- Positive Eco-News --

According to the Japan for Sustainability newsletter (, two bordering communities in southern Japan were chosen as a the world’s largest demonstration site for the residential application of hydrogen energy fuel cells. These communities are expected to reduce energy consumption and pollution by 30%.

-- Busy Mid Feb --

Feb 15-23 is the BC Women’s Institute week here in Canada ... & the 19th is Heritage Day ... Whew ! A lot going on this week :)

-- Conscious Discussions --

Today's broadcast on the Conscious Discussions talk radio show featured the founder of the Experience Project Organization - Armen Berjikly (BUR - JICK - LEE ). This is a wonderful organization that provides hope, inspiration, companionship and support to members. Armen is passionate about building technology that connects people - and through his organization members are able to become everyday heroes by helping charities and sharing information or providing consultation to those in need of their unique experiences. His idea for the Experience Project came about in response to his support of a sick friend, which goes to show you what kind of a person Armen is behind the big titles and accolades – a highly ethical, caring individual who wants to use his experience and capabilities to positively impact people’s lives.

Learn about the behind-the-scenes activities that go into developing an organization and managing it on a daily basis. Discover how the Experience Project was able to work with sponsors to enable their members to support amazing charities. Learn how everyday individuals are able to find understanding, acceptance and information to their most intimate concerns in this highly praised organization. With members numbering into more than 2 million, it is easy to see that the Experience Project is doing something right. Find out what that is by listening to this hour long discussion with the founder, Armen Berjikly.

To access this archived interview simply click on the hyper-linked show title here or look to the right for a ling to the Conscious Discussions talk radio show.

* *Listeners who enjoyed today’s broadcast may also enjoy some of our most recent discussions along a similar vein:

Dec 30/’08 – Chris Tatevosian: Multiple Sclerosis Affects Others, Too
Dec 2/’08 - Stephen Edwards: Writing, Music & Counseling
Oct 23/’08 – Mel Waldman: Stress Disorder / Writing & Therapy

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Monday, February 16, 2009

Literacy, Children's Author & Eco-Resources

-- Quote of the Day --

"In today's world, some 774 million adults lack minimum literacy skills; one in five adults is still not literate and two-thirds of them are women; 721 million children are out of school and many more attend irregularly or drop out; and literate environments with access to reading material and suitable publications are lacking, with the result that neo-literates cannot sustain their skills."
~ Kochiro Matsuura, Director-Generalof UNESCO (Sept, 2007)

-- Authors Read --

Doris Fisher is a popular children's author & has several books available (One Odd Day, My Even Day, My Half Day, Happy Birthday to Whoo, Play with Your Food, & the Grammar Allstars series). Regular listeners may remember Doris reading My Half Day on Sept 29, 2008 - she returned back on Dec 1st, 2008 to read from another book in that series: One Odd Day.– Today we will hear Doris read her book: My Even Day. To access today's broadcast simply click on the hyper-linked show title here, or look to the right for the link to the Authors Read radio show.

-- Eco-Resources -- - This blog-like site offers information on ecologically responsible, reusable products & time-saving tips... "By concentrating on the little things in life, one at a time, let's make them more organized, more fun, more eco-responsible, & more time efficient." - This blog focuses on how the individual can "Save green by going green", & covers a wide variety of topics including finance & finding bargains, the environment, alternative sources of energy, organic & sustainable products, nutrition & technology.

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Saturday, February 14, 2009

Valentines!!! - Efficiency Equals Reduction

:) :) Happy Valentines Day Everyone !!! :) :)

-- Quote of the Day--

“…Find your core essence, find what brings you joy. …We so often take care of other people, so come back to yourself, take care of yourself, love yourself, appreciate yourself – respect yourself.”
~ Traci Slatton 05/09/08

Today's quote was taken from an interview that aired on May 9th, 2008 on the Conscious Discussions talk radio show. During this interview, Traci & I were discussing the trend in today's society for finding one's self in mid-life. Simply click on the hyper-linked show title, or look to the right for the link to the website. From there look for the archives according to the month in which they aired.

-- Authors Read --

Brian McClellan is the author of 2 books - The Real Bling: How to Get the Only Thing You Need, a powerful guide to personal and professional development. -- The book we will hear him read from today is: A Love Letter to Black People - Audaciously Hopeful Thoughts on Race and Success. Authors Read airs live at 9 AM (pacific) - all shows are archived and available at any time of the day. Simply click on the hyper-linked show title here, or look to the right for a link to the Authors Read radio show.

-- Efficiency Equals Reduction --

Imagine that if at the grocery store the person bagging your purchases left empty, unused spaces in each bag causing you to carry 10 instead of 5 bags out to your car then into your home. You would be investing some extra time, energy and space when it was unnecessary. Now transfer that thought to the waste and recycling industry. Instead of filling a trash bag or bin with large empty spaces, we can all do some simple acts to help keep transportation costs down while reducing fossil fuel consumption and saving ourselves some time and money.

The flattening of boxes greatly increases space efficiency in a bin. This does not just apply to cardboard boxes, but also includes any paperboard (cereal or pet food) ones as well. Crushing cans before recycling is much more easily done if it is possible to remove both the top and bottom lids first. Foil products are easily flattened by hand.

Periodically crush your garbage bag down to its true size – you will find that it does not need to be placed on the curb as often. Fewer trips to the dump means less fossil fuel consumed and reduced curbside idling – idling is known to be terribly inefficient and more polluting than vehicles on the move. Garbage collection fees are more easily maintained by the company due to reduced costs per bag, and some companies even offer a discount for those who produce less waste. Also worth noting is that the household will go through fewer plastic garbage bags.

Some kitchen waste disposal units tend to put unnecessary pressure on overtaxed sewage plants. A much better option is to practice composting or vermiculture methods instead. Composting organic waste reduces household trash by approximately 30%. Go one step further by reusing various plastic bags to isolate smelly meat, bones and pet waste. By controlling odors in the garbage, the bag will not have to be put out on the curb as often.

So, imagine that if your waste and recycling was now half the size that it typically was before. That means in theory the waste pickup service would decrease costs by 50%, the landfill would be receiving half of what it used to, fewer trips to the recycling depot, less pollution…

Well you get the picture. It is easy to make a difference and we can all start at home. Right where we are.

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Friday, February 13, 2009

conscious living...

-- Quote of the Day --

“…My passion is really to help others to discover their passions; to acknowledge it, access it, awaken it and express it to the world. …We don’t get over the vulnerability because vulnerability is an important piece of the process. The way to do this is to be vulnerable, to be open and to allow ourselves to be afraid. Because the fear is not the problem; it is when the fear stops us that creates the problem. ”

~ Mark Gerson 08/12/08

What is the meaning of your life? Why do you exist? What will your legacy be in this moment?

I've seen a lot of information in the media as of late dealing with issues of discovering yourself, being healthy and looking younger. Few of us understand that these things go hand in hand. From my own personal experience of discovering my passion, I can tell you that I have never felt so complete, so fulfilled in life as I do now. Things are not perfect and woes did not disappear - but my focus in life shifted to the point that I no longer cherished certain things, I no longer worried about other things... they still exist - they are there and I work to deal with them in a more positive way. These challenges do not fill my every thought of every moment like they used to, and I am inspired to face each day with a more positive attitude. This brightens my face, my eyes shine, I smile more often and care about my physical health - and while I am nearly 40 years old with a more than a few natural wiry gray hairs, I am often mistaken for being in my late 20's early 30's.

Famous spiritual leaders from all walks of life that span the vastness of human existence on this planet have told us time and time to give up living for ourselves (for accumulation and status) and instead live to benefit others. This is a true legacy. We are not required to become monks, vegans and minimalists, but what we can do is find little ways of contributing on a regular basis. This is the beginning of a conscious lifestyle.

Keep in mind that little everyday actions can have a huge impact. Consider donating those used plastic shopping bags to thrift shops and used item retailers; donating magazines to waiting rooms and laundromats; sharing unwanted or unused items in our possession with others in our community; planting an extra row in our gardens for the needy; clearing snow from the sidewalk or driveway of an elderly neighbor; sharing flowers from our landscaping with seniors centers, family centers and hospitals... Whatever you can do, little things from moment to moment, can literally change your life!

One of the most rewarding experiences I have had in my life is hosting the Conscious Discussions talk radio show. I am so inspired by the guests that we highlight there - these people are really amazing and yet not in an intimidating way... meaning I think they inspire us all to become more conscious, to grow into the best person we can be. I am so grateful to the (nearly 200) featured guests that have taken time out of their day to share their stories, offer resources and advice to our listeners.

...And this brings me to the quote that I started today's post with. This quote was taken from an interview that aired on August 12, 2008 - All Conscious Discussions episodes are archived and available 24/hrs a day for free. Anyone with an internet connection can access the show, download them to their listening device, subscribe via itunes and various other listening methods simply by clicking on the hyper-linked show title or looking for the link on the right side of this blog page.

-- Authors Read --

Later today at 2PM (Pacific) we will be featuring author Barry Eva. Well known for his short romance stories on the net and in his book Stories from the Heart, Barry has also narrated his stories on local TV or as a guest on other media stations, where his whit, oratory, and old-fashioned English charm really add the experience of hearing this author read from his published work. Today Barry shares an excerpt from Across the Pond. To access this episode, simply click on the hyperlinked show title, or look to the right for a link to the Authors Read radio show.

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Thursday, February 12, 2009

Conscious Discussions radio

-- Conscious Discussions --

Teresa Holler - a physician assistant, professional wellness speaker, and author of 2 books. The latest, "Holler for Your Health" empowers readers to take control of their own health destiny by altering their buying habits.

Teresa and host, Lillian Brummet, delved into how the average individual can learn how to avoid harmful chemicals lurking in common products. We also discussed common myths, issues with water, plastic and detoxing methods.

To access this interview at your convenience simply click on the hyper-linked Conscious Discussions show title, or click on the link located on the right side of this blog.

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Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Water, Waste, Energy and Landfill Management

-- Quote of the Day --

“Civil engineering has not changed since the Roman era… they would pull water… and then they’d run it to the city, flush the city and send it down the river, and that really hasn’t changed much. …The solids are now captured… so the goal is to get that back onto the land. For example in the city of San Diego … a biosolid treatment plant… they squeeze all the water out of it they take as much energy out of that they can through anaerobic digestion – put that energy to electricity, and then, unfortunately they are then using it as alternate organic cover for their landfill.
…If we can shorten that cycle to using the materials closer to home (and building healthy soil) …will take less energy and be more sustainable. (There is this) economic piece to the circular (aspect of sustainability) …Compost is both carbon and the nutrients, if we are going to tie up those nutrients… we need to follow the carbon, where is the carbon going to go – in the soil, water or air? …We have 4 separate boards to manage air, water, solids and energy… we need to integrate our activities a lot better.
…I think there is going to be both market and policy competition between whether we use that energy to feed our energy system – or whether we use that energy to feed the bugs and the soil. … Particularly now that we move into bio-fuel… clearly there are some regularity issues on that. We tend to fall on the side of soil, because that is what our organization is all about. …Green fuel is from plants, in addition to solar and wind. …bio-fuel (Natural gas, alcohol, ethanol, cellulo-ethanal, methane…) can be produced from plants and waste material (compost & bio-solids).
…There is no magic bullet when it comes to soil, energy and food.”
~ Dan Noble 11/06/08

This quote was taken from an interview with Dan Noble on the Conscious Discussions talk radio show - which aired on Nov 6, 2008. To access the archived interview at your convenience, simply click on the hyper-linked show title here or look for the link to the right side of this blog.

-- Eco-News --

From the Zero Waste San Diego Group:

“A major cause of odors in landfills is organic matter decomposing under anaerobic conditions. Gases form because of the small amounts of oxygen and moisture inside the landfill. One gas, methane, is very unstable. Methane is prevalent at disposal sites. The deadly gas is colorless and explosive.” “…These anaerobic conditions can create hydrogen sulfide, mercaptans, ammonia, amines, volatile fatty acids, and other reduced-sulfur compounds”

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Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Book Review; De-stressing Life & article on Book Marketing

-- :) 1st Review for the 2nd Edition of our 3rd Book ! :) --

"It is my opinion that every author, whether they are published or hoping to be published, should own a copy of this book. The information is presented in a concise, clear fashion and each subject is covered in a way that makes it easy for the author to apply the suggested techniques to their own marketing requirements."

~ Carol A. Guy, author of Spirit Lake Books I & II

Carol is the editor that Twilight Times Books publisher hired to work on the final manuscript for this latest edition of Purple Snowflake Marketing - How to make Your Book Stand Out in a Crowd. She was so moved by the book that she was inspired to voluntarily write this review as well. Carol is, in my personal opinion, one of the best - if not the best - editors that Dave and I have had the pleasure of working with.

Thank you - Carol - for your wonderful suggestions on improving the manuscript!

* The 2nd edition of Purple Snowflake Marketing - How to make Your Book Stand Out in a Crowd will be available in early March, 2009. The 1st edition is still available in e-book format. See Twilight Times Books for more information :) The new cover design for the 2nd edition can be viewed at:

-- Book Marketing Woes? --

Too many new authors believe that once their book is written the sales will just come pouring in and they will make a bundle. Sadly, this disillusionment is shattered when they receive a royalty check. The honest to goodness truth of the matter is that the writer's work is only started when the book is released. Even the huge author names of today began by peddling their books out of the back of their car. Many big-name authors also began by self-publishing because no one recognized their talent. They did not start off their career with a huge bang. They did not have the money to afford publicists and big marketing firms when they started out and yet they are super successful now. Take heart from their examples.

Marketing, promoting and networking must be done every single day, for the life of the book, in balance with your other activities and obligations.

Many new authors feel their only way to success is through book signings and bookstores stocking their book. They are wrong. While in larger centers with good promotion a book signing event or book reading event may result in as much as a couple hundred one-time sales... most smaller venues can only expect less than 10 sales. Is this worth the 2 hours or more that you spend at the event? Not counting all the preparation, marketing the event, promotion materials, time taken from work and any displays that you have designed and possibly paid for ahead of time. These events do not pay authors to host an event so any sales they do have may not even cover the traveling costs, hotel cost, meals, parking or supplies - let alone the time they put into it. Nor do they usually result in long-term sales - sales are often only during the few days around the event.

Bookstores can only realistically stock less than 1% of the 3 million books available on the market. Their discount with the publisher/distributor is large. Authors are paid royalties only on what their publisher has received. So is all the time and effort going into attaining spots on bookstore shelves worth it?

While the markets above are valuable and important to any author - what authors need to do is think outside the box. Figure out where your efforts will bring the greatest results. Don't expect immediate and overwhelming acceptance by the media or your audience. Marketing, networking and promoting are long-term efforts that will reap greater rewards as efforts continue.

Many authors live in tiny towns and hold down jobs or have physical limitations that prevent out-of-town promotions; much like ourselves. This can be overcome. Again, think outside the box, use the Internet and your contacts - and be persistent. Newspapers, libraries, and bookstores are only the most obvious markets and also are the most difficult to gain the attention of without a strong image because everyone is vying for their attention. Work on your image and get strong promotion materials that help you stand out among the hundred thousand or more new books released annually.

Newsletters can be small but effective markets for your work. On average, they can range in size from 1000-17,000 readers or more. E-zines typically reach an audience larger than 5000. Get a few of them in one month and you are reaching a wide audience!

I just wanted to mention here that some authors get overwhelmed by the immense amount of effort it takes to market a book. If we take one day, one step at a time we will find it is not so overwhelming. I find it works best to figure out what you will concentrate on this week and then set a goal for today. I do this nearly every day. It helps me keep a steady pace going, without taking on too much or too little.

Remember too, that efforts you are making today may not reap immediate results. You may have to hit a market several times before they pick up your proposal. For instance, some contacts from nearly a year ago are now resulting in promotions in their publications. So be patient and professional in all that you do. Again, keep records so that you can follow up.

So develop a long-term marketing plan and stick with it for the full term of your contract with the publisher. The market plan will grow and change as time goes on. And keep good records so you can determine how you will go about marketing the next book.

You don't need to be rich or famous or have a publicist if you are determined and able to commit effort every single day. (Do take some time for yourself, though!)

-- Conscious Discussions Radio --

Today, on Conscious Discussions talk radio show we are discussing how we can de-stress our lives. In this generation more than any other preceding it people across the globe are juggling many tasks and responsibilities at once – and especially these days as the population ages there is a lot more caregiving tasks being thrown into this mix of responsibilities… and we find ourselves multitasking to the point where they begin to feel like they have lost touch with themselves, they feel like they don’t know who they are anymore. These stresses in our world can really damage our relationships.

Debbie Mandel is a stress-management specialist, radio show host, mind/body lecturer, creator of an educational website, and the author of three self-help books. She conducts inspiring stress-management workshops for people from all walks of life and is here today to help us deal with ever-increasing stress load in today’s global society. (Find Debbie at:

To access this interview, (airs live @ 10 AM Pacific, & will be archived for anyone who can't make the live show), click on the hyper-linked show title here, or look to the right for a link to the Conscious Discussions talk radio show.

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Sunday, February 8, 2009

It is easy to make a difference every single day :)

-- Quote of the Day --

“…If a person has a couple of hours and they would like to give back a little to your community, look in the yellow pages and you can find food banks… the local library is always looking for someone to help; women’s centers… …any organization would be absolutely thrilled and grateful to receive monetary support, but if somebody did want to donate their time, any organization in your area… or if you have some type of personal connection with a particular organization. The other day I drove by a food bank and saw a line of people out front and thought, maybe I’ll drop in and see if they need some help.”
~ Carol Denbow 09/04/08

So often when we think of how we, as an individual, could possibly have an impact in the world we forget that small, daily actions are the key. I chose this quote of the day to encourage our readers to think small - think of something you can do today that only takes a few minutes of your time that will improve your community in some way.

This quote was taken from an interview that aired on the Conscious Discussions talk radio show back on Sept, 4th - 2008. Simply click on the hyper-linked show title, or look to the right for a link to find this interview.

-- Eco-News --

Hokkaido Green Energy Data Center Research Group is constructing a fairly unique and environmentally sustainable data center in Hokkaido, Japan's northernmost island. The group is planning to make use of Hokkaido's cool climate to contribute to a drastic reduction of electricity consumption. According to Japan for Sustainability newsletter “ 44 percent of a data center's electricity is typically consumed by air-conditioning systems needed to keep computer servers cool”. This new data center will be taking advantage of lower outside temperatures in winter and using snow/ice energy stocked during the winter to cool IT devices in the summer. It is also considering using the heat from the exhaust of data centers for other heating purposes in winter – This combination of energy saving technologies could increase their savings by 50%.

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Saturday, February 7, 2009

News of the day :)

-- Quote of the Day --

“We must not, in trying to think about how we can make a big difference, ignore the small daily differences we can make which, over time, add up to big differences that we often cannot foresee.”
~ Marian Write Edelman

-- Authors Read --

Lynn Goodwin, owner of Writer Advice and author of You Want me to do What? – Journaling for Caregivers, was our guest today on the Authors Read radio show. Her extensive knowledge in the field of writing was dipped into during an interview that we had with Lynn over at the Conscious Discussions talk radio show on Sept 18, 2008. I encourage our listeners to check that out when you have time. To hear either of these radio episodes with Lynn, simply click on the hyper-linked show title of choice or look to the right for the link to either of these programs.

-- Updates --

We are currently completing the final publishing preparations for the 2nd edition of our 3rd book, Purple Snowflake Marketing - How to Make Your Book Stand Out in a Crowd. Dave has designed another beautiful cover design for this new edition, his graphic art and photography have always been a joy for him to employ in our career as writers. Our main website - - has the new cover, we'll work on our other websites and links later on as time allows.

Bookmarks have been designed with the new book covers included in the imagery and we will have them ordered in by Monday.

-- Eco-Event --

February 9-11:
Comercial Tire, Retread & Recycling Conference
Location: Rosen Center Hotel; Orlando, Florida

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Friday, February 6, 2009

wood stoves & office equipment

-- Quote of the Day --

“…New wood stove technology uses a secondary combustion system that burns off unused fuel, this is the secret. Old air tight stoves sat there and smoldered away and mostly the fuel would go up the chimney and if you were unlucky it would condense into creosote in the chimney and cause all sorts of issues from there. …So new stove technology means that you will use much less fuel, getting more BTUs out of each piece of wood …and polluting less. …Get your firewood in the spring, or the year before, let it dry over the summer - and don’t dampen those stoves down. …Get a thermometer, which will show you a range of temperatures you should be keeping your flue gas at in order to avoid creating creosote and pollution. ”
~ John Vere 11/20/08

This quote was taken from an interview on Conscious Discussions talk radio with John Vere, an environmental advocate, who explained how to burn wood as a fuel for winter heat more efficiently. Learn how to reduce emissions, burn wood efficiently, how to store and cure wood, the best woods to burn and more - simply click on they hyper-linked show title here, or look to the right of this page for a link to the show. Look for the archived interview on the right side of the Conscious Discussions - John's interview aired on Nov. 20, 2008.

-- Did You Know?? --

Did you know that it takes about a gallon of oil to make a new toner cartridge? Solid Ink printers are cartridge-free - no cartridge, no oil required! I just learned of this recently from one of my twitter-friends and was quite surprised that the daily operation of our office equipment plays a role on our dependence on fossil fuels! This is definitely something all of us should keep in mind when upgrading office equipment in the future.

Find Dave & Lillian Brummet, excerpts from their books, information about their radio shows & free resources & articles at

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Sustainable, Environmentally-friendly Business

-- Quote of the Day --

“Our society consumes at least 10 times as much per person as people did at the turn of the last century - but are we 10 times happier?”
~ David Suzuki

--Eco-Resources --

– - Eco-Stiletto features green picks in Fashion, Beauty, Parenting and the Good Life and explains, in real-girl terms, how eco-friendly choices can help reduce your carbon footprint.

- - Sustain-Lane is the web's largest people-powered guide to sustainable living. The hub of Sustain-Lane Media's offerings, is filled with personal accounts of how-tos, news, and local business and product reviews for sustainable living. The site connects interested consumers with the tools and information on everything related to green, including: * The largest directory of local, green-friendly businesses in the United States with over 20,000 small business listings; * Consumer-generated how-tos, news and product reviews of new green offerings in the marketplace; and * A community of like-minded individuals willing to share information and personal experiences with each other.

-- Conscious Discussions --

Managing waste is good for business, but managing waste can also mean the creation of new businesses who see it as a resource. Today we discuss how the Renovos organization helps businesses deal with the huge amount of waste in today’s world, while saving money & appealing to today’s educated consumer more effectively.

Director of Business Development, Douglas Farquhar, contacted us via our yahoo email address and introduced us to Renovos Organization and their amazing bag program that helps reduce the volume of waste headed to the landfill. This really is an amazing ecological and social organization that provides jobs for challenged individuals and stimulates a sustainable economy as well.

Learn about reducing waste, business plan activities that made this program work, the behind-the-scenes activities of running an organization like this with so many projects on the go… and much more.

This interview airs live at 10 am (Pacific) & will be archived for anyone who cannot catch the show:
Simply click on the hyper-linked show title here, or look to the right of this page to find a link for the Conscious Discussions talk radio show.

-- Eco-Events --

Free: E-Waste Recycling Event
Saturday, February 7, 2009
9 a.m. to 3 p.m.
California State University San Marcos
San Marcos, CA -

I was sent this notice recently and in light of the celebration of World Wetland Day I wanted to share this with you: I Love A Clean San Diego is hosting a beach cleanup with a twist! February 14th from 10AM – 12noon. Complimentary food and drinks are supplied by a nearby restaurant. For more information or to sign up for Cupids Cleanup, contact ILACSD’s Volunteer Department at 1-800-237-BLUE or volunteers@cleansd. org.

Feb 9-11: Comercial Tire, Retread & Recycling Conference Location: Rosen Center Hotel; Orlando, Florida

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Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Eco-Resources, Poetry & Interviews

-- Quote of the Day --

“I do feel that poetry chose me… The biggest attraction to poetry for me was when I started reading poetry when I was a teenager - To see that with such a compact amount of words you could get an idea across, you could validate people’s feelings, you could give people some joy… I think poetry is like the poor step-sister in the literary arts. When you say ‘I have a new poetry book coming out’, people will say, ‘yeah, well what else do you do?’ …There is a very fine line that you have to walk when you work with political poetry. You want to get your point across, inspire people and express yourself… but you never want to be dogmatic or polemical. So writing political poetry is very, very difficult. …When you write poetry you can write for yourself – or you can write for the public; but not both. …Poetry is getting out there on the Internet more and more. There is a plethora of people who take it on as a first love. …I think songs you basically take a poem …with enough sound interest, repetition and rhythmical interest; you want to have something to grab people much more quickly because a song is for a short time. ”
~ Joan Gelfand - Jan 6, 2009

Because of the radio show event yesterday on Bards & Poets radio show (see below) I've decided to include the quote above from an interview that aired on the Conscious Discussions talk radio show on January 6th, 2009, when Joan Gelfand joined me for a discussion on "Hope, Violence & Environmental Concerns with Poetry". To find this archived interview simply click on the hyper-linked show title or look to the right of this page for a link to the show.

-- Recent Interviews with the Brummets --

In the LimeLight radio show:
Christina Blodgette is one of the top staff at the BTR station and this radio show highlights programs on this station that the staff are proud of. We are thrilled to have our radio show chosen for this show! Originally the interview was prerecorded in November and aired today on the LimeLight radio show. To hear this interview that has me so excited I just have to call my mother! - either click on the hyperlinked show title here in this post or click on the link below:

Made in the Kootenays radio program:
Dave was invited to appear on the "Made in the Kootenays" radio show, which is on the KBS station. Brad Moore is a gracious and humorous host - Dave had a wonderful experience in their studio. During the interview you can hear excerpts from the "Place in Time" CD by Grooveyard (Dave is the percussionist, graphic artist & wrote a few of their song lyrics as well)

This interview is now archived and available on the KBS station via this page: *Simply scroll down that page to find the interview with "Grooveyard".

Bards and Poets radio show:
I recently appeared on the Bards & Poets radio show, which is hosted by Diane Tegarden. This round-robin style show features several poets reading short excerpts from their published books. During this interview we all seemed to focus on the month of LUV :) I had a great time with these talented poets and we all seemed to just click right away. I read 2 excerpts that day from Towards Understanding, a collection of 120 poems. This radio show, located on the Passionate Internet Voices Station, has an archive page for the Bards & Poets program, which you can find at:

* Look for Feb 3rd... * I do apologize for the sound issues, some of the lines were having sound issues at first but it gets better later in the show. Also - You might notice another archive on this page I've given you that aired on Dec 2nd with a theme of domestic abuse. I was also on this broadcast... so if you like my reading on Feb 3rd, feel free to check that other archive out :)

-- Eco-Resources --

– – a blog devoted to the future of design, tracking the innovations in technology, practices and materials that are pushing architecture and home design towards a smarter and more sustainable future.

– - Green Sugar Press’ children’s books deliver words and images to spark instincts already in kids—that desire to get outside and wander, wonder, dig and climb. They encourage kids to be kids: exploring, examining and investigating the natural world around them. For lifelong dividends, get your kids hooked on nature.

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