Friday, October 31, 2008

The Most Powerful Voice

-- Quote of the Day --

"Business is the only mechanism on the planet today powerful enough to produce the changes necessary to reverse global environmental and social degradation. Doing that will depend in large part on the willingness of customers to change what they buy, how they buy, and from whom they buy their products and services."
~ Paul Hawken, The Ecology of Commerce

There is no doubt that the consumer is the Most Powerful voice on the planet... yet how many of us look to "them" - politicians or manufacturers, regulators - whoever "they" are in our mind, we look to "them" to take care of things. How ironic it is that the only thing that can, and will, change things is the person looking back at us from the mirror.

You'll often hear me say that on Conscious Discussions radio, that we are the hero we are seeking in society. If you really stop and consider this concept, you'll realize it is true.

This does not mean that we are alone in our endeavors - that we are the ONLY one striving for positive change. Often, we are bombarded by negativity by traditional media and our lives have us feeling isolated and alone. However, if we only knew how many of our neighbors right here on our very own street are really proactive in life, we might see the world a little differently.

Did you know that 66% of us would do more if we knew it had a measurable positive impact? And that simply by doing one small act of kindness, just one small positive action, can lead us to healing the depression and stress in our lives? In fact, studies show that volunteers experience a similar chemical high that athletes have - a little bonus our brain gives us for a being positive force in life.

This is the passion and focus behind everything that we do here on the blog, on our 2 radio shows, through our books and articles... We try to inspire people to be that hero that we know they are, at the same time we celebrate individuals around the globe by acknowledging them on our radio show, Conscious Discussions. Those interviews have inspired our listeners to do amazing and wonderful things - and we love hearing their stories.

Consider this quote from one of our featured guests, who runs a alternative feminine hygiene company called: Luna Pads:

“It is our goal to provide in-house daycare for our employees (beyond allowing them to bring their infants with them to work)… think of the amount of time from an environmental perspective the people are spending driving around and dropping them off and picking them up. When in fact they could be bringing them to work, and increasing family time by having lunch with them…”
~ Madeleine Shaw 6/26/07

Madeleine started the company based on an idea for alternatives for women during their menstruation and also for incontinence (many women suffer from bladder leakage when coughing or laughing). This reusable, washable product started with Madeline's sewing machine and has grown to include nearly a dozen employees. This one company has helped reduce tens of thousands of pounds of waste, while helping women feel healthier. Obviously, I love the product... and I was impressed even more during that interview when I heard Madeline speak of the impact of having in-house daycare. Another benefit of this that isn't mentioned in the quote is that there would be a large reduction in employees showing up late or time taken off from work due to issues with the kids at home, since the parents have access to them all day. Another possible benefit to companies is a reduction in employee turnover rates due to an increase in job satisfaction. I thought this was a great concept and I've read that many larger companies are doing this as well.

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Thursday, October 30, 2008

Environment & reuse tips!

-- Conscious Discussions radio --

The featured guest today on our radio show was Rosemary Chaulk - who has written a passionate novel about the history of her small town, the Indians who honored the land, the white settlers who polluted it and the Quaker woman who was labeled as a witch by that community. Hear about her passions for history and the environment. Discover insider's information for the field of writing...

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-- Reuse Tips --

Occasionally, we offer reuse tips here on the blog to give some examples of the kinds of ideas that are employed in seeing "waste" as a "resource". Here are 3 Reuse tips for you to consider:

- Sock and pantyhose elastic ends can be removed and used to hold rolls of wrapping paper in place of elastic bands which tend to tear the paper with use.

- Excess plastic bags can be used as packaging material in boxes by scrunching each bag up into a ball and using as packaging. Other packaging materials are crushed egg cartons. Keep in mind that some shipping outlets and mail stores accept excess packaging materials for reuse (i.e. bubble wrap and foam peanuts).

- Glue old shoulder pads to clothes hangers. These hangers will not leave creases in shirts and coats!

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Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Positive Eco-News!

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-- Amazing Eco-News --

The 2050 Japan Low-Carbon Society, which is supported by the Japanese Ministry of the Environment’s Global Environmental Research Fund and the National Institute for Environmental Studies has released some interesting information revealed by a project they took on.

The project’s proposals include “utilization of solar heat and natural wind in homes and offices, pedestrian friendly city design, promotion of seasonal and local agricultural products, labeling to show carbon dioxide emissions on products, and development of next-generation fuels.” The study reveals that the reduction ratio based on the levels in the year 2000 are – “ 13 to 15 percent for industry, 21 to 24 percent for residential and commercial sectors, 19 to 20 percent for transportation, and 35 to 41percent for energy conversion.”

Isn’t it amazing how seemingly small actions by individuals and communities can have such a huge impact on the health of our planet?

There is a city in Japan known as Nishinomiya – which has recently announced a plan to install solar panels in every single school in their city as well as proposed constructions of green walls in public facilities. What a fantastic step towards a truly green planet.

The city is not only inspiring its citizens and others by showing it can be done, stimulating their economy by supporting green-collar jobs and providing schools with a way to extend their budget - they are also setting a wonderful example for other communities to follow.

-- Quote of the Day --

“…A lot of us don’t realize the far reaching ramifications of thought… …If we don’t see ourselves in a constant state in perfection, we are seeing is imperfection and our cellular structure will then resonate imperfection and we don’t realize the buildup in our bodies… …the thing between our ears literally creates the directions for our lives yet most of us have no idea what that thing is doing. So when we are talking about consciousness, we are talking about being aware of the mind and what it is doing. …Do you know you – or – do you know you for who you judge you to be? We cannot know who we are as long as we judge ourselves. …One of my teachers and I were walking along and he looked over at me to me and said ‘Young Man, what if what you call your god heard every thought you that you had and considered that thought as a request to give you that experience - would you change the way that you think?’ …I learned that if every thought had that power, that I should be very cautious of what I am thinking…”
~ Steven Hairfield 09/09/08

Steven Hairfield was featured on the Conscious Discussions talk radio show on Sept 9, 2008 - this interview continues to prove to be very popular with our listeners. If you'd like to check out the archived interview, simply go to the Conscious Discussions website and scroll past the links on the right - and you'll see the archives listed according to the month in which they aired. In this case, one would click on Sept 2008 and look to the center of the page where all the interviews that aired that month will then be listed. It is as easy as that. :)

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Writing & Poetry

-- Events this Week --

- Look for an interview with Lillian on Writers & Authors blog on Oct 29th:

- Northeast Recycling Council Fall Conference, October 28-29, Northampton, Massachusetts;

- October 28-31: Eco-Expo Asia: www in Hong Kong , China

- October 29-31 In Courtenay, BC (Canada) we have the Coast Waste Management Association Annual Conference and Trade show at the Crown Isle Resort. info & contact at

- October 29-31st Vancouver, BC - Rubber recycling Symposium -

-- Conscious Discussions --

Yes, you guessed it - it is time for another day of inspiring environmental news, new green technologies, positive waste reduction initiatives being embraced by communities around the globe & more! Find out more about Lillian & Dave's environmental book: Trash Talk; Their guide for marketing books: Purple Snowflake Marketing; and Lillian's book of poetry: Towards Understanding - at:

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Energy Use and the Power of the Individual

-- Quote of the day --

“If somebody is hurting try to help them, show them strength. …Help others to learn.”
~ Judy Kriz 12/06/07

This quote above means a lot to me because it really underlines the power of small daily actions and the ripple effect they can have in our community.

Take this real-life scenario for example: Stopping and talking to a homeless person on the street can make them feel less invisible in the community. By showing you care it can touch their hearts in a very deep way. Living by example can lead others to follow your actions and before you know it - the community is forever changed.

Here is another real-life example: I was cleaning up a section of a trail in town regularly and people would walk by with their dogs and want to talk to me briefly about the day, my dog and what I was doing. Usually I brought up my little "donation" to the city since I could tell they wanted to ask, but hadn't yet worked up the nerve. And I found they were inspired by that and soon, I saw there were others on that trail who began to clean up trash as well. Later on that year and for the next season as well, I started pulling this terribly invasive weed from that same trail. Soon, I saw several freshly pulled weeds when I went to visit the trail days later - and I knew others had been doing the same actions.

I encourage our readers here to visit the Conscious Discussions radio website to hear the interview that the quote (above) was taken from. To hear this interview simply look to the archive section (under the links) and click on Dec, 2007. All the segments that aired in Dec will then load on that page and you can choose the interview you want to hear from there.

Conscious Discussions:

-- Authors Read --

Today on the Authors Read radio show, I shared an excerpt from the chapter entitled: Energy, from our book Trash Talk. Learn how you can look at energy use around your home, find leaks around the home and feel better about your budget and contributions to the planet.

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New location for our Blog

Hello everyone! Thank you for joining us here at this new location for our blog. I've decided to move the blog from our myspace site:

I've been running that blog for over a year there and have had some great success with it, however I've been convinced that this is a much better place to be with our blog. So here I am :)

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Later on today, I'll post a few more topics from our other blog... and then I'll be posting here regularly from then on.


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