Media Appearances

Media Appearances

Here, you will find some of our more recent online media appearances. We chose not to include print and other appearances in this list - keeping it just to online links that you can visit easily.

Please do feel free to browse the links below and we invite you to leave a comment or drop by our site to communicate with us directly.

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For authors and publicity agents out there - you might find the list useful for your own endeavours.  I don't mind sharing our list with others in the writing industry. :) you can see from the many appearances below, our Purple Snowflake Marketing techniques really do work :)


Visit us anytime:

Podcast (interview) 

Blog (poetry)

Online Talk Radio (discussion re: purple snowflake marketing techniques): 
It was also published here:

Blog (feature): 

Blog (book excerpt; poetry): 

...which was re-posted here:

Website (Profile Page): 

Blog (Article): 

Blog (Interview)

Blog (Interview)

Blog (feature):

Blog (article): 

Rita Lee Chapman's Guest Authors: (interview, scroll down the page to find our interview held on April 4th)

Book Review: 

Magazine Website (press release):

Website (feature):

Website (article)

Website (interview):

Blog (article)

Author Interview (website)

Book Feature (website)

Author Interview (blog):

Book Feature (blog):

Article, Entrepreneur:

Article, social media

Featured Author: 
Article, food waste:

Author Interview: (blog)

Author Feature / Mini-Interview:

Kootenay Arts Bulletin:

BC MarketPlace listing 

Book Feature (website): 

Blog: (Article; business)
Author Feature (blog)

Author Interview (blog)

Poetry (blog)

Writing: Interview (radio):

Radio Broadcasting: Interview (radio):

Writers Making a Difference: Article (blog):

Author Interview (blog):

Blogging: Article (blog):

From Surviving to Thriving: Interview (podcast):

Writing: Interview (radio):

Green Holidays, 3 part interview series: Interview (radio):
Part 1:

Part 2:

Part 3:

Time Management: Article (blog):

Green Marketing: Interview (podcast):

Writer's Business Advice: Interview (radio):

Co-writing: Article (blog):

Author Interview (website):

Book Marketing: Interview (radio):

Positive, Passionate Living: Interview (radio):

World of Writing: Interview (radio):

Gardening & Eco-Living: Interview (radio):

Blogging & Networking (blog):

Blog (blog):

Life Issues (radio):

Marketing (radio):

Business (radio):

Backyard Habitat (blog, article):

Natural Pest Control, Garden (blog, article):


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