Sunday, June 30, 2019

quote of the day

Quote of the Day 

"To him that waits 

all things reveal themselves, 

provided that he has the courage 

not to deny, 

in the darkness, 

what he has seen 

in the light." 

~ Coventry Patmore


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Friday, June 28, 2019


Today's post offers a little taste of what is to be found in my 
first poetry book, Towards Understanding - this nervous ode to Dave  – my loving husband of 25 years - was written when we first met and thought about the seriousness of what was happening. This was no "for now" thing. This was real. ... and nervous, skittish me was feeling a load of emotions at the time.


Who are you to disturb my inner thoughts?

To come here, innocently driving my fears away;

Creating new fears as the old ones fade?

Don’t go - but for God’s sake don’t stay.

Show yourself to me or just go away.

Your feelings are welcome here I think,

Wanting your smiles and tears;

And with you, I lose some fear.

Yet I try not to care.

I may not be able to stop the flow.

Gotta ask you to stop this but please don’t you go.

I am confused between my fears and you

To you, I am who I am.

Still you stay where you stand.

I fear I may enjoy this too much

Might not let go of your hand.

I’ll be strong, take it as it comes and enjoy our time.

Wait for the inevitable chime.

I’ll try not to push you away, I swear.

Nor will I show you too much.

Yet it is so hard not to believe in this.


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Thursday, June 27, 2019

Organization & Downsizing Tips

Organization & Downsizing Tips

Organization and downsizing shows are very popular and as we look on with envy at their well managed belongings…

Screws, bolts, picture hooks, plant hangers, curtain hooks, nails, small parts and hardware can quickly become a huge mess if they are not organized. Have you ever tried to find anything in that “junk drawer” or the bottom of the toolbox, where these items are typically thrown? Then in frustration, we take the extra time to head down to the hardware store to buy something we already had.

The best way to store these items is in clear plastic, screw top containers – found for free simply by washing out those empty peanut butter or mayonnaise containers. We prefer the extra large containers with the wide lid, but smaller ones come in quite handy too. Because they are clear, we can see at a glance what they contain. Being plastic, they will not break or crack like glass would, and their contents do not make as much noise when the container is moved around.

Where to start:

 Empty “junk” drawers and boxes, one at a time, on a large tray – and sort, making piles of various items… certain types of screws piled together, clothes pins in another pile, etc. Put each pile in a container and set aside. Do the same thing for every single junk drawer and toolbox, from cupboard to desk and closet from the home to the office and garage, and then out to the garden shed. Don’t look at this as one big project like you see on those television shows; simply start one drawer, one desk, one box at a time. After a while you’ll notice those containers of specific items are beginning to fill and you’ll be glad you have some larger containers. The benefit comes in when you go to your craft closet and can literally see all your bits and pieces and supplies. You know what you have to work with, when you go to the workshop you can see the exact amount of every screw, hinge, hook, hanger, parts for bicycles, random vehicle parts and different types of nails that you have in stock. Things are visually very tidy, they are easy to reach and convenient to use. When you have some part to put away, it is easy to find the right storage container.

You’ll find these containers are also handy in the kitchen for bulk dry goods like icing sugar or flour. They are perfect for holding dog treats, cotton balls, pet food, garden amendments and bulk seed storage. Once we started doing this in 1996, and currently in our kitchen and pantry cupboards we have 35 of those containers… easily twice that in the garage, workshop and garden shed areas. That’s more than 100 containers being reused indefinitely. The bonus here is that if they warp or crack, they can still be recycled.

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Tuesday, June 25, 2019

Quote of the Day

Quote of the Day

“If you want success, if you want wisdom,

 if you want to be prosperous and healthy, 

you’re going to have to do more than meditate and believe.” 

~ Joel Osteen


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