Friday, June 29, 2018

Prevent Nutrient Deficiencies Diseases in Mature Men

Prevent Nutrient Deficiencies Diseases in Mature Men

*By Ray Ayuso

There are many reason why men in their midlife lack the adequate levels of certain nutrients such as calcium, magnesium, CoQ10, ubiquinol, omega 3 fatty acids, vitamins D3, B12 and K2.

Usually men with busy lives have a lot of stress which can deplete key nutrients from their body. Also processed food, lacks the necessary nutritional value in fast food.
All of these can result in different diseases such as loss of bone, fatigue, sexual dysfunction, muscle mass and others. In order to boost your body muscle mass, strength, sexual function and mental sharpness taking dietary supplements of vitamins and following a healthy diet is necessary for men in their midlife.

Vitamin B12 - involves the regulation and synthesis of DNA, proper function of the brain, eyes, nervous system and liver. Insufficient Vitamin B12 can result in depression, anaemia, fatigue, manic moods, poor memory and psychosis.

Vitamin D3 - we get it from sunlight on the skin. Is vital for calcium, phosphorus, teeth and healthy bones. Lack of Vitamin D3 results in fracture of bones, discomfort, muscles weakness and problems in your ability to think.
Vitamin K2 - is necessary for adequate blood clotting, to protect the nervous system from calcium deposits and to more calcium to the bones. Deficiency in Vitamin K2 results in decreased cognitive function, bleeding and bruising.
Calcium - This is very important for the health of our teeth, bones, muscles, managing the levels of phosphates in the blood, to regulate hearth rhythms and more. Symptoms of deficiency in calcium are fracture of teeth, bones, muscle tremors, discomfort and inadequate rhythms of the heart.

Magnesium - it has a very important role in the production of energy in cells, in metabolism, bones, pancreas, immune system and the health of the hearth.

Coenzyme Q10 - is necessary for the cardiovascular system, nervous system, brain, kidneys, liver, hearth and a healthy sperm. A lack of Coenzyme Q10 causes chest pain, high blood pressure and heart failure.

Omega 3 fatty acids - these are found in nut oils and fish oil, suppress inflammation in cells, are vital for the joints, the heart and for cognitive function.

It is always the best choice is to follow a healthy diet including fruits, vegetables, nuts, eggs, cheese, poultry, meats, fish, mineral water and freshly cooked organic whole grains.

However is not easy for men in their midlife to get the necessary nutrients from diet and healthy food. Therefore it may be important to take nutritional supplements to increase their key nutrient levels.


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Thursday, June 28, 2018

quote of the day

Quote of the Day

“The question is not:

‘Do you have a problem?’ 

The question is:

‘Does the problem have you?'” 

~ Joel Osteen


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Wednesday, June 27, 2018

Recommended resources

Recommended Resources

For those of you who may not already be aware, I have created 2 pages on this blog that offer quite a few resources for people to check out. These pages are constantly being updated, so keep dropping by when you have a chance to see what's changed. 

To find the various pages on our blog - notice the little tabs just under the title heading "Brummet's Conscious Blog" and you'll find several different pages there - including the two resource pages. 

One offers links to nonprofit organizations within the Creston Valley region of the Kootenays (BC, Canada. I put this one together so that volunteers or people involved in fundraising events, community events and the like can network with the existing organizations. Likewise the organizations are encouraged to network with one another. Also tourists and visitors have the opportunity to find tours and other things to do. 

The other page is a list of mostly music and art related resources - some are specifically for the Kootenay's, others are more general that anyone can enjoy. 

Dave and I hope that you find these resource pages of use - and please do feel free to share those pages with anyone you feel may find them of interest.


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Saturday, June 23, 2018

quote of the day

Quote of the Day


“If you enter this world knowing you are loved 

and you leave this world knowing the same, t

hen everything that happens in between can be dealt with.” 

~  Michael Jackson


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