Thursday, October 30, 2008

Environment & reuse tips!

-- Conscious Discussions radio --

The featured guest today on our radio show was Rosemary Chaulk - who has written a passionate novel about the history of her small town, the Indians who honored the land, the white settlers who polluted it and the Quaker woman who was labeled as a witch by that community. Hear about her passions for history and the environment. Discover insider's information for the field of writing...

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-- Reuse Tips --

Occasionally, we offer reuse tips here on the blog to give some examples of the kinds of ideas that are employed in seeing "waste" as a "resource". Here are 3 Reuse tips for you to consider:

- Sock and pantyhose elastic ends can be removed and used to hold rolls of wrapping paper in place of elastic bands which tend to tear the paper with use.

- Excess plastic bags can be used as packaging material in boxes by scrunching each bag up into a ball and using as packaging. Other packaging materials are crushed egg cartons. Keep in mind that some shipping outlets and mail stores accept excess packaging materials for reuse (i.e. bubble wrap and foam peanuts).

- Glue old shoulder pads to clothes hangers. These hangers will not leave creases in shirts and coats!

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