Wednesday, November 12, 2008

can you hit the "off" switch?

Its a little strange to be here this morning in front of my monitor with a clear agenda for the day. Usually I can barely keep up to it all - today, I'm actually in a position to Choose what I'll do next. Hmmm.... Even with a fairly light schedule ahead of me, I find myself anxious to get started. My husband is often asking me things like "just how much time have you spent in there today?" - and sometimes... he's right. Still, I find myself so passionate about what I do and I often wake up thinking about how I can improve or enrich the radio shows, blog and so forth. This particular time in our lives is a very difficult time to hit that "off" switch since we have so much going on in regards to creating promo sound bites and getting the website finished in time so that we can dedicate our energies to the new edition of Purple Snowflake Marketing - coming out around Feb 2009. ...Dave, too, is very passionate about what we do... he just has an easier time hitting the "off" switch than I do. :) This reminds me of an interview I had with a wonderful fellow by the name of John Barrie -
“…I design things for people who make less than 2 dollars a day. I feel compelled - one of the ways I get design inspiration is by working with communities such as in Guatemala where a village …was relocated up at a 8500 location and I worry about those guys… you know they are up there freezing. So when I get up in the morning my feet are moving fast.”
~ John Barrie 02/12/08
John is really an amazing person who's done such incredible work across the globe that it is more than inspiring - it is AWESOME. Of course you can easily find this archived interview via the Conscious Discussions talk radio show by clicking on the hyper-linked show title here in the blog or looking to the right of this screen for the link to the Conscious Discussions radio show. The archives are listed according to the month in which they aired - and are located on the right hand side of that website, just under the list of links.

Eco-Family Activity !!!

Looking for winter-friendly family activities? Here's one resource you don't want to miss out on:

Kids' "Create Your Future" website is organized by the Japan for Sustainability Organization to encourage children all over the world to take an interest in environmental issues, think about what they can do to help, and put their ideas into action.

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