Thursday, November 27, 2008

Celebrating Paramedics - & - Greening the Holidays

-- Conscious Discussions --

We often see news reports and specials in other media for the success stories, or demands and stresses for Doctors, hospitals and Nurses – but we rarely see support and celebration of the amazing individuals involved in the field of paramedics. Today on the Conscious Discussions talk radio show we had that opportunity… I had a wonderful discussion with Morgan Lawrence - his tribute to paramedics is unique and we had the opportunity to find out more about the impact saving or losing lives has on the paramedic, the legacy these workers leave behind, acts of kindness and relationships gained or lost in this career. This is an insiders, behind the scenes in-depth interview into the life of the paramedic. Today’s guest is author Morgan Lawrence – his book – the Streets Ran Red – was also discussed.

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-- Holiday: Keeping it green, keeping it safe ---

Consider purchasing a set of large, sturdy square bottomed reusable bags. There are a lot of varieties to choose from, but may I suggest those that are created from recycled plastic bottles – these are fantastic, very strong and a great way to support the waste-to-resource system that feeds a sustainable planet. Plastic litter is a huge concern. Consider this stat quoted from an article by Marine Debris Campaign Manager Danielle Miller: “In 2007, 9,316 plastic bags were removed from San Diego beaches, communities and our bay during twice-monthly beach cleanups, weekly boat patrols and Coastal Cleanup Day. Although these bags were removed, countless others made their way to our ocean contaminating our water, degrading our precious marine ecosystems and harming marine animals. An estimated 60–80% of all marine debris and 90% of floating debris is in the form of plastic, which is highly toxic and does not biodegrade in the environment. …It takes more than 12 million barrels of oil to produce the plastic bags consumed in the United States each year. The production of plastic carryout bags is polluting the air we breathe and contributing to the challenges of global warming.” I’d like to take this opportunity here to thank the zero waste san diego group for keeping in informed of interesting articles like these.

Just how many bags? Well, personally we own a dozen different kinds of reusable bags, but prefer the square bottomed ones created from plastic bottles. You can find these at nearly every retailer these days – grocery stores are especially becoming more supportive of this movement towards sustainability. 12 bags will likely cover most of the shopping activities for a family of 3. 6-8 bags may be appropriate for an individual…

Alternatively consider gifts that encourage activities such as renting bikes for an outing or giving dance lesson gift certificates.

… if you feel you have enjoyed our radio shows (Conscious Discussions & Authors Read) our blog, newsletter or articles - please consider our books as a gift for those on your list over the holiday season and whenever gift giving holidays arise. By doing so, you are not only supporting the work we do - you are also helping us support some amazing charities. Check out our site for more information:

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