Thursday, November 6, 2008

Composting on a Grand Scale

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I am still all hepped up after speaking with Dan Noble today on the Conscious Discussions talk radio show. Most of our readers and listeners are already aware of my passion for composting. Today, however, we learned about composting on a massive scale. What are municipalities doing to create compost? What about waste-to-energy plants? Why do we need to keep organics out of the landfill? How does municipal composting play a role in healthy soil and how does composted biosolids affect "organic certification"?

Mr Dan Noble the executive director of the Association of Compost Producers (ACP) organization. He is also the owner of a consultation business called: Noble Resources Group. He is also associated with Inquiry Consulting and Ecobonds. According to the ACP website – – they are “dedicated to increasing the quality, value and amount of compost being used”.

I encourage everyone to visit Conscious Discussions and listen to this fascinating discussion with an expert in large scale composting. Simply click on the hyperlinked show title here in the blog or click on the image below:

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Listeners who enjoyed today’s broadcast will be pleased to know that we have interviewed several experts in the field of organic waste management. Going back as far as August 28, 2007 with Canadian business owner Cathy Nesbitt re: worm composting. We also interviewed children’s author Larraine Roulston regarding teaching vermiculture to young people on Oct 23, 2007. On January 29, 2008 we discussed waste issues in Africa including their tendency for open burning and the lack of understanding the benefits of composting. We even discussed composting toilets with Ulrich Westergaard on Feb 26. More recently on Aug 19, 2008 I interviewed Rachel Borgatti about the composting programs at the Solana Center for Environmental Innovation… and there have been others as well that you can find in the archives on the conscious discussions home page.

To access archived shows simply scroll past the links on the right side of the Conscious Discussions website and click on the month you are interested in viewing. Archives are listed according to the month they aired. Alternatively you might find the list that we have on our site ( easier to use and that can be found at the bottom of the page for this show on the website

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