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holiday activities & Radio interivews

-- Quote of the Day --

“…This is one time that you can get involved… 37 years I wasn’t green, and now I am. …I feel like I am making a difference in my families life, other families’ lives through the book… it gives you a sense of accomplishment and a sense of being a part of trying to make a change. …Children are going to be the biggest force of changing the way we do things. …I created the book with my eldest son because of his love for garbage trucks – he used to sit there at the window and watch them; he was pretty much my focal group. …All the things I’ve done in life, I’m having the most enjoyment now. …It is a thrill. …I’ve had parents coming up to me saying ‘James, you are getting me in trouble – my son is giving me heck because we don’t recycle’…”
~ James Martin 08/03/08

The interview with children's author James Martin was one that most of us can relate to. Most adults today did not grow up with the recycling and reuse mentality that our children now experience. We began making small changes in our lives as we learned to live more consciously and as programs grew to meet today's challanges, we participated in them making them viable. Some of us tried to influence the speed of these changes because we see the need and the value of creating a sustainable society. By doing so, we begin to influence others - including upcoming generations.

To access this interview which aired on August 3, 2008 - simply click on the hyper-linked show title: Conscious Discussions, click on the link to your right for the radio show, or click on the image below:
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-- Holiday Activities --

This winter we can look at many ways that as a family, an individual or with a group of friends can make an amazing impact on society. Consider the following example...

According to the Japan for Sustainability newsletter, which you can find at: - A group of volunteers in Japan that repairs toys and then redistribute them, mainly in Mie Prefecture, established the Mie Toy Hospital Network in April 2008. The group aims to coordinate activities between toy " hospitals" by supporting public relations activities through their websites, exchanging skills and information among toy "doctors," and helping to organize new toy hospitals.

This is a fantastic example of reuse and creating a sustainable society by helping the underprivileged extend their budget or have access to things they would not have had otherwise.

Dave and I met a retired couple who did a similar thing in our area (BC, Canada). What they did was glean garage sales and made deals with thrift stores and others who might receive broken toys. Sometimes it is a simple matter of cleaning, oiling and repainting the toy so that the parts will move and the child receives a shiny new toy. Parts can be gleaned from several toys to make one that works.

Another amazing story along a similar vein was from a neighbor of ours who we met briefly about 12 years ago or more. He took scrap lumber, bits of boards left over from construction, and made wooden toys for charity.

I think this is amazing and I applaud all of you out there that are doing similar things. You extend the life of a material and find another use for it. You prevent overwhelming contributions to the landfill and you help your community be a more brighter, happier place to live by helping others.

-- Authors Read Radio --

Children's author Krissy Smith read from her holiday book - Jingles - today on Authors Read radio. To access today's reading click on the hyper-linked show title here in the blog or click on the image below:

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