Monday, November 24, 2008

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-- Quote of the Day --

“…if you have a passion – you have a business. With today’s economy, with the layoffs and difficulties finding jobs… with technology, there is no reason why …you cannot start a business in the comfort of your home …combining the talents with the people in your household to generate the income that you need, not just to survive, but also to have the freedom in life that is just so valued and also to be able to help others at the same time.”
~ Donna-Maria Coles Johnson 12/18/07

I chose this quote for today because I think we all need that little reminder, letting us know that we can make a difference, that we don't have to conform to the limits we perceive in this society, that we can get out of the box we have put ourselves in and pursue a passion that can change the world.

We've featured many experts in business development, and support for both "greening" a business and creating a business from a "green" idea. I encourage you to browse through the archives to find those that appeal to you. We have created a user-friendly list on our main site, look for the "Conscious Discussions page" and scroll to the bottom of that page to find the list.

Alternatively go to the archive section on the Conscious Discussions website, look to the right (under the links). There you will find archives listed according to the month that they aired in... So to access the interview that the quote of the day was taken from, you'd need to click on Dec. 2007 and then look to the center of the page where the interview will be listed.

-- Community Hero Award ! ---

Some of you may recall that Dave and I were featured as Community Heroes of the Week in the Grand Forks Gazette (newspaper) and the Boundary Weekender (newspaper) back in Oct 15, 2008. This event is sponsored by Live Smart BC, which has an amazing website: Prize: Live Smart BC eco-kit, value $50 (*we haven't received it yet though! lol)

Anyway, just recently we were notified that we will again be featured as Community Heroes, this time as the monthly grand prize winner and they will be doing a nice article for the Grand Forks Gazette (newspaper) & Boundary Weekender (newspaper) - Prize: $100 cheque mailed by the Premier of Canada!

From what I understand, as a monthly grand prize winner we are now entered into a contest that goes all across BC... all the community heroes of the month will compete for the grand prize :)

What a thrill !!! :) :) We are so excited by this !

-- Authors Read Radio --

My guest today on Authors Read radio show was Eris LeBeau reads an excerpt from her novel Lost Souls and Source Code. She can be found at
To find this authors reading, simply click on the hyperlinked show title here in the blog, click on the image below, or click on the link to your right for the radio show. Either of these will get you there :)

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