Thursday, November 20, 2008

Wood stoves & global warming

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These days, with fossil fuel costs rising and alternative’s like solar and wind still beyond the average consumer’s budget, many are returning to wood to heat their homes. Often, this can be a huge benefit to the family budget – especially if they are able to get the wood themselves. Unfortunately, there are huge environmental costs if this heat source is not handled consciously. Today's guest, John Vere, is the Woodstove Exchange Program Coordinator, and we discussed the program, some of the behind-the-scenes activities in running the program and why it is so important to educate the public. Learn how to save money this winter and reduce contribution to global warming – at the same time, learn some tricks in starting fires and types of wood to use for specific situations.

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While the Grand Forks area Woodstove Exchange Program does not have a website of it’s own there is some info at the City’s site: on the program. There is also information on this region’s exchange program at:

John Vere also provided this list of resources for anyone interested in following up on the information we discussed today:

Information about the program is available at the Province of BC website

The Environment Canada site has info as well

And this site is very informative Wood heat org.

If you have a burning question about wood stoves go to this site.

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