Friday, December 19, 2008

bio-fuels & the holidays

-- More on Bio-fuels --

A few days ago I had put together a piece on bio-fuels. Recently, I learned some new information that you might find interesting. According to Global News (TV) there is a new BioMass Gasifier in place in the south western area of BC (Canada) that reuses waste from construction & mills - i.e. bark & sawdust - & creates several sources of energy through heat recovery equipment & hot water steam. This "green" energy source provides residents with energy to power their homes & offices at 1/3 of the cost of Natural Gas - which is getting expensive. The emisssions saved through this new biomass gasifier plant equates to 3,000 car's emissions per year.

-- Holiday Relationship Tips --

The holidays can bring stress & relationship issues to the forefront. Earlier on Conscious Discussions, we had an interview with Sally Shields who has written a very insightful book on getting along with the in-laws. Here's one of my favorite quotes from that interview:

“…there was a study done at Clark University last year… 70% of women described their relationships with their mother-in-laws as being tense… (Mother in Laws are feeling) displaced; you’ve married her son… she’s getting older; you are younger… you are moving away and having his children… She’s being displaced and not feeling included, and it takes a lot of time and work on the Daughters-in-law part. …mothers-in-laws really need to be reached out to. …they can be just as self conscious as we are. …We cannot change our mother-in-laws …it is about finding an appreciation for who they are; finding humor in the situation; knowing who we are; letting the negativity go past us; simply accepting her for who she is; not expecting her to change and changing our reaction to her… ”
~ Sally Shields 07/07/08

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