Monday, December 8, 2008

christmas crafts & authors reading

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“Every problem can be solved with the proper application of the means at hand. Maybe not easily, happily, cheaply or painlessly – but it can be done if you have the will; you already have the means – yourself!” ~ Joanne Siewert

-- Authors Read --

Today's guest was Cindy Tuttle reading an excerpt from Joyful Surrender. To access this author's reading simply click on the link for the Authors Read radio show on the right-hand side of this blog site.

-- Green Holidays ! --

Craft: Christmas ornaments

Create tiny boxes of any size - These can be made from Styrofoam packaging materials, tiny blocks of wood, created from old cereal boxes... those small raisin snack boxes for children and match stick boxes work perfectly for this due to their handy size.

Glue on wrapping paper and decorate with glitter, trim, tiny bows or anything that strikes your fancy. Then glue on a loop of ribbon or an ornament hook on to the back of the ornament. Hooks are available at most craft stores – but if you are making a loop, be sure to make it big enough to fit over the tree’s stems.

What a great way to fill an afternoon with a fun and interesting craft - and you have yourself a set of matching ornaments that look like miniature presents hanging from your tree. I have several sets of these myself. These also might make a great gift idea for you or your family to consider.

If you are a part of a youth group or are looking for a craft project you might want to consider these ideas that we’ve been sharing here on our radio show and blog for this holiday season.

Consider creating packages of these craft ideas we’ve been sharing and donating them to places like support center for women, the homeless and financially challenged, senior centers and hospitals or any another organization of choice.

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