Saturday, December 20, 2008

Peace and Celebrating Heroes

-- Quote of the Day --

“Peace is not a goal to be reached but a way of life to be lived”
~ Desmond Tutu

-- Celebrating Heroes on the Planet --

I’d like to take this opportunity to congratulate Sweden, Finland, Norway & Switzerland on their fantastic ratings on their management of resources, waste & the environment. Japan & Belgium are other top performers in this regard.

Canada, though ranking high in air quality, wilderness & forest management, fell short on waste, emission contributions & resource management. Some of this is due to the mountain pine beetle, which has plagued our region lately & is devastating huge portions of the forests on crown land within BC.

So we have a lot to do & a short time to do it in. The encouraging thing is that there are several other countries who have tried out a variety of programs & with this knowledge of their successes & failures, we can develop a highly refined management plan that suits our country & it’s diverse regions.

One of the obstacles in any movement toward change is getting everyone on board - to do that, they must understand the importance of the change & also the value of the part that they play in the system.

Therefore - education is the key. This is where you & I come in. Simply by sharing ideas, celebrating innovations & stimulating conversation we are helping the movement toward change. This is exactly what Dave & I try to do here with the blog, over at the Conscious Discussions radio show, through our various articles & in our every day life.

So go ahead and talk about things you’ve heard of, get your co-workers thinking about the idea of solar water heaters, recycling or whatever you’ve learned from a magazine or from one of our radio segments or blog posts.

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