Wednesday, December 24, 2008

-- Purple Snowflake Marketing --

I would like to celebrate the fact that our book, Purple Snowflake Marketing, has been included on yet another recommended reading list! We are so excited about this – since this is the 10th writer’s course to do so since the book’s release in 2007. (*Currently Purple Snowflake is on the recommended by: Writing to Publication Courses at the Southwestern Oregon Community College; South Coast Writer's Conference course "Noveling"; From Brainstorm to Book and Beyond Writing Courses -; LP Word Solutions -; The Inkslinger -; L.S.S. Writing School -; Write Your Best Services

Become an Bestseller! is the latest course to add Purple Snowflake to their list of recommended reading. Bestselling author Sally Shields is the host of this course; she is also a speaker and radio personality. She will teach you zero-cost Internet strategies to gain massive results in a 5-week course. From my understanding there is a 100% money-back guarantee with this course and it begins in early January – To follow up on this resource visit:

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