Wednesday, December 3, 2008

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…I looked into smaller publishers and I went to a site called Predators and Editors …where I found all the ones that publish mysteries …and I got positive responses from 3 of them. …I learned a lot, especially in the editing process – you know especially what mistakes to avoid. …I always think that e-books are just wonderful because they bypass all the carbon footprint – you know, they just go from computer to computer without any waste involved. …Print-on-demand, I feel, really eliminates a whole lot of waste when you look at the traditional model of printing … where they have an original print run 10,000 copies and if the books don’t sell, which a lot of them don’t then 6000 get sent back to the warehouse where they try to sell them through books-a-million and then half-price and eventually they end up in the landfill – and each time there is a truck to drive them there, so the waste and the pollution is huge… Where as Print-on-demand - everyone who wants a book, they print it out for them…”
~ Judy Nichols 10/9/08

The world of writing, like most industries, has certainly changed over the years - the last decade especially has seen great strides towards better efficiency, concern for the environment and cutting costs in shipping and handling.

It is such a pleasure to have discussions on the various aspects of the publishing industry and various opinions from people who actually work in the industry on Conscious Discussions. the quote above was taken from an interview with Judy Nichols and I encourage our blog readers to visit that interview's archive when they have time. Judy shared a wealth of information that day about writing with a mission - meaning, using the craft to spark creative and positive change in society. We also touched on the incredible advances the industry has undergone as of late.

To access the archived interview simply click on the hyper-linked show title here in the blog, click on the link to your right or click on the image below... either of these will get you there.

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