Monday, January 5, 2009

Finding happiness with small daily actions...


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-- Authors Read --

First time author, Vernelle Nelson, uses down to earth everyday language to help guide readers to inner peace, balance & self confidence. Vernelle resides in Southern Florida – her experiences range from teacher to head of On-Air Promotions at National Public Radio headquarters, radio disc jockey, as well as being a television & radio producer. She has published poetry, human-interest stories & news articles in the past. Vernelle was featured today on the
Authors Read radio show to read from her debut non-fiction self-help book: Favorable Conditions. The author tells me that the book is a great tool for individuals as well as classes & home study groups – & is designed to help readers maintain a focus & balance in life.

To find this authors reading simply click on the Authors Read radio show title here in the blog or click on the link for the show on the right... either of these links will get you there. While you are there, take some time to browse through the archives to see if there is anything you would like to listen to - or would like your children to listen to... we have lots of children's authors reading thier stories on
Authors Read as well :)

-- Quote of the Day --
In keeping with the genre that was featured on Authors Read this morning, I'd like to share with you the following quote of the day:

“…I was feeling really negative about things, I just curled up and was just waiting to die, I was so negative and depressed. And then I met with a Buddhist lama …and he told me to stop feeling sorry for myself and start focusing on the happiness of other people - and I was a little bit offended at first. I thought, you just don’t understand… but the more I did, the better I felt. …(examples of random acts of kindness) inspiring messages on people’s windshields at the cancer center where people are getting treatment …buy a person’s lunch …we’ve taken flowers into the hospital and asked the nurses to give them to the patient who needed them the most… we complement clerks to their bosses… Plant a tree, call an old friend, send a thank you note, send a Christmas card to a seniors center for a senior who doesn’t have relatives … there are so many free, simple and low cost things we can do that can make a huge impact on peoples lives…
~ CJ Scarlet Dec 4, 2008

This quote was taken from an interview that aired with CJ Scarlet on the Conscious Discussions talk radio program on Dec 4, 2008 - to access the full interview click on the hyperlinked show title here in the blog or look to the right of this page for a link to the
Conscious Discussions radio program.

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