Thursday, February 5, 2009

Sustainable, Environmentally-friendly Business

-- Quote of the Day --

“Our society consumes at least 10 times as much per person as people did at the turn of the last century - but are we 10 times happier?”
~ David Suzuki

--Eco-Resources --

– - Eco-Stiletto features green picks in Fashion, Beauty, Parenting and the Good Life and explains, in real-girl terms, how eco-friendly choices can help reduce your carbon footprint.

- - Sustain-Lane is the web's largest people-powered guide to sustainable living. The hub of Sustain-Lane Media's offerings, is filled with personal accounts of how-tos, news, and local business and product reviews for sustainable living. The site connects interested consumers with the tools and information on everything related to green, including: * The largest directory of local, green-friendly businesses in the United States with over 20,000 small business listings; * Consumer-generated how-tos, news and product reviews of new green offerings in the marketplace; and * A community of like-minded individuals willing to share information and personal experiences with each other.

-- Conscious Discussions --

Managing waste is good for business, but managing waste can also mean the creation of new businesses who see it as a resource. Today we discuss how the Renovos organization helps businesses deal with the huge amount of waste in today’s world, while saving money & appealing to today’s educated consumer more effectively.

Director of Business Development, Douglas Farquhar, contacted us via our yahoo email address and introduced us to Renovos Organization and their amazing bag program that helps reduce the volume of waste headed to the landfill. This really is an amazing ecological and social organization that provides jobs for challenged individuals and stimulates a sustainable economy as well.

Learn about reducing waste, business plan activities that made this program work, the behind-the-scenes activities of running an organization like this with so many projects on the go… and much more.

This interview airs live at 10 am (Pacific) & will be archived for anyone who cannot catch the show:
Simply click on the hyper-linked show title here, or look to the right of this page to find a link for the Conscious Discussions talk radio show.

-- Eco-Events --

Free: E-Waste Recycling Event
Saturday, February 7, 2009
9 a.m. to 3 p.m.
California State University San Marcos
San Marcos, CA -

I was sent this notice recently and in light of the celebration of World Wetland Day I wanted to share this with you: I Love A Clean San Diego is hosting a beach cleanup with a twist! February 14th from 10AM – 12noon. Complimentary food and drinks are supplied by a nearby restaurant. For more information or to sign up for Cupids Cleanup, contact ILACSD’s Volunteer Department at 1-800-237-BLUE or volunteers@cleansd. org.

Feb 9-11: Comercial Tire, Retread & Recycling Conference Location: Rosen Center Hotel; Orlando, Florida

Find Dave & Lillian Brummet, excerpts from their books, information about their radio shows & free resources & articles at

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