Monday, March 16, 2009

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-- Quote of the Day --

“(Writing and film) have something in common, which is they have the concept of a story line there is a narrative. …You can’t really describe it to people who don’t get it. One of my favorite quotes is: ‘Do you hear the music?’ It is something you cannot describe to someone who is not a writer innately. …You have to have something to say and you have to a strategy about how you are going to say it and strategy has to be something other people will be interested in. …One of the things about the documentaries I did – I wanted to KNOW, I really wanted to know. …When you interview people you realize that they were saying so much more than with words, with their body, with the way their eyes moved…there were voice inflections… but I think inherently it takes a writer to see there is a story.”
~ Nancy Fulton – Dec 11, 2008

Check out the interview with Nancy Fulton re: "Transition from Writing to Film" on the Conscious Discussions archived interviews under the heading "On Demand Episodes" - by clicking on the hyper-linked show title in this blog or via the link located on the right side of this page.

-- Chatter --

Well, I'm busily putting the outlines for April's Conscious Discussions radio show's line up and have just completed Authors Read radio's line up for April. Once I finish this, hopefully today or tomorrow, I'll put together April's newsletter - which will be sent out to our list of opt-in readers somewhere between the 25th and the 30th of March.

Being tax season, Dave is stuck with the chore of getting everthing ready for our accountant - hopefully we can file this week. Dave has had some health issues which has affected his ability to go to work, however by having him around the home office for a few extra days he was able to get a some paperwork, editing and reviewing done - in little bouts since staying in any one position is excrutiating for him at the moment. He is doing better however and we expect that he'll be back working for the "man" in a few days.

Today is housecleaning/office tidying day so between that, today's radio show & taking care of our two dogs, most of the day is already gone. I will be contacting my publisher for Purple Snowflake Marketing today to see how the new edition's publication status is coming along - The last I heard the book would be coming out before the end of this month, so as you can probably imagine I am getting pretty excited... and nervous ! lol So hopefully I'll have an announcement for you soon :)

I hope to receive a confirmation of interest from another publisher who has expressed interest in doing audio and e-book formats of our first two books - Trash Talk & Towards Understanding... so I'll let you all know as soon as I find out. I am very excited about the opportunity to have these in e-book format in particular & on's kindle program as well. I can hardly wait to announce their availability in this format. Until then, however, all three of our books can be purchased in their first edition format via the links on the right hand side of this blog, or see our site for ordering info. ...And of course, no matter what format the books are in, we still donate 30% of the royalties we receive from booksales to charity (see our site for more info:

-- Authors Read Radio Show --

Poet Stephen Redic has a new book called Out of the Rain. It is a collage of stories about nature, war, and even the greatness of McDonalds. His work comes alive when read out loud. Stephen tells me that poetry gives him a sense of solitude and excitement. He enjoys questioning life and taking leaps of faith, however he will not hesitate to retreat to his secluded home in the forests of New Hampshire to ponder life experiences. Out of the Rain: Conversations with spaces between leaves is Redic’s first book. Stephen is supported by his devout wife, Pat; and they reside in New Hampshire where he is surrounded by trees and the sounds of wind. We have the pleasure of hearing today’s author reading about a dozen poems today – click on the link to your right to find today's broadcast :) or this one here: Authors Read

-- Scout Organization's Silent Auction --

Timothy Snow - Assistant Scout Master - in Santa Clarita, CA (USA): invited us to participate in their silent auction fundraiser event happening on March 27, 2009. Dave and I are proud to participate and support the organization's wonderful legacy by donating a copy of our environmental book: Trash Talk to the silent auction fundraising event.

-- Forum for European Journalism Students --

From 2-7th April journalists from 25 different countries will come to the University of London (UK) to learn techniques in new technology from the likes of the BBC, Press Association, Northcliffe News & more. Both local and national press following the event along with delegates & speakers, this is sure to be an exciting event for writers & members of the media.

Dave & I are proud to support this event by donating 150 bookmarks as contributions to the "Thank You" gift bags that will be distributed to the participants who make the event possible. *Dave designed the bookmarks based on his award winning photography collections - They are created from 100% recycled content materials & printed locally (here in BC, Canada) with all veggie inks (most soy inks still contain some petroleum product). The bookmarks measure 2X7 inches & have a background imagery of Canadian nature along with covers for our three books & our website address.

Find Dave & Lillian Brummet, excerpts from their books, information about their radio shows & free resources & articles at

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