Wednesday, April 1, 2009

April begins :)

Hello all!

What a busy day ahead of me - like that is unusual, right?! :)

April will be an exciting month for most of us, in fact, with all the celebrations and events that traditionally occur around this time of year.

Did you know ? - April is officially:
Poetry Month
Library Month
Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Month

-- Announcements --

1 -Purple Snowflake Marketing's 1st edition will be available until April 30, 2009. We are currently working hard at getting the 2nd edition of this book out to the public in a timely fashion. Hopefully we'll have it out so smooth you won't even notice, but please do be patient with us in regards to any delays. One never knows what can come up in the world of writing :)

2 - Starting on Tuesday, April 7th - we will be offering prizes every single week on Conscious Discussions radio for at least the next 5 weeks. This is a new service for our listeners prompted by successful prize offerings in the past by featured guests. We are accepting any individual or company's product prize offering that inspires conscious living (which includes literacy).

3 - Starting on Sunday, April 5th - we are again offering the Sunday Gardening segments on the Conscious Discussions radio show! The first issue this year will feature the owner of a seed saving company - Learn about saving seeds, discover unusual and interesting varieties, and more.

-- Quote of the Day --

“It is important to (do business) in a very ethical way. …Mistakes, even fairly serious ones, could be set aside, and relationships could be strengthened, if the professional learned to apologize. …There’s a lot more to apologizing than we teach people, particularly children as they grow up. …In America we waste so much money on litigation. Last year alone we spent 252 billion dollars on litigation and that cost gets built into everything else that you see. You know, you may not realize it when you go to the supermarket but the cost of defending litigation goes into the products that you buy, the packing of the products that you buy, and it goes into the operations store itself who has to be insured against angry customers or even their own employees. …They estimate that $3,400 for a family of four to pay for the cost of litigation per year. If you go to court, it is a nightmare…”
~ Lauren Bloom – Feb 19, 2009

To access the interview that today's quote was excerpted from simply click on the link on the right or the hyper-linked Conscious Discussions radio show title here. Lauren's interview focused on the Art of an Effective Apology

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