Monday, April 20, 2009

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-- Quote of the Day --

“…There are one billion adults in the world who cannot read at all… not even a simple sentence that involves things in their daily life – we want to help those adults learn new ways of farming or to learn how to take care of their children’s health. …The skills that people take away from school (in developed countries) are not matching the demand for the jobs available today. …So our standards have gone up here in Canada and the US, but the education has not. …We have designed the Literacy Bridge device so that it comes in four plastic pieces and a circuit board with 3 screws holding it together – we’ve made it so that someone in a very rural area can …develop a business and service these devices by swapping parts. …The content can come from large organizations far away… but really what is our focus is content that is created locally with local language. …These areas have no electricity, no running water, and very bad roads…That’s were we go, we find out who are organizations that are serving these areas the best… for instance it might be someone from the health clinic who teaches …how to prevent malaria. We know that it is very expensive to reach these remote areas, the costs of fuel and damage to the vehicle and when they get there not everyone is able to be present – and those that do attend might forget later …so we approach them and share our device’s ability to share this information – or in the case of literacy, allowing people to learn how to read by pairing up the audio with the text.”
~ Cliff Schmidt – Feb 24, 2009

Today's quote was taken from an interview on the Conscious Discussions radio show with Cliff Schmidt as the featured guest - during this discussion we focused on the Literacy Bridge Organization. To access this interview simply click on the hyperlinks here or look to the right for a link to the Conscious Discussions homepage.

-- Recommended Resource --

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-- Positive Eco-News --

In keeping with the topic today, I thought of this bit of information that I've been saving to share with you here:

Toyo Ink Mfg. Co., a leading Japanese printing ink manufacturer, recently announced that it had developed a "rice ink" - a printing ink using rice bran oil, for practical use.

Find Dave & Lillian Brummet, excerpts from their books, information about their radio shows, free resources & articles at

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