Thursday, June 4, 2009

Animal Rescue & Poetry

-- Conscious Discussions Radio --

Today's Conscious Discussions show focused on the Second Acts Foundation, a non-profit organization, which distributes 100% of the donations to animal rescue groups across the US, in fact they’ve reached animal rescue groups in every single state in less than two years. Their focus is on small, volunteer run groups that adopt the no-kill policy. Today we learned about starting a non-profit organization like this, how to manage education, staff, volunteers and fund raising. We learned about the amazing proactive projects Second Acts has been a part of. Our guest Michael Brown is the Founder & CEO of the Second Acts Foundation - & he was very generous in sharing websites, resources and touching success stories. Find today's interview by clicking on the hyper-links here or look to the right for a link to the Conscious Discussions talk radio show.

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- & - coming up on June 18, 2009: Save the Frogs Org!

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