Thursday, June 11, 2009

Eco-events & tips...

-- Conscious Discussions Radio --

Today’s guest was unable to call in, however a good friend of ours, Vince Beazle was in from to join in a discussion with me about the transition into green & conscious living in our North American society... how this affects the average individual.

-- Eco-Event --

June 12-14: Over 100 environmental non-governmental organizations will be meeting in Edmonton, Alberta, for the Canadian Environmental Network’s (RCEN) 32nd Annual General Assembly and Conference. The AGA will take place at Grant MacEwan College at the College’s Robbins Health Learning Centre - a Silver LEED certified building located in downtown Edmonton. For more information about the 2009 RCEN Annual General Assembly and Conference, please visit

-- Eco-Tip --

Paper milk carton or waxed drink cups often attained through corner stores and fast-food outlets are not recyclable, and are not easily composted, but they can be reused to make a convenient campfire starter. Cut 1/2” – 1” wide strips and stack them together. Poke a whole through them and use that hole to lace recycled natural-fiber string through. When you are ready to use, curl the strips around your fingers, then fan out and place in the center of your fire. Keep a few of these (clean of course) in your camping gear and emergency kit. In case of an emergency, people would be grateful they had the foresight to stow away some compact fire starters.

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