Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Earth's Resources & Prize Draw Reminder

-- Quote of the Day --

“…The issue of resources, the depletion of resources on the planet, and some practical things we can do to reduce our footprint on the planet. …We will be out of some resources in my lifetime – in certain cases. For example, we will be out of copper (recoverable copper on this planet) in 16 years. …It means that we can no longer continue using the business and living-as-usual model that we’ve developed in the industrial and fast-developing nations. …What we need to do is internalize that impact and recognize that we are consuming the planets resources. …A lot of the information that has been given to the common man has been done in such a way that the common man has difficulty understanding. …It is great to introduce children to facts they did not know, and they take that home and think it over and tell mom and dad. When you point out to a child that an aluminum can, a soft drink can, weighs 25.75 liters of consumed water to smelt that little bit of aluminum… That one tone of smelted aluminum consumes 1716 tones of water - they wont get that. But if you tell them that’s 38 backyard swimming pools of water – do you like swimming? And they go ‘Wow!’ …And then it becomes not a case of teaching your children well – but of teaching your parents well.”
~ Robert Williamson – July 28, 2009

This quote was excerpted from a recent interview with Bob Williamson who was featured on the Conscious Discussions talk radio show to discuss the Greenhouse Neutral Foundation. To access the interview or the radio show simply click on the hyper-links above

-- Did You Know? --

The US has about 1/4 of the world’s estimated recoverable coal reserves.

25% of the world's fresh water supply is located in Canada.

-- Reminder --

This week's prize contest -- Aug 17th & 23th (deadline is noon on the 23rd, pacific time)

Email me at: ldbrummet @ yahoo . com *Remove spaces before sending & place the word "prize" in the subject line for a chance to win one (or more) of these prizes between , we are accepting entries for the following prizes:

Grand Prize offering by author Mila Bernadkin: her young-adult novel, autographed: The Attitude Girl & a magnetic note pad with a pen -- & a runner up prize, a copy of Grooveyard's CD, Place in Time (rock/music)

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