Monday, August 3, 2009

Traveling & Living Consciously, Every Day

-- Quote of the Day --

I just have a personal belief in traveling in a way that contributes to the destination, is respectful of the culture and the local communities; rather than the commercial traveling services, …large tourism companies (hotels, tourism companies, agents, etc) that are often owned out of country – that kind of travel takes can actually take away from the place you are traveling in terms of local dollars and local culture. It is kind of like sightseeing in a way that is a little bit removed and you are traveling in such a way that you are not really experiencing the culture. Being conscious of the impact of the tours we are choosing, that kind of thing. …I like to write about organizations and travel. …The Miracle Foundation ( is always looking for sponsors for children, and every sponsor they get for a child in their orphanages means they can bring another child in. …… and the are really great organizations. …People can get involved in any capacity from doing something really simple like signing a petition – to getting more involved on a deeper level. Another great resource is – I guess on another topic outside of children issues, but going back on what we talked about earlier about conscious travel – check out
~ Shelley Seale - July 14, 2009

Today's quote was excerpted from a Conscious Discussions talk radio interview titled: Writing & Human Rights This discussion is jam packed with information, resources & really helpful tips on traveling, writing & making a difference where ever one goes. I've just finished reading one of Shelley Seal's books: The Weight of Silence - and it really is amazing. The stats & personal stories will have you weeping & rejoicing & wanting to make a difference.

-- Authors Read Radio --

Author & poet, B.M. Song, is a loving mother who loves to sing & has been classically trained. She enjoys outdoor activities including camping, hiking, & fishing. Her poetry is, as we heard today on Authors Read radio, full of conscious, contemplative thought; it is quite unique & spans a broad spectrum of themes & genres. B.M. tells me that she feels blessed to have been given the gift of the written word & be able to translate it within her own emotions & perspective.

Access today's featured writer by clicking on the hyperlinks here or look to the right to find links to the Authors Read radio show.

-- Positive Eco-News --

Mazda Motor Corp., one of Japan's leading automakers, announced on March 23, 2009, that it has developed the world's first processing technology to recycle disposed bumpers into raw plastic resin for use in new vehicle bumpers. The new technology enhances recycling efficiency by enabling concurrent recycling of used bumpers from different manufacturers and automating processes to remove metal attachments that were initially thought to be difficult.

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