Monday, August 17, 2009

Water Week & Independence

-- Quote of the Day --

"You must get old before you will feel young in spirit."
~ Unknown

-- Authors Read Radio --

Authors Read Radio 's featured guest: Patricia Dischler, author of Because I Loved You: A Birthmother’s View of Open Adoption - which covers the author’s journey from before the pregnancy at 21 years old, through to her son’s high school graduation. Patricia shares the struggle of her decision, the pain of carrying it through, and the joy in building a relationship with her son’s adoptive parents - and ultimately with him, over the years. It is a positive story on what adoption can be when all the parties focus on the well-being of the child. To access the archive of today's radio show and hear this author read an excerpt of her work, simply click on the hyper-linked show titles here or look to the right to find the links to the Authors Read radio show's recent episodes.

-- Important Celebrations --

Today, Aug 17th (Monday) is the Indonesian Independence Day !

We'll also be seeing a lot of information in the media regarding World Water Week - which falls on Aug 17-23. Conscious Discussions radio has had several broadcasts that focused on water issues including (click on hyper-linked show titles): Rain Collection Systems, Water Conservation in the Summer, Clean Waterways, Water Conservation, Water Conserving Gardening, Wye Marsh Wildlife Center, Desalination Plants, Save the Frogs, & Gray Water.

-- Announcement --

If you have time, check out Yvonne's blog post about the Brummet's upcoming interview airing this friday:

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