Wednesday, September 16, 2009

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“That intuition voice popped in my mind and said ‘Jill the world doesn’t have to work that way’ and it was at that moment I realized that I wanted to be somebody who showed everyone to love and embrace who they are and how to look for the beauty in everyone. …Love is the ultimate energy, and that we are all built with certain energies for a reason, and we all can be incredible communicators. …We all have the ability to enter a room and light it up and make everyone feel excited. …We are all so energy-sensitive; we pick up on each other’s energy. …Your thoughts dictate an energy that either disconnects people from you or draws people to you – we are human and we need to feel the full spectrum of our emotions. …So don’t ever stop your feelings but when they come up you can examine them, talk to them and work with them to develop your highest self.”
~ Jill Speigel - June 29, 2009

This quote above comes from an interview that aired on the Conscious Discussions Talk Radio showon June 29th with Jill Speigel - to access the discussion on Connecting With People simply click on the hyperlink here or look to the right for recent episodes of the Conscious Discussions Talk Radio show

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