Thursday, September 10, 2009

Time Management & Solar Energy

-- Time Management --

Today's Conscious Discussions Talk Radio show features Karen Leland, a partner of the Sterling Consulting and Marketing Group – an international management consulting firm. Her knowledge of the world of marketing and time management will definitely appeal to small business owners and entrepreneurs, parents ...and really anyone who wants to manage their time better.

The show airs live from 10-11 AM (pacific) and we'll have the chat room open for our live listeners, as always. The archive of today's interview will load shortly after the broadcast airs, and will be available for anyone around the globe to listen to at their convenience.

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-- Solar - A Hot Topic --

I first heard of this project (below) through a Twitter acquaintance; article location:

"...According to a Bloomberg News report, Mitsubishi and IHI Corp. are participating in a $21 billion project that aims to place a solar power facility in orbit within the next three decades that will then beam energy back to earth. ...The effort reportedly involves at least 16 companies and is aimed at generating one gigawatt of electricity with help from four square kilometers of photovoltaic panels. The news provider notes that a gigawatt would be sufficient to power about 294,000 homes in the Tokyo area."

The article goes on to say that a Californian company (USA), Solaren has plans to "develop an orbiting solar energy station that would beam energy to a facility in the state." This posting has me recalling an interview I heard a few months ago regarding space solar collection technology and the incredible advances with solar technology. Panels for individual homes, Recreation vehicles and equipment, and tools for a variety of trades are becoming both more affordable and more efficient - at the same time the surface area required has greatly reduced making this technology less cumbersome.

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