Thursday, October 22, 2009

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-- Quote of the Day --

“…Well I was diagnosed with prostrate cancer 7 years ago and following the surgery; I realized that this would be something I would be living with forever – this is an indeterminate prognosis and you never know when the treatment you are undergoing will no longer work. And for a while I got into a tremendous funk and just didn’t know how to get out of it. So one day I went to a party and met someone with had a partner in hospice care who had a stroke and had difficulty speaking. …I felt compelled to go – I was surprised to find that it was a happy environment, people were happy! – And there were 27 people there dying, but there was something going on there, it was just so uplifting. As I sat with the partner consulting him on what the staff can do, I saw these people walking from bed to bed; they weren’t wearing uniforms, just street clothes. And they had this incredible look of peace on their faces. I asked who those people were and they said that they were volunteers. I realized whatever it is that they were experiencing, I wanted some of that too, and started volunteering.”
~ Stan Goldberg Sept 17 – 2009

Today's quote was excerpted from a Conscious Discussions Talk Radio show interview that aired on Sept 17, 2009 - titled: Life Lessons from the Dying In this interview Stan bravely shares an honest look at his journey with cancer, his career as a speach therapist and the spark that started his volunteering work at hospic centers. He then shares wonderful, heart-warming stories of his experiences as a volunteer, which he continues to do today. Check out this interview by clicking on the hyper-links above or look to the right for links to the Conscious Discussions Talk Radio show.

-- Fun Writing Contest for Youth! --

Sandy Humphrey sent me some information the other day about a wonderful contest she is hosting for youth. She encourages our blog readers to participate: "If you know any kids who like to write, please invite them to check out the ongoing essay contest on my website -"

-- Eco & Conscious Living Event --

Bright Green Future: Global Challenges, San Diego Solutions

Friday October 23: Government & Business Sessions
Saturday October 24: Public & Community Sessions

Location: At the Price Center, UC San Diego - California (USA)

Info: "Bright Green Future is a two-day conference bringing together experts on San Diego's regional energy, natural resources, transportation, green business, job training, sustainable living and building, and much more."

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-- Jewelry News --

I just received a notice from my brother who has started a new business importing hand made jewelry. Although I am not prone to wearing jewelry myself, I did find several pieces appealing especially the carved bone and wood pieces.

My brother Gary came back from China last year (after 3 years there!), and his new wife, Wang Hui, immigrated from China to Canada just 2 months ago. She is a great shopper, is great at finding great bargains, and has a good eye for fashion, so they are starting up a new little venture of importing Chinese and Tibetan jewelry for sale.

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