Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Fall's Resources Improve Soil

-- Positive Eco & Conscious Events --

Marketing on a Shoestring (workshop)
Date: Oct. 21, 2009
Location: East Gwillimbury Chamber of Commerce -18947 Woodbine Ave. Sharon, ON (Canada)

RCO 2009 Ontario Waste Minimization Awards
Date: Oct 22
Location: Toronto ON (Canada) - Atlantis Pavilions

-- Eco-Tip for Friendly Fall Actions --

According to the Project Laundry List Organization ( “Leaf blowers may be small, but in a year's time that little engine pumps out as much smog-forming pollution as 80 cars, each driven 12,500 miles, according to a government air quality management agency in California

Consider using your leaves for mulch around tender perennials or those that are over-exposed during the cold season. Try placing bags of this dry mulch by the compost pile for layering with fresh kitchen waste in the winter months. The bags will keep the leaves dry and contained in a handy manor, ready for use right next to the compost bin.

From our book Trash Talk: "Leaves break down quickly and are excellent for amending garden soil. Cellulose-based leaves are packed with calcium, magnesium, nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium. They also create the much needed loam (organic matter that is responsible for retaining water) in the soil."

Friends, family, neighbors, schools... these are great resources for gathering free fall leaves. Alternatively contact your local landscaping companies and handy-men/women services to see if they could deliver some to you. These companies are often inundated with fall clean up chores and would love to have somewhere close to drop leaves off to. Keep these services in mind for times when you are personally not physically able to perform tasks like raking leaves, rather than purchasing a noisy, polluting machine. Alternatively, consider hiring local youth in your neighborhood to do the job for you.

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