Monday, November 9, 2009

Chatter & Social Networking

-- Quote of the Day --

Forgiveness does not erase the past, but it does enlarge the future.”
~ Paul Boese

-- Social Networking --

One of the unexpected benefits for me with online social networking is running into old friends, people I haven't seen or heard from in more than 20 years. My friend Brenda was in one of the circles of people I knew back when I was 16 (I had been on my own at this point for 2.5 years) and we stayed in contact until I was 19. Just a little over a year ago - Brenda found me online via one of the social networking sites and we started our friendship anew. Its been great fun catching up with her. Since then I've met numerous old acquaintances and family members, and am still finding people today. Just the other day I met up with another one of my best friends and look forward to bridging the gap between us. For me, when I started with social networking, it was all about finding contacts and networking with like-minded individuals in the fields of environment, writing and poetry. While I knew that some people used social networking for chatting among their friends, I had no idea that social networking would end up sparking memories and renew dozens of old friendships.

-- Authors Read --

Today's featured guest on the Authors Read Radio show:
Vaisali Vashi shares an excerpt from her 4-CD compilation, Wisdom Rising: Personal Introduction to Emanual Swedenbor. In this segment Vaishali introduces her favorite 18th Century Swedish Mystic, Emanuel Swedenborg. A man Vaishali affectionally refers to as her "boyfriend." If you have never heard of Swedenborg, you are going to greatly enjoy this personal introduction and if you already have heard of him, you may learn some things you didn't know. Check out the live, or archived show, by clicking on the hyper-links here - or look to the right side of this blog to find links to recent Authors Read Radio episodes.

-- Chatter --

The new MyspaceBlog post went up yesterday offering upcoming radio show and media appearance schedule - a week at a glance. Check it out by clicking on the hyper-link and feel free to network with us there on Myspace as well.

Monday is cleaning day for me - a day when I try to balance housework with office work & caring for the 2 dogs :) Dave bought the dogs a couple of yummy bones for them to gnaw on and we expected the bones to last a week... but just like last time, the dogs had the boned gnawed down to little nubs by the end of the day! Too bad, I was hoping the bones would entertain them while I scrubbed down the house.

When I am doing chores like housecleaning I try to utilize the time well by listening to my own radio show broadcasts to learn how to better the show or to glean quotes from the interviews or to learn from the topics covered that day. I also enjoy listening to a myriad of online talk shows on a variety of stations that offer topics that can help me in life or in the office. In doing so, the chores become so much less mundane and bothersome - I learn more and get things done at the same time! Ah - the beauty of online radio!

Many of our radio show listeners have written us to say they like to download the shows to their listening device of choice and listen to them when commuting to work or doing their exercises - which I think is really cool. So... this is what you'll find me doing today - working and listening :)

I wish all of you a wonderful start to the week... Don't forget to enter our prize draw (we already have 3 entries!) - scroll down for entry information.

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